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  1. I haven't been around for awhile. The board looks different. I don't see the profile and message areas for my screen name what am I missing, was it eliminated or in a different spot? It used to be at the top of the screen on the right. Thanks
  2. Hello, do you still have these shocks for Sevilla?

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    2. ChrisNederland


      find out how much it will cost to ship to Europe to the Netherlands 

    3. BodybyFisher
    4. BodybyFisher


      I am sorry that I never got back to you on this, are you still interested?   2020 was a mess for me, major home renovation, covid, etc..  Hope all is good, Mike

  3. I do get messages not sure what you did. What is your question. What is your year and model
  4. That is interesting. Ill go into the manual and see if there are any related codes associated with a P0741, thanks
  5. This should be unrelated to a P0741. If it were due to leakage it wouldn't have been affected for sure. But maybe its possible during your investigation of the P0101 code you accidently reset or disturbed (in a good way) the main transmission plug improving its connection. The P0741 sets when the computer detects a greater than 250 rpm slip in the lock up torque converter. Within that main plug are connections for the TCC solenoid. Did you clean any grounds maybe? Keep us updated as to whether or not it comes back
  6. I can't help to think that this is resistance in the power side and not the ground side. Gonna watch your progress.
  7. Its funny you say that, I have a chipmunk problem. Maybe its time for mothballs
  8. This is great to know. And I am glad you got it running again. In all my years this is the first Iv see a filter change solve a no drive in drive condition. Obviously, I know it's possible, but I had never seen it happen before. This is definately solid reasoning to maintain your tranny regularly as I know Cadillac Jim does.
  9. Consider that the motor you are using draws less and puts overall draw into an acceptable range even with a bad relay. Just playing devils advocate here. I dont think the motor you have wired is an ABS motor correct?
  10. @rockfangd If you don't mind what trickle charger do you use?, I just bought one. Ill post details, but I am not fully confident in it based on some reviews I read. I bought it for my generator battery and car battery.
  11. @rockfangd I was doing some reading. They speak of a relay that energizes the motor momentarily. Could the contacts on that relay be burned / charred thereby increasing the draw/resistance so much that the system faults? Have you looked at the relay?
  12. @SteveW Glad to hear you figured it out. I want to add this for future, I found it on AllData Symptoms of Code P0101 Engine stalling Difficulty starting Lack of power Rough idle Causes of Code P0101 Dirty, obstructed, or faulty mass air flow sensor Damaged or disconnected air intake boot (snorkel) Vacuum leak Clogged or improperly installed air filter Clogged catalytic converter / restricted exhaust
  13. @krow So to summarize, you had NO DRIVE, changed the fluid and now all is good? How was the fluid level when there was no drive?
  14. I have replaced the vacuum servo on a 96. To test the servo operation, set the parking brake, You will need a hand operated vacuum pump like a mighty vac with a gage Attach a 24 inch or so hose to the vacuum pump, and attach it to the vacuum servo after you remove its hose. Pump the hand pump, if the servo diaphram is bad, you won't see any pressure show on the gage and the brake won't release and you need to replace the servo. On the other hand, if the brake releases, you have a vacuum supply problem. Check all vacuum lines. I have a vacuum hose diagram some place Ill see if I can find it.
  15. There is a manual release lever on the inboard side of it. Look under the dash with a flashlight. If you have an owners manual you will find it explained. If you dont have an owners manual PM me your email and Ill send you one.
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