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  1. Just FYI about the Eldo door panel clips... At one time there was a GM Kent Moore dealership repair kit for those years ago. Kit had maybe 20 clips.....maybe more....maybe less. You may see a kit show up on eBay once in a while. https://testing-public.carmd.com/Tsb/Download/69051/850548
  2. I think the '1000 mile quart' is just a rule of thumb or industry standard. Not just Northstars.....not just GM.......1000 miles per quart would be considered the normal oil comsumption for any engine. Kind of a standard.....1000 miles per quart is ok.....500 miles per quart would require some investigation and start documenting date and mileage etc.
  3. Anything is possible.....just go to any car show. It would not be a drop in and go mod. It would require substantial modification. What part do you like?.....the button less shifter handle or the zig gate for the gears?
  4. You really need to take them apart and clean.....they can look perfect just sitting there. I should have asked earlier......any aftermarket stereos /tvs ....amps....alarm system.....remote starter....pocket remote unlock systems installed on the car? I prefer GM IAC motors over ISCs. GM had IACs around for over 10 years before Cadillac started using them with OBDII. ISC motors are like using a broomstick to turn on a wall switch. Here is another lengthy post about ISC motors. Maybe you'll see a clue... https://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/topic/49651-1995-eldorado-racing-idle-isc-motor/#comments
  5. I stated 'it could be something like'......a 25 year old car....it really could be anything along that type of problem. Reman ECMs can sometimes cause more problems than they fix. 1993 service manual......page 6E-A-46 and 47 shows the grounds for the ECM. G100, G102, G401. You need to inspect all 3.....and not just a visual....you will need to take each one apart and clean. They can 'look' ok but actually be causing a problem. There is also a splice.....S234 that should be inspected very closely.
  6. Early GM Techline terminals used to have a PROM charts back in the DOS and IBM PS2 days. It would have specific PROM details for every GM car. You could search each and every PROM for details. Haven't seen those charts in 15 years. There is more to it than this PDF chart.....details like engine....FED, Canada, export emissions....trans....final drive ratio....maybe 20 Proms per car. Did find some info... page 63 http://www.scotthansen.net/BCCLookup.pdf Some eBay Prom and ECM BBSX details.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prom-Chip-BBSX-1993-Cadillac-Eldorado-4-6L-PCM-ECM-16180517-Memcal-16200887-/223903910936 To me....it seems likely his PROM is ok......it seems like a ECM quad driver issue......if he sets it on the low side....it's too slow to catch up....it wants to stall......if he sets it high....its slow coming dowm. It is interesting the the ECM has been replaced before for a idle issue. There were some goofy 1994 ECMs.....there is a TSB about those. 25 year old car....could be something like a worn throttle shaft...weak spring...etc. Snapshot is from page 63 PDF chart.
  7. Actually.....the Chart 6C-6 is in the 1993 manual. The procedure is the same.....but the schematic IS different. It is on page 6C-40 1993 service manual. PROMs / Memcals were around before PCs and the internet. The same car may have have 25 different PROMs available for different options or markets (California, Canada, US FED emissions) manual or automatic trans or gear ratios or even different engines (Think Pontiac Grand Am...2 different 4 cylinder engines and a 6 cylinder engine available) etc. There may be a new PROM issued to fix a transmission chuggle issue kind of thing (technical service bulletin). So a PROM was really the software for the ECM......you would buy it using a part number and insert it in the ECM as a whole unit as shown.
  8. No way to program a '94 PCM with a Tech 2. The '94 used PROMs for the PCM calibration. I'm sure finding a replacement PROM would be difficult.....the PROM ID # might give a clue of what calibration is in there (California, US, Export?).
  9. To back up some. Curious about the PCM / ECM replacement. Why was it replaced? What about the PROM? Was it moved over to the replacement PCM? Can you see the PROM ID with your scanner? Has anyone tampered with the idle speed screw on the throttle body? It should be blocked with a plug.
  10. A little off subject. Reminds me of a Saturn VUE AWD we once had.......the rear diff started getting noisy. Simply pulled the rear axles....dear diff and the PTO shaft.........gotcha a standard 2WD Saturn VUE.
  11. Kent Moore used to have a 'test belt'....I'm sure those are long gone. Your car is using a Buick 3800 engine that wasn't ever used in Cadillacs. Also known as a 3.8L. Anyway....did find some info that may or may not be correct.
  12. Attached is a pic of the idle procedure right from the 1993 GM service manual. I think it idles ok.....just takes a 'long' time to get there. Perhaps a misconception that it does take a few seconds to get there rather than instantaneous. Sounds like he may be starting the car with his foot on the gas. He should not have to do that. Glad he checked the cruise and gas pedal cables for freedom. There is a return spring on the throttle body shaft that may be broken.
  13. Odd that Duracell would do that...first I've seen or heard of them. Curious....some applications are just the shell and keypad.... No circuit board.
  14. It would be nice to have the factory service manual set. If you can buy a set super cheap and shipped to Europe it may be the way to go. That said.....printed factory service manuals are obsolete. Just like phone books. The internet has not been kind to Helm Inc. There is a online factory GM service manual option. https://www.acdelco.com/gmsi-gm-service-information $20US unlimited access for 3 days.....print all you want....plus up-to-date service bulletins. Covers 1998 and newer GM. Same thing GM dealers use. During your 3 days....you can easily get access to all GM vehicles....not just your select model.
  15. A quick look at the GM service manual shows no mention of a Tech1 or Tech2 being able to cycle the pump. You do know the unit can be split open? Right?