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  1. The roofline, rear window and trunk line give this coupe an aerodynamic futuristic look. I really like this model. I would have liked to see professional photos taken the photos do nothing for the car The style I disliked was the 1959 wrap around vista rear window (flat top). I understand the improved visibility and improved headroom, but it had a boxy look, it also had an aerodynamic look to it. I have a photo of it some place and will post it, my parents had a dark green one. Here is a 59 with the same styling as this 60 and a 59 with that wrap around rear window that has become rare and sought after and a gorgeous 60 convertible
  2. What do you mean by RN? So it sounds to me like your problem is intermittent A common problem is a break in a wire at the door hinge where a wire breaks from the door being opened and closed over an over for 17 years. I have seen this a few times. With your finger on the window down button, key on, grab the bundle in the door hinge area and move it about, in and out, squeeze it, and see if you get any window action, if you do, you need to get into the rubber conduit and repair the wire. Rather than tearing the rubber conduit, see if you can detach it at one end and slide it back. I always, skin back about 1/2 of insulation, slip on a piece of shrink wrap tubing, twist the wire around each other to maintain a straight wire, solder the joint, shrink wrap, and tape with vinyl electrical tape. It is important to keep moisture out of repaired wire joints as they will get creeping corrosion otherwise increasing resistance. I would say, check fuses, relays for corrosion but you state it is only your driver side window, indicating that the problem is at the door, and not further back in the circuit. Let us know what you find
  3. Very interesting design, I am confused as to why the highway gas mileage is less than a 5.7L though in the Silverado. I suppose however its due to the Silverado's weight vs a 4 cylinder that has to work harder.
  4. I have a set of air shocks that may fit your car. I have had them for a couple of years, I bought them and for some reason they didnt fit my friends Seville. Here is the part # and Cadillacs it fits. Please confirm that this AC DELCO part will fit your car and if it does we can work out a price and how I can ship them to you, if you would like them. They were $125, you can have them for $50US plus shipping. They come with new air tubing and fittings. You are hitting hard because the air shocks raise the rear of the car to proper ride height. The suspension is probably bottoming out. However, please determine that your ride height compressor is working. When you turn the key on, first you will hear the fuel pump cycle for about 3 seconds and then the compressor will cycle and turn off. It is possible that it was disconnected when the standard shocks were installed. Check that the fuse is in place and connector connected if you don't hear it cycle. Also look around the left rear (I think) for a level sensor and be sure its arm is attached to the suspension. Report any codes related to the leveling system here. I have them in storage, if you are interested, Ill get them out and take photos.
  5. It's ok, you are keeping me on my toes 😉 (you had me second guessing myself haha)
  6. Have you checked for codes? Post all codes here. What concerns me are things like the brake switch being out of adjustment or defective and a code set for that or a low voltage or network problem.
  7. Post your CODES regarding your issue. All I have seen you do is ask questions in VERY old threads of members that we have not seen in years. I had a 96 Deville. Post your suspension codes in a new thread @Terrence Mayes
  8. I believe it was hit in the rear you may be correct about it not being adjusted correct. Its funny you mention spoiler I am looking at this one. Ill need to adjust those springs, thanks. Ill support the lid in the up position and back the spring off. Thanks for confirming my fears that this can damage the hinges