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  1. cdgrinci

    Introducing the CT6-V Blackwing Twin Turbo V8

    Also an addition to my earlier post, and read on Autoblog and I think GM Authority, is that the CT6 will, in fact, remain in production (at a different assembly facility). The CT6 is certainly good enough to remain in production and carry forth, the mark, as Cadillac's premium sedan. The announcement of the CT6 as being discontinued was either misinterpreted or a reversal from GM/Cadillac; of that I am not sure. Abysmal communication on GM's part IMO. p.s. Thanks Bruce on the clarification of 275 preorders (not total); again, some miscommunications.
  2. I think you are spot on Bruce. And had Cadillac entered with the ELR at a more representative price of say starting at 55'ish instead of 75 (and higher) Cadillac might have been able to provide 'itself' as a leader (instead of fancified Volt) follower. Perhaps I'm a bit naïve, and making remarks in hindsight, but GM is supposed to have top talent to foresee such strategies.
  3. Moving Cadillac/GM into the future is starting with an EV of crossover styling; this is a major paradigm shift for Cadillac, one which has been traditionally a stoic reflection of the best you could produce as a car. As it was presented, It looks like a plan, and the execution looks solid but hoping that the new platform will be as versatile as it appears, and that the battery solution works better than anything out there today. These future electrics, while still being touted as our automotive savior, will live or die with batteries and how they evolve and how they move forward. In my opinion, they still need a lot of work; maybe this is the beginning of that work.
  4. cdgrinci

    Introducing the CT6-V Blackwing Twin Turbo V8

    I've heard that the Blackwing CT6 will be a limited production vehicle and capped at 275 units. This may be rumor but I would like clarification if anyone knows for sure. I do lament that Cadillac didn't give the CT6 another chance, with the four, six, and eight cylinder engine lineup, it might have been worth keeping around.
  5. cdgrinci

    Cadillac News:2020 Cadillac XT6 Makes Global Debut

    Day late and a dollar short? It better be stellar or it is going to find rough going. JMO
  6. Bruce , did you go to the official press release and see that Cadillac is slated to be leader in EV for General Motors. I will not cast any derogatory remarks, especially until I/we see what GM has in mind, but I sure hope that they have studied the failure of the ELR (in this new introduction) and have a plan to surpass the leader in the field (Tesla). I am not a Tesla fan though I do recognize the 'standard' of the industry (in electrics) when I see it.
  7. I've had batteries act as yours and sounds like it had a bad cell; at full charge it would seem to be okay, then quickly lose the cell and fail to start vehicle. I think your start problem will be corrected (with the new battery). p.s. This can even occur with a fairly new battery. I just had the same (or very similar) problem with a six month old motorcycle battery that just wouldn't hold charge in one of the cells.
  8. cdgrinci

    visual essay on the CTS-V

    Sweet; If I could acquire something like that, I'd call him "Vader, Darth Vader". But alas, it will in all likelihood have to be in a different lifetime. 😄 But that can't happen either, as these 'beauties' are going away (In present form), but then again, I can dream can't I.
  9. My next step would be the temp door or actuator to the temp door. Good luck.
  10. cdgrinci

    2004 Deville hard to start?

    Sounds to me that if she is screeching the starter, the engine is already running. Tell her to check the tach before trying a restart that isn't required (or is a different problem I'm not understanding?).
  11. Is your engine getting up to operating temperature; maybe a stuck open thermostat.
  12. cdgrinci

    CTS oil pressure & MPG?

    At idle, 25 to 30 psi sounds okay (especially when warm); this can also be affected by viscosity of the oil you are using. And your hwy mileage is going to be determined by speed , wind direction as well as engine health. Try setting your cruise control to 60, on a flat section of road and put your mpg on instant and see what you get. At 50 mph, yes, you should be doing better than 22. Is your transmission going into torque converter lock-up; this makes a pretty big difference too.
  13. I don't see the article referenced with that link Bruce.
  14. So GM is poised to save 6 billion in the coming years, but a lot that is going to do them, when they have no (a lot less) product to sell. Cadillac is basically stripped of car production (whether we see the CT5, or 4; is this in doubt as well)? Cadillac's crossovers, even with the XT4, is still fairly weak, and while just hitting the market and being rated as pretty good (it is not setting any standards or moving the bar much). And a swan-song for the CT6 with the twin-turbo 8; big deal.
  15. cdgrinci

    lost transmission from fluid leak

    I'm thinking your tranny is fine, and will function when leak is detected, fixed and new fluid added. By your description, you had a sudden fluid loss so I don't think there was enough time for damage to occur (the torque converter just didn't have any fluid to pump and convert to energy). Good luck on your fix.