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  1. On the Northstar the camshaft position sensor is on the passenger side end of the rear cylinder head. No where near the oil filter housing. See attached pic. Do you really mean crankshaft sensors? There are 2 on front of engine....kinda near the oil filter housing. You do have the Northstar and not the 4.9L engine right?
  2. It's not really up to the dealer to find a part or solution for a 25 year old car. Anyway....there is a site that shows a short list of dealers that may have one. http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/18018429.html Don't hold your breath on that list....but may be worth checking.
  3. Digging a little deeper.....coverage gets a little spotty prior to 1998. PCM p1611....loss of CVRTD data. p1652...RSS module issue. Neither of these will turn on the SES light. SDM B1155...SDM calibration mis-match. B1159...loss of data...no key data received. B1160...loss of data...no VIN data received. I don't have the '97 IPC codes. I would suggest clearing all the codes first....see what if any come back. These are kind of a odd list of codes to see.
  4. Assuming the battery is not original, old, weak or worn out.....sounds like the car might have a parasitic drain....so a computer, module or relay may be staying turned on and draining the battery.
  5. Found a pretty good pic on Google....and it's from caddyinfo....so it's been posted before.
  6. I think they use a short silicone hose up in there....along with metal pipes. The idea being it would never require replacement for service life of the vehicle. I don't think it was designed to last 28 years. I bet you will have to remove the AC compressor to get to it and make repairs.
  7. Logan

    Rough Idle on reverse, Drive and sometimes at stop.

    It really could be anything right now.... DI engines are kind of known to carbon cake the intake valves. I have 3-4 DI cars here and have never had the carbon problem that I'm aware of. I guess we are offering ideas on what it could be. Pretty sure you will need a scan tool to see any engine data....one of the parameters would show the fuel pressure. No way to hook up a gauge on a high pressure system. Pretty sure you will not find a fuel filter. You might find this link helpful.. http://www.underhoodservice.com/direct-injection-diagnostics-taking-pressure-readings/ .
  8. Go look up 2003-2008 Toyota 2.4 L head bolts. Huge problem...typically the back 3 bolts (firewall side) pull up...Toyota has moved on. Those use the same M11 x 1.5 thread. Not that there is anything wrong with that....just the same. Your 2005 should be using a M11 x 2.0 thread. We do rent the Timesert kit for that.
  9. Logan

    Rough Idle on reverse, Drive and sometimes at stop.

    A lot of DI engines suffer from it. Some think adding a catch can to the PVC system helps reduce it. Blasting with walnut shells is what I have heard of as a fix. Picture shows a pretty extreme case...a Audi intake valve.
  10. Which 3 coils and why those 3? You really need a scan tool that can display misfires. Most cheap scan tools will not. Without being able to see which ones.....you are just guessing. Attached is pic of a GM Tech 2 displaying the misfire graph. Wifes Traverse just needed 2 coils on Sunday when she got home from out-of-town.....very clear to see on the Tech 2....2 cylinders with multiple misfires under load....one coil was noticeably worse than the other. To my surprise....took forever for the SES lamp to finally show a misfire code. (picture is old photo I have...not of the Traverse coils).
  11. They rarely go bad. That sending unit is just for the speedometer. Do you have the code for the input speed sensor? That one is inside the transmission.
  12. Logan

    MAILBAG: rear wheel hub for 98 DeVille Limo

    The hub on eBay has been sold....maybe they were the ones who purchased it. I have never worked on one of those set ups. Looking more at the service manual.....it looks like it uses a traditional replaceable bearing....and drum brakes. Hopefully....they are not being fooled by a cruddy upper hub bushing. Details are lacking...20 year old car....they certainly may have smacked a curb or something. Picture is 1998 Deville heavy duty 6 lug rear hub assembly.
  13. Logan

    MAILBAG: rear wheel hub for 98 DeVille Limo

    Maybe this? https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/acdelco-2729/wheel-bearings-hub-assy-seals-25107/hub-assemblies-25073/hub-assembly-12841/5a18a6d43148/acdelco-wheel-bearing-and-hub-assembly/rw2061/5978092/1998/cadillac/deville?pos=4 One on eBay too... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-117182-37290-0/2?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fi%2F152285818489%3Fchn%3Dps&itemid=152285818489&targetid=478262996095&device=c&adtype=pla&googleloc=9013114&poi=&campaignid=1489270473&adgroupid=57569192116&rlsatarget=pla-478262996095&abcId=1139326&merchantid=101490027&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxvWK19ja3gIVibfACh2o5Q7LEAYYASABEgJTs_D_BwE Looks like the HD hubs use serviceable bearings rather than the sealed units we have gotten used to. Bearings are easy to get. The part # will be stamped on the edge of the bearing race. They don't reinvent bearings.....there will be a size that will be a perfect fit and easy to get.
  14. I would of thought someone would have chimed in on this. Anyway, here is a link that has the codes.. http://www.troublecodes.net/cadillac/fleetwood-5-7l/