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  1. Wow.....I'm about to pull the trigger and buy the wheel mounting machine too. Be done with those fools at the tire stores. Now 3 cars........all 3 riding better than they ever have! So 12 wheels so far. Couple of interesting things.... 1 bent wheel. Bad enough I will have to replace or repair it before putting new rubber on. It's on the back for now. 2 wheels that had no weight at all. No witness tape marks or anything. Of course they are good now with weight. Lengthy review of the stuff by someone else (not me).....great pics. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/grm/at-home-tire-machines-my-experience-with-derek-wea/170332/page1/
  2. Been put off by local sloppy wheel balances for years......they simply are not doing it right.... Firestone....Discount Tire.... "We'll put our best new guy on it.".....yikes.. It cannot be done correctly in one or two 90 second spins. You really need about 20-30 minutes per wheel to get them right. Firestone finally pissed me off. Needed one BMW TPMS sensor installed on a single wheel....had the wheel off the car....had the new OEM sensor in hand....."Sorry....We only put our TPMS sensors in." Sooo......purchased a wheel balancer. So far....2 cars now driving perfect at highway speeds....A BMW and a Chevrolet. https://www.derekweaver.com/rodders-garage/wheel-balancers/weaver-w-937-40-wheel-balancer/ny Any questions let us know. Excellent product.
  3. The passenger side mirror will tilt down when the car is put in reverse.......then return to the original position when put back in drive. Driver assist kind of thing. On my 2001 Deville (same car).......the passenger mirror would return......but never to the correct original position. Gets old quick. There is a way to turn 'off' this feature. That is what I did. You might need a GM Tech 2 to turn on/off the feature....can't exactly remember.
  4. When they sound out of time.....they are often are. Sounds like something may be coming loose or failing in the timing chain system. Maybe off brand chain? Bunch of work.....but a lot cheaper to go in and look now. Curious.......Is the engine sipping some coolant? Maybe coolant is getting in to a cylinder. Why Big Serts? Why not the standard inserts?......Time Sert or the other ones? (I cant think of the name) Hopefully not Heil-Coils.
  5. That code kind of points to a sluggish O2 sensor. "DTC P013A: HO2S Slow Response Rich to Lean Bank 1 Sensor 2" I don't think it's related to the hot condition.
  6. I think you have the GM service manual. Factory manual does talk about measuring the ride height of both the front and rear......and what the correct ballpark # should be. I think you measure from flat pavement to the top of the sheet metal arch. Not sure exactly what you do if you have skirts. I don't have a 1997 manual. Update......Had some time today.....this is from 1994 manual......should be pretty close if not the same. Full tank of gas....jounce the suspension 3-4 times....+/- 10mm spec. I guess brand of tire would have some impact too.....STS vs Seville also. Kind of hard to find in manual. They call it 'trim height'......it's under 'Suspension diagnosis'
  7. No.....it is part of the steering rack. It's what directs the hydraulic pressure left right and etc. Generic photo of a spool valve.
  8. There are really only two parts that must work.....the pump....and the spool valve. The spool valve is inside the rack where the steering column connects to the rack. Some may remember old GM racks with 'morning sickness'.......that was the spool valve acting up. Not sure if the spool valve is a serviceable part.....likely faster and easier to replace the rack. Good info and good pictures here: https://www.aa1car.com/library/2003/bf20340.htm
  9. I think GM actually paints the cars pink at the factory. They will paint any car any color if there is money to be made. I think they actually get repainted after Mary Kay is done with the car. I think the pink color code is actually patented. You cannot walk into a GM dealer and have the car painted Mary Kay pink. Bunch of them collected and used at Aretha Franklin funeral Lots on Google...
  10. Could be.... Maybe guide pin for factory assembly. Maybe way to quickly verify (L) vs (R) hinges at factory. Your car insurance policy is based some on if the car has welded or bolted hinges. More expensive to repair the welded style and get panels to align correctly after a wreck.
  11. Don't know. This guy sells a lot of hinges. Or at least has a lot of them listed on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/sch/partsman9423/m.html?item=303551804202&hash=item46ad18f32a%3Ag%3Axw4AAOSw-wtepk~6&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 You can search 'buick hinge' or 'cadillac hinge'. A few have a hole there....most don't. Have yet to see one that has the small screw head.
  12. I think '4 bolts' must be a misprint. There are 6. (green circles). 4 bolts hold the torque converter to the flywheel. (red circles). IF....the torque converter bolts are not removed.....engine would have to move about a half foot away from mounting flange (yellow arrow direction) to disengage.
  13. Not sure why the PCM is being condemned at this point. "being one frayed wire"......yeap...all it takes is a very small nick or rubbing thru on a bracket to cause problems. The tool in the picture looks good enough. Knowing what you're looking at is more critical.
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