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    Odd Ball Northstar?

    Hello & thanks for the advice. Attached a picture. Enjoy!
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    1982 Eldorado alternator fire

    @BodybyFisher got the new alternator, pulled the old one out and there was something rattling around int it. Was able to get some of it out it was very brittle plastic. also there was a bracket that is used to tension the belt for the alternator that was turned and wasn't putting tension on the belt. I got everything back together and it is running great, checked the battery and alternator volts with my dvom and it is charging at 14.6. so I think I got her going. thanks for your replies @BodybyFisher if you see anybody having a similar problem send them my way. and I can add pictures of the tensioner.
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    Well am now driving it. Stupid battery terminals were loose again. At least 2 turns each. Grr. Creaking is slowly getting less noticeable. Finally got ABS and Traction lights off last night. Drove all day today without a problem. I ran the pump manually for about 30 seconds. Alignment seems off since alignment got done. Just my luck. Car looks like new with the detail job done
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    I think the CT5-V is a nice car suffering from being mis-branded. If it were the CT5 Premium or CT5 VSport it would be well received.
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    The "edit" button has gone away on the post of 9:05 Monday morning. I think that happens once others have quoted or perhaps "liked" the post. If you can't re-enable the edit button, please delete the last sentence of the third paragraph that begins "This ...". I don't think I could help him very much on the basis of the video. The STS-V and CTS-V are very different cars and drivelines, except for the transmission. I would start by reading his OBD codes, though; he must have tons of them. Bruce or other STS-V owners would know more about his car. His over-the-air fixes were to take effect in late August according to the video, so that would have come and gone. My main concern on the basis of the videos is that there might have been some overvoltage by a battery charger that damaged some modules, because his touch screens didn't respond; I hope that was for the radio modes only. That can be due to corrupted software, which may or may not be corrected over-the-air. Normally, disconnecting the battery simply resets all the modules and you need to re-learn the throttle, timing, and such, and re-set the radio station that you were listening to, but certainly simply disconnecting the battery doesn't damage anything. The wheel sensors could be missing, have wiring or connector issues, etc. The TPS system probably has missing tire sensors; some tire and wheel people don't know what they are and will simply throw them away and use new valve stems when re-mounting a tire.
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    The big items were "Spare Parts" at $2,912 and "Other Material" at $3,782". The bumper guard and paint are supposed to be $250 or less, but they probably replaced the bumper beam and at least one of the two shock absorbers, which can easily run $3K. But, another $3.7K for "Other Material" that was not itemized??? A bill of that magnitude from any source must include a full breakdown of all parts, their source, and your cost of those parts. Some would include manufacturer part number on the parts. This is very important for Cadillac or any high performance auto repair because many mechanics just call the local parts house and give the make and model, and the parts house will look up the cheapest part that will bolt on in a catalog and neither knows that they have just made the car dangerous to drive within manufacturer's specified performance envelope. If you have the part number, you can deal with the problem; otherwise, you may not even know about it. Other mechanics will order the "economy" version of a part and charge for the "performance" version... Some of the other documents provided by the dealer may have included such lists. The guy didn't say. I did look at one other of his videos on the STS-V, and he spends it complaining about problems with the car that he introduced himself by disconnecting the battery and not reinitializing the modules. GM fixed the radio over-the-air, and that fix may have solved all his problems, but he made the video before the fixes took effect. [...] BBF, please forgive me for my hard knocks anecdotes. All of them are from experience, though.
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    well I finally got the car back together. I hope all is good tomorrow. If so I want to send it for alignment and detailing. The ABS was a pain to fix but the lights are currently out.
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    2004 dhs missing

    If it has the 1 piece 4 coil pack I would highly suspect one of them. A scantool will give you the specific cylinder(s) that are missing. Does it get better as it warms? If no then I suspect coil. If yes, well that can mean cylinder contamination, ie oil or coolant in a cylinder(s). As for the o2 sensors I would not be too surprised. But sometimes high oil consumption causes problems with o2 sensors. The oil clogs the tip of the sensor and causes false readings. Also depending on how long it has been driven with the miss that may cause cat and or o2 sensor issues
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    2020 Cadillac CT4-V or CT5-V?

    One of his main complaints is the engine sound; well, you're going to get that when you compare a "four" to a "six" cylinder most of the time. He really likes it though (and so do I).
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    Sure sounds like a door switch. Does it tell you one is open when you drive? I am certain the switch is part of the latch
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    I was thinking, that because he wasn't getting engine braking from the downshift, he relied on the brakes more probably heating them up. That wasn't a leisurely drive with lots of turns, and it didn't sound as if the engine was loafing
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    He called his canyon pace moderate, I would say: hardly; if I had to call it, I would say he was going about 9/10ths. I'm thinking, the Caddy did real good; room for improvement sure, but does the competition really out perform as he alludes. I'd have one (but wouldn't be driving his pace, much, if at all); certainly not his reckless on public roads driving.
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    Yes, I don't think there was an issue with the Brembo brakes in this case.
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    I agree; I wondered if he simply needed to put it in track mode.
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    Two takes: The extreme and long-winded rant about the transmission and RPM range seem more to be about how he expects the engine management to work, as in keeping the RPM range high as needed for a naturally-aspirated car or a small engine, AND, brake smoke does not mean that the brakes are on fire, or even that there is anything wrong. This is a zero review.
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    Sorry about that I did not mean to attack anyone I just didn't think I was getting my point accros that I recomend the factory set-up.
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    90 Deville misses and stalls

    Son the 90 Caddy we found the problem. There is a check valve in the sending unit assembly that keep the vent line from sucking in fuel from the return line. It went bad when we changed the pump. Right now I have the line blocked off as is is hot at heck here and I don't want to stress my guy in the heat. Next month I'll order the part and have him put it in.
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    Bill Spangler

    Green reference wire

    Thanks again. I just ordered a used Snap-on dist. wrench on eBay.
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    Faltering acceleration

    KHE, after four days with this problem you hit the nail on the ahead. I disconnected the fuel line between the in-line filter and the TBI. Fuel is flowing out of the in-line filter just fine. So I blew on the line going to the TBI and it felt like there was a little if not a lot of restriction, this was done with the fuel line in the TBI disconnected. So I tried blowing back the other way from the TBI towards the in-line filter. It felt like something gave a little and the back pressure wasn't as bad. So I reconnected the line at the in-line filter. I then stuck a hose on the line at the TBI end and stuck the other end into a gas can. I turned the key to on and fuel was just flowing out of there. I reconnected the line at the TBI and started the car up. It started right up, had full power and ran for about one minute and died. Took both connectors off again and tried blowing through the line again and it was deftly restricted. Looks like it only happens in high fuel demand. Got to find somebody with a compressor so I can blow the line out really good. If that doesn't get it going to replace the fuel line between the TBI and the in-line filter. All I can say is thank you 1000 times and I love this board. I'll come back and let you know how this works out.