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  1. Rockfangd hit the nail on the head. I'll add that when running the engine to temperature monthly (if you decide to do that), getting up to temp. doesn't just mean the water temp, you need to get the oil temperature to operating temperature to insure the moisture is purged from the engine oil and exhaust system. Jacking your vehicle can help preventing flat-spotting your tires unless your "getting up to temperature" (previous tip) includes driving your vehicle to accomplish your oil heating/circulating cycle. Taking your vehicle for a spin (on a picture perfect day) also circulates other flu
  2. Have you tried to go to rockauto.com or https://www.gmpartsdirect.com/ and looked them up. No guarantees, but they might have what you need.
  3. I'll agree with you Bruce (about naming). It seems even though they know that these new V's are like the old lesser V-Sports they are 'pressing' too much on just the name. They all acknowledge the Blackwing coming but base their videos as a point of contention. I also think Cadillac did a poor job in naming the models but the banter these reviewers put in comparing old versus new is a dis-service to those that may be in the market. Just review the vehicle as it is, and as a side note, mention that the new meaner version is on the way.
  4. Okay, I made it six minutes into this presentation; I don't care for this guy.
  5. One of his main complaints is the engine sound; well, you're going to get that when you compare a "four" to a "six" cylinder most of the time. He really likes it though (and so do I).
  6. He called his canyon pace moderate, I would say: hardly; if I had to call it, I would say he was going about 9/10ths. I'm thinking, the Caddy did real good; room for improvement sure, but does the competition really out perform as he alludes. I'd have one (but wouldn't be driving his pace, much, if at all); certainly not his reckless on public roads driving.
  7. Nice review, I'm a fan (of the "V's") though I've never owned one. It was interesting hearing that maintenance is given in Canada for four years (while it has been discontinued in the U.S.). I got one service for my new CT6. Oh, and I'm waiting on the "Blackwings" when they come out. 🙂 Thanks for the link Bruce.
  8. Generally a negative review (which I don't agree with); looks at everything with a 'jaded' eye, and even when he heaps praise, it comes out almost as a backhanded compliment. Can the CT4 be better, almost certainly; but this guy says he loved the ATS, says the CT4 is better (but not enough apparently) for an at least: I like it a lot and wish for a little more (from Cadillac). And that's my review of this review. 😝 Sorry for the rant.
  9. I don't want to get off target, and previously content stated no vacuum leaks, however has this engine ever been smoke tested; it wouldn't require a major leak for this to occur. And again, yielding to the more experienced but it seems a lot of parts swapping has occurred with no success, so trying to stop going down the "rabbit hole". Best of luck in getting this fixed.
  10. So we've seen Cadillac nomenclature change I don't know how many times in the last three decades, nay I say multiple generations confusing the buying public and to a lesser extent the Cadillac faithful (I include myself in this definition). Who the heck is running the asylum (at Cadillac); it's not funny anymore (as it never was funny to begin with). Anyone want to give me grief on my exclamation's go ahead but this naming thing is starting to tick me off. Great product (most of the time), terrible name recognition; YIKES.
  11. Go to the website, put in your vehicle information (make, model, year; not all are available though) and there may be a case only, full function remote or both available.
  12. I will certainly yield to anyone with better knowledge but how about the iac valve (idle air control). Or are you referring to the iac when you say ISC motor? Other than that, it does sound as you might have an evasive vacuum leak. Best of luck in remedying this.
  13. Wishing both incoming and outgoing the best, however, what Cadillac needs (and for quite some time) is consistency; another re-alignment at the top takes time and jumbles thing up and sometimes can delay moving forward. Hope this works out for the best.
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