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  1. They try hard to be balanced. I would say he dominated the conversation but it is his blog. At 6'4 I am glad to hear the seats go back. My mother in laws Lincoln is made for small people and my knees are on the dash with the seat back. I wish GM didn't dilute the V series medallion it needed to be on the level of AMG, unless they gave up on that level. That would make true V series models even more special
  2. You would have helped him knowing that there was an entertainment center 'over the air' fix. He never received an itemized breakdown and the bill was paid by the shipping company. Ill invite him here
  3. Ok I asked him this: Is it possible to have a list of items repaired for $8,800, that seems to be an awful lot of money for the damage in the video. Thanks He responded: See screen shot
  4. Whetever the case may be he leaves a lot of info out. Based on the video it looked like it could be buffed out 😉. Exaggeration I know but it didn't look like they would need to many parts to repair that, it certainly didn't look like an $8,800 repair in US or EU I went to the video and asked for a detailed list of what was done for +- $9k. I also watched the other video, which explains that he bought the car sight unseen and where he itemized a bunch if problems it had. He did say he loves the car. I may invite him to our home here, maybe we can help him going forward. So he doesn't think we are a couple of internet clowns 🥳🥳 could you soften your critique a bit? I'll clean this up after you see this. I personally love the STS-V and would enjoy having one here. I am sure you could help him quite a bit. Thx
  5. Odd that you would get a creaking noise while turning with a new strut bearing. Could the creak not be due to rotation but due to a shift in the entire strut because it is not seated at the top where the three nuts are? It is kind of a quirky set up, I had difficulty last time. When does the ABS light come on?, when you turn the key on? What code is set?
  6. What did you do to repair the ABS? Reflow the solder connections on the EBCM coils?
  7. This car was repaired in a foreign country, parts needed to be shipped from the US, VAT tax alone was $1,800. Not sure what the point of this video was, the transport company paid for it, who knows if the parts were list price or inflated due to a deductible. I would like to see what parts were needed, it looks like they replaced the nose, on a V which is not a common part when there was little damage that could have been repaired instead. Beautiful car though
  8. No issue at all, they were probably new and just breaking in (pun intended).
  9. I found that the sensors drift, you might try different sensors, measure them with an ohm meter.
  10. Hi @sprucegoose I think Cadillac Jim should be able to shed some light on this, he probably has a manual for his CTS which should help.
  11. I was thinking, that because he wasn't getting engine braking from the downshift, he relied on the brakes more probably heating them up. That wasn't a leisurely drive with lots of turns, and it didn't sound as if the engine was loafing
  12. Bruce, I recall the CTS-V Brembo brakes smoking quite a bit at the CTS-V Challenge but the brakes performed flawlessly all day. Short redline?, 6,000 rpm? My guess is this transmission has not been calibrated yet or it has been calibrated conservatively so as to not put the vehicle into a skid on wet ground, the downshift has a conservative delay. But, once in the highest performance mode, that delay should be gone.
  13. Glad to see type of analysis. I never thought of the 500 as a high output HP engine, having owned a 74.