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  1. Could be.... Maybe guide pin for factory assembly. Maybe way to quickly verify (L) vs (R) hinges at factory. Your car insurance policy is based some on if the car has welded or bolted hinges. More expensive to repair the welded style and get panels to align correctly after a wreck.
  2. Don't know. This guy sells a lot of hinges. Or at least has a lot of them listed on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/sch/partsman9423/m.html?item=303551804202&hash=item46ad18f32a%3Ag%3Axw4AAOSw-wtepk~6&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 You can search 'buick hinge' or 'cadillac hinge'. A few have a hole there....most don't. Have yet to see one that has the small screw head.
  3. I think '4 bolts' must be a misprint. There are 6. (green circles). 4 bolts hold the torque converter to the flywheel. (red circles). IF....the torque converter bolts are not removed.....engine would have to move about a half foot away from mounting flange (yellow arrow direction) to disengage.
  4. Not sure why the PCM is being condemned at this point. "being one frayed wire"......yeap...all it takes is a very small nick or rubbing thru on a bracket to cause problems. The tool in the picture looks good enough. Knowing what you're looking at is more critical.
  5. I think the shop created the lean code when they swapped the intake. Maybe a gasket rolled over or a hose may be unplugged. Just to be clear. There are (2) different TPS sensors in the throttle body. There is one in the the gas pedel. (3) total. Could be a ground issue or a rubbed thru wire. Stuff like the gas pedal sensor will 'look' brand new. What you really need is someone with a scan tool (and i dont mean autozone) that can look at what the sensors are doing voltage wise. Looks like the shop and the owner are just guessing at this point.
  6. The 5 volt code is worrisome.....but some other things to check. Pretty sure that car is not using a throttle cable. But is a drive by wire. There are (2) throttle position sensors in the throttle body (TAC).....and one is in the gas pedal. The p2135 code will put the car in 'reduced power mode' and send a display message to the IPC. Not sure if there is a repair for the throttle body TPS sensors.....you might have to replace the complete unit.
  7. I'm thinking the IPC is going bad. Seems like multiple bad IPC issues going on. Either that or some other module is going bad and pulling the network down. Odd switch codes.....no start....HVAC sputtering at night....no script on IPC. The older cars...('92-95) you could swap in a used cluster with minimal problems (mileage would be wrong etc). I think the '96-97 IPC's were changed to OBDII and have the VIN programmed into the IPC. I think a used one would cause a no start....but I could be wrong. You could walk the IPC into a Delco/ Radio / Speedometer repair shop and have it checked out (dealer will do same thing). Exchanged IPC units used to be about $300 thru Delco repair shops.
  8. Was kind of miffed not being able to find it under 1998......tried 1999 Deville.....voila...there it is. Looks like one of the following.... Steering wheel buttons are binding, sticking or broken. If nothing obvious you would need scan tool to check those...not AutoZone scan tool. A bad steering column SIR coil. A bad IPC. Damaged wires inside the steering column or in the harness somewhere.
  9. I don't have a '96-97 manual. The GM DVD manual goes back to 1998. The 1998 manual is pretty light on the B2511 and B2515. That said....there is a mention that 'IF' those codes are showing up......to start checking the IPC.
  10. Someone else had a '93-94 radio fail not too long ago. Kinda same failure. Coming up on being a 30 year old radio. Pretty good mileage for a factory radio. The Delco headquarters is in Kokomo, Indiana. Not sure if they actually make any radios there.
  11. They screw in. Can be very tight. Some GM levers have flats so you can put a wrench on.
  12. What you got......Is a GM Saginaw steering column. There used to be millions of them around. It does require some special tools for things like the lock plate, tilt pivot pins etc. Word of caution. Getting into a Saginaw column is not for the faint at heart. It is a collection of rather bizarre components (rotating / sliding cams, loose ball bearings and springs etc). It is sometimes faster, easier and cheaper to just replace the column. This guide may help. I'm sure there are some others on Goggle. Search 'GM Saginaw steering column repair'. http://www.crankshaftcoalition.com/wiki/images/d/d6/Jazzman_Steering_Rack_Rebuild.pdf
  13. Which part are you trying to find? 1994 4.9L Deville shown.....but should be pretty close to the same. #24?
  14. In the service manual.....when you have eo55 and eo30 together.....you chase the eo30. E030 and P030 are the same thing. P030 is 4 pages in service manual.
  15. I could be wrong.... Looks like some brand of 'hardwired' OBD2 GPS tracking device. Some dealers install these under 'risk management'. Miss a payment and they can find the car. It may have been part of the paper work......sign this....sign this....and sign this etc. Then again.....could be something else going on.
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