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  1. I could be wrong.... Looks like some brand of 'hardwired' OBD2 GPS tracking device. Some dealers install these under 'risk management'. Miss a payment and they can find the car. It may have been part of the paper work......sign this....sign this....and sign this etc. Then again.....could be something else going on.
  2. Couple of things......Looks like it uses a electric compressor......and may have a auxiliary rear AC system. From the GM service manual. 2009 Escalade. The electric A/C compressor is a self contained high voltage inverter, electric motor, and direct coupled compressor. The electric A/C compressor requires the high voltage system on the vehicle to be engaged and operates on command from the climate control panel. The electric A/C compressor has the ability to run and provide cooling performance while the vehicle engine is not running. This feature enables the electric
  3. I think your headline and codes are a little scrambled. I think its.. P0171....Bank 1 lean PO174...Bank 2 lean P0300... Random misfire P0157... O2 sensor fixed bank 2 sensor 2 P0496 ...EVAP canister purge valve
  4. I think it's actually some white wires in a orange sleeve your looking for. There are 15 different key ohm values. You need to accurately measure the key pellet before fixing. Bottom of steering column is where you fix it. Lots on Google about VATS. Picture is just a generic GM VATS. Your Seville should be very similar.
  5. My first guess is maybe the exhaust system? The pipe will grow over a inch between being cold and hot. Some cars.....after you turn it off. If you sit in the car for a minute.....you may hear it shrinking.....donk....donk...donkdonk kind of thing.
  6. Stale gas. After 10 months.....I bet it will start. It can get nasty if left for 5 years. https://www.hagerty.com/media/maintenance-and-tech/dont-start-dormant-engine-without-checking-gas-tank/ Been there.....'87 Mercedes........car sat for 5 years.....maybe a little more. Black goo in tank....Smells as bad as skunk. Took 2 or 3 fuel pumps and filters and a fuel tank level sending unit to finally get that sorted out. Near new Michelins were hopelessly flat spotted.
  7. 30+ year old engine. I don't think anyone here has tackled the job. These guys seem to know the 4.9 pretty well. About 2/3 down the page they talk about the liners. Maybe a email to them will help figure out some gaskets. http://johns49performance.com/49-rebuilding-basics.html Some '4.9L full block gasket sets' seem to have them. But not certain.
  8. Might be GM 12337936. Looks like it's discontinued by GM. https://nemigaparts.com/cat_spares/epc/cadillac/62o-k/00/gm00-140/e See #14.
  9. Certainly a clue.....plus it's been a couple of years... Lots of problems with aftermarket radios...alarms....remotes....and remote starts. The wiring does ok.....for a 'couple of years'.....then can start falling apart and cause all kinds of electrical gremlins. Not saying that's whats going on.....but it needs to be considered if you do not see any obvious problems during your inspection.
  10. Edit: Any chance the car has a aftermarket radio....alarm system....or remote start? From the GM service manual... The PCM has a memory area where it stores certain data it needs to save when the key is turned OFF. This area is called Keep Alive Memory. This diagnostic test monitors the PCM's keep alive memory for a loss or unintended change of data. If such a condition occurs, DTC P0603 will set. Conditions for Running the DTC Tested continuously. Conditions for Setting the DTC Keep alive memory checksum does not match previous checksum. Action Taken
  11. Replace the PCM for code 603? Is there another issue too? I would not change the PCM for that. From the GM service manual. 'If the battery has been disconnected for any reason DTC P0603 will set. The PCM keeps a running check on the memory; if memory changes it resets. An intermittent loss of power or ground to the PCM will cause a reset.'
  12. Don't know.....but here is the description and schematic from the GM manual for the 2008 DTS. Be aware there are actually (3) relays. The 'inline' fuse description is worrisome. There should be no inline fuse. The engine cooling fan system consists of 2 electrical cooling fans and 3 fan relays. The relays are arranged in a Series/Parallel (S/P) configuration that allows the engine control module (ECM) or powertrain control module (PCM) to operate both fans together at low or high speeds. The cooling fans and fan relays receive battery positive voltage from the u
  13. More... http://www.westcoastfieros.com/forum/son-of-bi-fracking-water-pump_topic1685.html
  14. Hoses may be routed wrong. Looks like the 4.9L water pump may be using a plastic impeller......these can get loose or crack and slip. Can cause odd flow problems.
  15. Lots on Google.....you may need a GM MDI to do it....don't know. Maybe it can be done this way. Different ways depending if you have the original FOB or not. https://www.programyourremote.com/classified/2018-cadillac-xts-keyless-entry-remote-fob-smart-key-programming-instructions-listing-8632.aspx
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