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  1. BodybyFisher

    Rough Idle on reverse, Drive and sometimes at stop.

    As Logan notes it could be many things, I kind of did what I hate, to knee jerk to a conclusion, smack me in the head please! . I have actually seen ignition wire or connection problems when cold and damp go away when warmed up. One thing, if this is related to a misfire due to a carboned up valve, I believe you would see misfire codes, P300 or P30X where X stands for a specific cylinder # in history or current. Or even a flashing CEL indicating a misfire. How long when cold?, till it enters CLOSED LOOP? Does it appear to be rough in OPEN LOOP? Definitely have someone check both history and current P or powertrain codes. Monitoring misfire codes and long and short term fuel trim would be helpful.
  2. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    Hang in there, we will be here
  3. Companies can not "make a market" the market, ie, buyers, make "the" market. I really hope GM is not going down that path. I saw an article where they were impressed with Tesla, really? I see them as imploding, remove the tax rebates and see what happens if you want to see "the market".
  4. I really don't know what to think about this with what happened in 2007/2008/2009 where they were heavily invested in trucks and suvs when fuel blasted through $4/gallon. Gas is low now so they chase trucks, suv's and crossovers again? They have created excitement with their recent offerings and abandon them? This looks suspicious to chase trucks, crossovers and suvs. Think about what carly fiorina did to HP with bad decisions. And why did they do this? , Oct. 3, 2018. General Motors appointed a former deputy director of intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency to its board on Wednesday. Jami Miscik is the chief executive and vice chair of Kissinger Associates, a political consulting firm founded by former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. She has held various top roles at the firm since 2009. Before that, she worked at Lehman Brothers and Barclays.
  5. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    Disconnect the cruise control cable its ok. I want you to diagnose this by removing the throttle cable and feeling the throttle body plate opening and closing for smooth motion with nothing obstructing or binding it throughout its full range. It should have a strong spring pressure to close it also. The rod/shaft that holds the plate goes through the throttle body on both sides on carburators wear used to occur, we have not seen owners complaining about worn out shafts/rods, but look it over. It should open and close smoothly with little or no play in the shaft that might interfere with its closing. Manipulate the cable in both see if it feels to be binding or gummed up and sticking. It should be free. Go down and look at the end that connects to the pedal look for freying, kinking, binding or mis-routing. When you reassemble it, the throttle should sit on its stop every time. It sounds like you might have a cable problem.
  6. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    The main symptom was that your idle was racing correct?
  7. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    I edited the above message
  8. BodybyFisher

    TPS and ICM Question

    Ill come back later, lots to look into here. If your cable is hanging up that would explain a lot. A lot to digest here I will be back after dinner, I know its late. Glad you are feeling better I think the IP2511 is a B code
  9. There are DVDs on ebay, I would find out what I need and buy it, try amazon also
  10. Because of a member from Sweden, working on a 69 472 ci Quadrajet carburetor, I had a nice phone conversation and traded emails with Rusty from The Carburetor Doctor, his number is 888-664-6462. I have spoken to him in the past also regarding floats. His web site is and here > They have a rebuilding shop in British Columbia and they are opening up a shop in Montana. He rebuilds all types of carburetors, and if you are in need of a rebuild, parts or a rebuilding kit, he is the guy to speak to. In addition, Rusty has created The Old Car Manual Project a fantastic collection of manuals, brochures, advertising, etc., that enthusiasts will love. There is a lot of Cadillac stuff and it is a great resource of information. For instance, look at this on the 62 Cadillac > We are Caddy INFO.... so this is great stuff.. I have a few things I plan to scan and send to Rusty.. The Old Car Manual Project is here >>> Let us know what you think below! Ill get Rusty to pop in, he has plans to expand on it in the future Bruce, do you think we could pin this someplace?, thanks.. @Bruce Nunnally
  11. 1999 was a somewhat problematic year, there is a recall due to aluminum block material if I recall. Now that does not mean that yours was in that group, but I wanted to mention that. What mileage did your Northstars fail at? I have a theory that detonation occurs at high rpm due to the air/fuel ratio leaning out. Some will point to the knock sensor which senses knock and retards the engine to stop detonation from low octane fuel and say I am wrong. However, what concerns me is detonation from leaning out at high rpm because the fuel filter is partially clogged or the pump cant keep up with the demand. Add to that a low octane fuel when the engine calls for premium and the potential for detonation increases. At 5500 to 6200 rpm the knock sensor may kick in but too late to prevent huge combustion chamber spikes from detonation putting huge stresses on the head bolts, threads, etc. My advice is to make sure the cooling system is perfect, temps are always good, premium is used when required and tier 1 fuels always, the fuel filter is changed often and fuel pressures are checked at WOT or an A/F gage is fitted. Keep in mind that dyno operators and engine dyno techs will never run WOT, till they monitor A/F ratios carefully. If your fuel filter can deliver sufficient fuel to 4,000 rpm but fail to keep up with delivery beyond that, it will starve the engine and produced destructive detonation. The damage from detonation would be cumulative over time stretching headbolts into plastic zones, etc. An engine with a crappy cooling system running hotter in the summer is a prime candidate. The fuel filter is often overlooked in these engines. Read this wonderful article written by an old friend of ours as to how damaging detonation is:
  12. I had an email exchange with Rusty today, he recalled that the primary CFM of the Quadrajet is 275, and 750 overall.
  13. BodybyFisher

    Rough Idle on reverse, Drive and sometimes at stop.

    Good luck, let us know how this turns out
  14. BodybyFisher

    Rough Idle on reverse, Drive and sometimes at stop.

    It is becoming more common, I don't think that you need to go to the dealer. The above video talks about time per port, figure the per port times $100 per hour plus R&R of the intake. Call around and see what you find out, but I would only go with a shop that has extensive experience with this job. Personally, I would rather pull the head and take it to a machine shop and have it cleaned and have the valves reseated. The only problem with that thought is, would their be a problem with re-torqueing the head bolts afterward, that would need to be determined. Maybe Logan knows that. Then, as Logan noted add an oil catch can to remove oil and gunk from the PCV flow