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  1. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    These wires have me concerned. Let's check the IAC wires for continuity, short to ground and short to power. Pull the connector off, the plug should be marked A, B, C & D, if not use the colors from the schematic below. Using your ohm meter check the continuity back to the PCM plug C1 again, pins 8, 9, 10 & 11 respectively. Check the pins on both ends for corrosion. If we can get you into the diagnostic data we may be able to see what is going on. We can not test voltages here, this is PWM, but we can test to make sure the wires are intact from the PCM to the IAC If there is a crack in the intake where you can't get to it you won't find it. I still think you will need to remove the intake at some point.
  2. The failure you are having stalling and starting right back up is a symptom of a bad crank position sensor so that is definately your problem. If you only want to replace one sensor, I am not sure if we can tell which one it is that is acting up. Check wiring and connectors, it's odd that it happens on turns
  3. There is your answer sir!! Crankshaft position sensor.....( @Jan Olsson nailed this above) I would replace them both, but be very careful to keep the connectors where they belong, top on top and bottom on bottom. Also, you said it.happened on turns, be sure the wires are not hitting up against the exhaust manifold and hit when you turn it is close in there. Make sure the wires are.retained to stay away from the exhaust manifold
  4. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    What do you all think of this idea. My friend has a 98, what if I hook up my Tech 2 to his system, and navigate to the IAC command data and find the name of the identifier that way? @Logan What do you think about that? I would get the identifiers for the IAC, fuel trims Long and Short term, throttle percentage, throttle position switch data, etc.
  5. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    I am not sure about what happened after 1996, but the 96 diagnostics system was VERY much like my 91 OBD1. On my 96 and my 91, you were able to go into the diagnostics system and read the system data, much like the TECH 1 and TECH 2 do. You 'see' the same data. I have monitored fuel trims, O2 sensor data, etc. I am pretty sure, that we can get your IAC count from the system much like a TECH2 would. If we can do that, @Logan noted above that IF the system is commanding the IAC to be closed or ZERO, you definitely have a lean condition. (correct me if I understand this wrong Logan). The problem is this..... I do not know the identifier of the IAC command data, to find it the data we need. All you would need to do it get into the DATA subdirectory and go to the IAC data identifier. Logan, do you have any info to identify the IAC command data info in the PCM? There must be a list someplace like there was with the OBD1 system. Sometimes in the FSM, they will clearly identify the location for you to access with the TECH2 and that is the location you need to navigate to manually through the DIC. I need to go through the FSM closer to see if I can find the location identifier for the IAC. I would also like to see your short and long term fuel trim data, that would show rich and lean conditions
  6. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    Nah, you will be fine. We will help. I hear you about the temps, my 6'6" 38 yo son is in Boca and complained about the heat to me just yesterday.
  7. BodybyFisher


    Where did you find a shift kit for the 4T80E?
  8. Have you checked for codes? Post all P codes here. P codes will help direct us. I see JAN asked about them but don't see a reply from you. 2002, did have CAT problems but that wouldn't have gone away in the warm weather Have you checked FUEL PRESSURE with a gage? I would test for fuel pressure immediately, if you can get a gage with a long hose, tape the gage to the windshield and see what happens when it stalls, and when you turn left Please post all P codes.
  9. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    I am less concerned with that, then I am about the 4 bolts connecting the spacer to the intake, and the oring. If we assume that the smoke test was legitimate, do you have the video, can you post it? I know you are doing a lot of work, it may make sense to pull the intake altogether with the TB installed, throw it on a table and inspect and work on it there, replace the oring, intake seals, look for cracks, etc. Let me know, Ill write a procedure and pull the procedure from the FSM
  10. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    @jndnaps you said above you didnt torque the bolts down, I assume you mean the throttle body bolts? I am speaking about the 4 bolts attaching the spacer to the intake, where the oring is located. Does that make sense?
  11. To eliminate the battery, first have it load tested to be sure it's good. Check glove compartment and trunk lights
  12. BodybyFisher

    Cadillac Allante

    Here is a 91 Allante code list and directions as to how to retrieve them. I dont see anything regarding the cooling fans.. I have a 91 Seville 4.9 Factory Service Manual, I'll look it over maybe it will be helpful.
  13. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    @Logan I believe the 96 has the ability to display, real time parameters, does that sound right, I think I could do it on my 96