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  1. Here is a video on YouTube: (1) Replacing A Rear Hub Wheel Bearing On A 2010 Cadillac CTS - YouTube If you go to YouTube and search there are others as well. Good luck with your repair.
  2. Thanks for the clarification Bruce (I didn't read the article close enough). A little perplexing; if they wanted to add a blown 6.2, they would just shoe-horn what they've already got in the parts bin.
  3. Well, they've already put that engine in the CTS-V, Camaro ZL1, and the Corvette ZR1; shouldn't be too much of a stretch (but it sure will make a 'mean' Escalade).
  4. This is a little too much kumbaya (for me); how about some 'show stopping' electric range. I see where they are going, but 'transportation' should be apex.
  5. Pretty good review, nice vehicle (would have liked a mention of MSRP); but overall, fine.
  6. To each their own but I'm going to call it a fail. (but like Bruce said, nice workmanship)
  7. Nice to see some updates to Cadillac's future direction. With the mainstream automakers hitting the EV market (on mass), it will be interesting to see what transpires in the BEV market. (I'm keeping my CT6 for a while though) 😉
  8. I had an Oldsmobile Intrigue that did very similarly when it had a bad crankshaft position sensor.
  9. Now that was is cool car, great history and I learned something too.
  10. Pretty good interview (I learned some stuff). I almost aborted when the interviewer spent almost 10 minutes on sounds and noise, and while certainly important, I don't think this was an apex question on a brand new car. And on this, the interviewer supplied too much commentary prior to finally getting to asking the question (almost showing-off) on how much she knew. Kudo's to to Jamie Brewer, Chief Engineer as being as transparent as she was allowed to be. And her comments at the end, defining her work and status as a female engineer in the automotive field were spot on (saying she held pa
  11. Agree with KHE; the slight tick is in all probability the lifters losing some of the oil (which quickly replaces itself on start-up), the ticking should almost immediately stop and the engine will not be put under any duress. By creating short start-ups, and not letting the oil get up to temperature, moisture gets in the oil and creates acids which can do a whole lot more harm than a short duration lifter tick.
  12. I can't vouch for this (but I did find it on the internet). Link: https://itstillruns.com/reset-obd1-computer-8262474.html
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