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  1. A quick look at the GM service manual shows no mention of a Tech1 or Tech2 being able to cycle the pump. You do know the unit can be split open? Right?
  2. Intake manifold......odd but your picture seems to show the Allante version intake. My '93 4.9L Seville did not have that style intake.
  3. I really don't understand the question. Where are you located? There was a time where the export speedometers were calibrated to over report (show faster than actual) the vehicle speed by about 10 km per hour. Some odd law somewhere.. With all the navigation and GPS stuff now....I don't think it's still used.
  4. Couple of things going on... Pre-bankrupcy 'Old GM' car.....limited production vehicle. 15+ years old. Some insurance companies are canceling policies on the XLR due to a lack of available parts. Example....used LED tail lights can cost $3000 each on eBay. The internet has kind of messed up local auto parts stores. Many no longer really keep a very large inventory of parts. Most can get what you need the same day or by the next day from the warehouse. The XLR certainly should not be classified as a 'common' vehicle or being able to get parts just because its a 'Cadillac'. Even GM does not have enough warehouses to keep parts for every car forever. They do try to keep parts around for about 10 years. Update......eBay shows 555 listings for XLR radiator.......also hundreds of listings on Google. Both include listings for new ACDelco units. You can get one.....just not during your lunch hour. The car is not a Chevy Cobalt.
  5. "there should be no or just a little oil in any of the spark plug wells. It's kind of like ear wax....some is ok and should be considered normal." "#1 suspect is a bad coil. They go bad all the time." "#5 is passenger side....3rd plug back from the front of car."
  6. Ok.....the reason I asked......some folks have posted....."my buddies buick did the same thing..... his was #5.....he said it must be the same problem." kind of thing. Sounds like your on the right track if you have something that can read the codes. Part of your reply is confusing.....there should be no or just a little oil in any of the spark plug wells. It's kind of like ear wax....some is ok and should be considered normal. That said.....I don't think you are looking at the cylinder #s correctly. I believe #5 is passenger side....3rd plug back from the front of car. 2005 STS.....front engine RWD car.
  7. Couple of questions..... How did you determine #5 was misfiring? .....and....which cylinder do you think #5 is under the hood? Anyway.....likely not a plug problem. #1 suspect is a bad coil. They go bad all the time. On the 2005....it appears there is a early design version.....and a latter design version. I don't know what the difference is between the early and the later coils. If it is a bad coil....it's easy fix. Just swap it for a new one.
  8. Looking at the electronic GM service manual.....looks like no....it would not be plug and play. Looked up 1998 Seville and 1999 Eldorado. The 98 Seville uses the water cooled generator....the 99 Eldo is using the air cooled generator. 1999 Eldo uses part # 12124898 harness plug at the generator. It's using a 2 wire set up. 1998 Seville uses part # 12186568 harness plug at the generator. It's using a 4 wire set up. The engine block likely has the any and all of the mounts drilled and tapped to go either way. The water cooled generator looks to be fairly easy to get here in the US. About $300US with a $20 core.
  9. I don't think anyone has the disc. Pretty rare. You may want to check with a Delco radio and speedometer repair facility. I did look around the GM service info and did find a bulletin (looked up 2003 Deville). 02-08-44-015B Some customers may comment on any of the following conditions: • The Advanced Vehicle Navigation (AVN) system screen may be blank. • The door chime may sound intermittently. • The AVN system map display cannot zoom in closer than 16 miles in some areas. Correction Do This: Update the navigation radio software. Don't Do: This Do not replace the navigation radio or map disc. Important: The software is updated using a disc, NOT through SPS reprogramming. Important: This software update is for radio P/Ns 25734875, 25743430, 25744040, 25755059 and 25764007 ONLY. Technicians are to update the AVN system software using an update disc, P/N 19115256. To perform the update, follow the instructions given in the booklet that is included with the disc. Do not turn the ignition switch off during the software update. Parts Information GM dealers must order advanced vehicle navigation (AVN) software update discs from the GM Navigation Disc Center. These discs will no longer be available from GMSPO. To obtain an AVN software update disc, contact the GM Navigation Disc Center at 1-877-628-3472. The parts listed below are for updating the navigation radio software only. They do not update or replace the navigation map disc that is supplied with the vehicle. Please order this part only as needed. There is a very limited supply of these discs available. Do not order this part for stock. This disc can be used to reprogram more than one vehicle. The first update disc for each P/N is free. Subsequent copies of the same P/N for the same dealer will cost $50. Part Number: 19115256 Description: AVN Software Update CD
  10. More..second picture is a fake unit with "Useforgm Corp" brand label....cute. Most fakes will have a Bosch, HP or Vetronix label with it. The fake units are fake. Originally built to fool people. You buy a GM Tech 2 on eBay for a couple of thousand bucks.....you think your buying a real one....until it quits. Of course you want to get it fixed ...only to find out it is really a counterfeit unit. By then....the seller was gone and your money was gone. Because that scam was exposed is why the fakes now sell for only a couple hundred bucks.
  11. Ok......sounds like it would be a good tool for you. Some folks think you can reprogram and play with the PCM software etc.....like change engine timing or turn on cooling fans sooner.....or change the mileage etc. You can't. If you have used other scan tools......you should be ok. There are no doubt more clones out there than real ones. If you get a clone and it dies.....thats it. No support at all and Bosch is certainly not going to mess with it. I always had one around (real one) with my 2001 Deville .....I can't imagine having one of those and *not* having a Tech 2 nearby. I attached some Tech 2 pics
  12. It depends.....is it for your '98 Deville? Is that your only GM car? What do you want to do with one? By far most listed on eBay, Craigslist and Amazon are clones. The clones are toss away tools.....so if it goes bad....you'll be tossing it. But if you can get one for $200...why not? The fire sale on real ones was 10 years ago when the GM dealers were closing. I bought two of those. The Tech 2 is being phased out....2013 is the last year of coverage for all of GM.....some models phased out starting in 2010. The replacement is the MDI which is a laptop based setup. Their are MDIs and MDI2 units. And again....a few real ones...most are Chinese clones.
  13. Wow.....great pics. It clearly shows the fresnel lens is different. I don't think you can buy just the glass part. I know they have clips on there that make you think they can be replaced. Looks like the export ones have single bulb....US ones have low and high beam. The export ones also have the 'Guide' (GM factory units) name on them. I would suggest getting some US Spec units.....along with some of the harness to swap the bulb connector set up. Looks like used lamps are pulling in decent money here....most of these cars in the US have gone to car heaven.
  14. I think he's thinking the 'fresnel' lens is different. Not sure if they are. Seems it would be easier to just change the whole lamp. He may be thinking that he can just buy the lens (I don't think you can). I did find a chart in the 1994 service manual about export lamps.
  15. Haha.....I think that makes (2) in the last 30 days posted on this site. A failed aftermarket alarm / and or remote start system.