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  1. I hope it's not as station-wagony as it looks. While I like wagons, they just don't sell. And I can't see buyers paying rumored six figure money on one. Hope I'm wrong and the Lyriq presents itself better than my eyes glean from the photo. Waiting patiently on August 6th. Almost forgot; thanks for the link Bruce.
  2. I take exception to the highly flawed vehicle description; overpriced, yes, but that vehicle had some 'fine' lines, and as the Volt was pretty good, so goes the ELR. My two cents anyway.
  3. If you need and want the size that the new Escalade provides, it looks like it won't disappoint. It won't be cheap but for the right buyer this certainly looks nice. I've also read somewhere that the 3.0 liter diesel will be offered as a no cost option (this should definitely be the option for those that put the miles on).
  4. Yes the Corvette is dual clutch (no manual offered); all the reviews I've seen are giving kudos to the dual-clutch. It would be good choice for the CT5-VB.
  5. I had one of the early XT5's (a '17 bought in the middle of '16) that only came with the 3.6 liter and I would certainly call the performance adequate (at least for me). I don't know that I would opt for the four, turbo or not, as the difference in acceleration and fuel economy don't seem to warrant the lesser engine. My highway mileage was better than the reported mileage for the four (in the C&D article) though my speeds were generally at 65 mph hwy. The XT4 only offers a four, the XT5 both four and six, and the XT6 only the six; maybe that's Cadillac's strategy but I think for the four and six in the XT5, the six should be a no cost option (I can't see how the ubiquitous six could cost more than a turbo'd four).
  6. I think I heard in the video (part of the link) that at least one of the CT5-VB's had a dual clutch tranny.
  7. Dropping the CT6 while replacing the ATS and CTS seemed short-sighted to me and took a lot of resources, when perhaps just a CT5 (instead of both) would maybe have been more pragmatic and a more economical move), and in that wake, left the CT6 and the Blackwing engine an orphan. The Escala would have probably put Cadillac back on the map (the world map) and in the long run proved worthy of pursuit. My statements are conjecture but the short-sightedness of GM has proven itself over and over; this, in my opinion, another example of this.
  8. The biggest transgression Cadillac has made is the deceiving nomenclature to their engine/model descriptors (if you were at all aware of the predecessor). And if you thinking the naming is confusing, try to go to the "Build and Price" feature on the Cadillac website and try to figure out which package(s) you need/want, because configuring is a nightmare in my opinion. So many options are embedded in nebulous packages and some combinations just don't exist (without ordering the full monte) that I found it cumbersome. On a whole though I do like the vehicle, but as the video said; pretty darn confusing.
  9. Pretty good impression video. He presented as an interested buyer, and by that I mean, this seemed as an introduction to the car because he certainly didn't know all the 'doodads' that he was looking at. I'll give it a B+. 😀
  10. I'm guessing hwy mileage suffers in the Silverado because of the lack of aerodynamics as speed increases. Turbos can be efficient but only when they aren't called on (too much) for that extra needed power (kind of like a four barrel carburetor of old; efficient when power isn't needed but the extra power is available when the back two barrels kick in; my analogy to the turbo is the boost not used unless needed). At hwy speeds, I'm guessing that the 2.7 turbo is relying on boost to run at speed. The CT4 cuts a much better air path so it works much better at hwy. Well, that's my take on those numbers anyway.
  11. It does have that Suburban'esk look to it; Caddy front and Caddy rear but perhaps a little ahead of its time (or would it have been...…. ponder, ponder).
  12. This guy doesn't deserve this "V"; curmudgeon or just a moron and his sarcasm alludes me (he's one of the reasons the pandemic is as bad as it is). Beautiful car though.
  13. Good advice; I would like to add a recommendation to the start up your engine periodically: It needs to reach operating temperature and not just the coolant temperature, you really need to get your engine oil up-to-temp; this usually requires a short drive of say 5 or so miles (more in winter, but not much less even in spring/summer).