Stabilizer for decaying dashboard

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Hello All,

My question is not directly Cadillac related, as the need is arising with my 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, but it could certainly crop up on various Cadillac models too.

The upper dashboard surface in this car is vast and after 19 years it's beginning to "disintegrate" for lack of a better word. The slightly glossy (and I do mean slightly) finish it had is gone and the surface is now turning to dust which is clearly of the material the dash is made of. It is not cracking at all, just getting "dull and dusty."

I'm really not looking to achieve a "like new" result but the car has sentimental value and I'd like to arrest the decay and keep any more from happening if possible. Has anyone tried anything that they like which will halt the disintegration of this sort of plastic material and keep further damage from occurring (or at least slowing it down signifcantly)?

I'm trying to avoid anything that would result in a very glossy finish once applied. The surface area of the dash in this car is vast and in the past (long past) when things like ArmorAll were applied you simply couldn't stand the resulting glare while driving.

Any assistance is most appreciated.




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I'm not sure that I've seen this in a Cadillac but what you are seeing is a result of many years of direct sunlight deteriorating the surface of the plastic. One thing in your favor is that dashboard covers are usually part of an airbag deployment system, at least for the passenger side, and thus you should be able to get a new dashboard cover without a problem, and the work involved in changing it should be doable on a Saturday afternoon.

But you seem to be looking for something to spray or paint on the dashboard cover to re-seal it and extend its life. I don't know of an answer to that question myself; others may have some suggestions, but my only suggestion is to stop by a Pep Boys or similar outlet and chat with the staff. With a little patience you should be able to identify something specifically made to solve your problem.

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I use a windshield deflector when my cars are parked outside (when I'm at work) and that has kept the dash like new on my cars.

Armor all does have a low gloss formula so it won't give the glare on the windshield. You might try talking to an automotive trim shop - one they may have some idea on what to apply to halt the degradation of the vinyl.

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After living in So. Fla. for 10 years and now back in NY I can recommend the windsheild shade/sun blockers

and use them in all my cars!  I remember 80s GM cars plastic panels crumbling to dust at the slightest

touch!  My 93 Deville came up from life in Fla. but was garage kept so the interior was perfect.

The filler panels not so much but I repainted them and she looks fine!


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