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  1. I would of thought someone would have chimed in on this. Anyway, here is a link that has the codes.. http://www.troublecodes.net/cadillac/fleetwood-5-7l/
  2. Remove defroster grille to get to upper screws. Remove each vent to get to lower screws.
  3. I don't think any owners here have ever had a Cadillac of that era. I cannot remember this issue coming up in discussion before. That said....it's a well known and common problem the flexible plastic bumper fillers would rot away on those Cadillacs. I still remember seeing them as a kid...the 2 rear chrome bumper fins out there all alone... 5 mph impact absorbing bumpers were a fairly new requirement in 1973. 1974 required the rear too. Failure of mid 70's types of flexible plastics? UV damage? Don't know. It sure didn't take long on those Cadillacs. There is a fairly large aftermarket industry making replacement filler parts for the Cadillacs. Several brands of replacements are available. I'm not sure anyone here would be able to recommend one brand or type over any other.
  4. Logan

    TPS and ICM Question

    You might find this link helpful.....sounds like the same problem. https://sparkys-answers.com/2009/10/1997-cadillac-deville-erratic-high-idle.htm
  5. Logan

    TPS and ICM Question

    Don't know...."94-97 were kind of bastard years....as GM migrated to OBDII.....Cadillacs lost a lot of the hidden features available thru the IPC. It was more of a question of is this GM vehicle OBDI or II?...a few GM vehicles had OBDII in '94-95.....What adapter do I need.....Do I need to use a VIM module.....etc. For me....it was never a question about using the IPC diagnostics...It was always "Am I going to use the Tech 1 or the Tech 2?" I always used a scan tool. A lot faster to do. 1998 and on.....it was very clear you were working on OBDII.
  6. Logan

    TPS and ICM Question

    Most GM products....but not all older OBDI ones.... you can override the IAC using a GM Tech 1 or GM Tech 2. It has to be a bidirectional scan tool with the ability to turn stuff on/off to command the IAC. After OBDII......about '97..'98....pretty much everything had IAC control thru a GM Tech 1 or 2 for leak testing. Older cars without the scan tool ability to control...or if you have no bidirectional scan tool....you used the above Kent Moore tool.
  7. Logan

    TPS and ICM Question

    They are the same thing. The IAC is just a computer controlled vacuum leak. There are several different ones used over the years. The rest of GM has been using these since the mid 80s. Only Cadillac was using the throttle control motor one. When OBDII came along Cadillac finally started using IACs. Has the intake ever been off? Could be cracked or leaking intake or intake gasket. Or leaking blow off relief valve. Bad gasket on either side of the "crossover" part. Leaking fuel injector O ring. Broken return spring on throttle body shaft or sticking cable. *The leak can be on the underside the intake....which you could never find by spraying around up top. Spraying around.....keep the spray liquid rather than vapor. If you find the leak the high idle will drop momentarily when you hit it with the brake/carb cleaner. ....and you should be able to repeat it every time you hit the leak. As mentioned.....starting fluid is a little too wild for finding intake leaks. I think you will have better luck with brake or carb cleaner.
  8. Logan

    TPS and ICM Question

    Looking at my '93 Helm manual.....there is a 61 page section 6C. Fuel and air control system. Even more 6C info in the '94 Helm manual....60 pages for Northstar....63 pages for 4.9L. Both are 2 volume sets.....section 6C is in the middle of each 'volume 1 powertrain' manual.
  9. Logan

    TPS and ICM Question

    The high idle issue is likely related to the the TBI being removed. Maybe wrong gaskets. ....Personally I use brake cleaner or carb cleaner to find vacuum leaks....IMO starting fluid is a little too dicey for spraying around. Some codes will not set if other codes are present. Its possible there are additional chewed wires. Or maybe a broken coil return spring on the throttle body shaft. Being a '96....the car will be using a IAC speed motor. Lacking a scan tool....There is a Kent Moore tool used to diagnose idle speed problems. J-37027-A. With the tool...you unplug the IAC....the tool works as a IAC driver. You can cycle the IAC open and closed independent of the PCM.....very easy to change engine speed with the tool. So if the IAC is cycled all the way closed (low)....and there is still high idle speed....there is a vacuum leak. There is also a noid light that plugs into the vehicle side harness. The noid LEDs will blink green and red all the time to verify the PCM IAC drivers are ok and are trying to control idle speed. The tool comes with 2 noid lights depending on which type of IAC you have....the square 4 plug version or the flat plug in version. Most of the time I use the tool to pulse the IAC apart to clean the shaft.
  10. Logan

    How to start a tight remanufactured engine

    Curious.....I think Rockfangd asked earlier...... What exactly is this 'reman' engine? Was it in a crate or anything like that? Where did it come from? Does it look fresh? Has it ever been installed in a car? What was wrong with the original engine? Thinking maybe timing chain marks off or wiped out cam lobes...
  11. Logan

    How to start a tight remanufactured engine

    There is a range of timing adjustment for the distributor. That range is often limited because of the vacuum advance and nearby obstructions. (intake manifold, firewall etc) If the distributor does not get 'timed' correctly with the engine.... within that range....you can get slow cranks. So you may have to pull it out several times.....and mess with the drive gear slot... to get it timed in correctly with the engine. You really cant just drop the distributor in and crank it up. You do have to fuss with them a little to get it set up right.
  12. Logan

    How to start a tight remanufactured engine

    If the ignition timing is off it can do that.
  13. On that era of Cadillac.....there is a engine ground that can get goofy. Cadillac has a service bulletin to dismantle and clean the ground. If i'm thinking clearly it is mounted to the engine block out front above the starter.
  14. Logan

    Mailbag: A/C on causes Overheating

    I am certainly not the expert... The biggest snag is the crankshaft is different. More details here about differences... http://www.northstarperformance.com/interchange.php