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    Stiff Shifter 1997 Deville

    There is a ball in socket type joint on top of the column that dries out and needs lubricated. Drop the black hush panel, pull the second panel out that covers the topside underneath of the column and then the thin piece of metal held in by 4 7mm bolts. Finally, the column drops down with removal of 4 13mm bolts. The ball and socket joint is on the top side. Your sway bar links up front might be the culprit for the noise over bumps.
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    It really could be anything right now.... DI engines are kind of known to carbon cake the intake valves. I have 3-4 DI cars here and have never had the carbon problem that I'm aware of. I guess we are offering ideas on what it could be. Pretty sure you will need a scan tool to see any engine data....one of the parameters would show the fuel pressure. No way to hook up a gauge on a high pressure system. Pretty sure you will not find a fuel filter. You might find this link helpful.. http://www.underhoodservice.com/direct-injection-diagnostics-taking-pressure-readings/ .
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    TPS and ICM Question

    Sure will. We live here😁
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    TPS and ICM Question

    Hang in there, we will be here
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    I really don't know what to think about this with what happened in 2007/2008/2009 where they were heavily invested in trucks and suvs when fuel blasted through $4/gallon. Gas is low now so they chase trucks, suv's and crossovers again? They have created excitement with their recent offerings and abandon them? This looks suspicious to chase trucks, crossovers and suvs. Think about what carly fiorina did to HP with bad decisions. And why did they do this? , Oct. 3, 2018. General Motors appointed a former deputy director of intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency to its board on Wednesday. Jami Miscik is the chief executive and vice chair of Kissinger Associates, a political consulting firm founded by former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. She has held various top roles at the firm since 2009. Before that, she worked at Lehman Brothers and Barclays.
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    TPS and ICM Question

    Disconnect the cruise control cable its ok. I want you to diagnose this by removing the throttle cable and feeling the throttle body plate opening and closing for smooth motion with nothing obstructing or binding it throughout its full range. It should have a strong spring pressure to close it also. The rod/shaft that holds the plate goes through the throttle body on both sides on carburators wear used to occur, we have not seen owners complaining about worn out shafts/rods, but look it over. It should open and close smoothly with little or no play in the shaft that might interfere with its closing. Manipulate the cable in both directions.to see if it feels to be binding or gummed up and sticking. It should be free. Go down and look at the end that connects to the pedal look for freying, kinking, binding or mis-routing. When you reassemble it, the throttle should sit on its stop every time. It sounds like you might have a cable problem.
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    TPS and ICM Question

    Ill come back later, lots to look into here. If your cable is hanging up that would explain a lot. A lot to digest here I will be back after dinner, I know its late. Glad you are feeling better I think the IP2511 is a B code
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    The Old Car Manual Project

    Because of a member from Sweden, working on a 69 472 ci Quadrajet carburetor, I had a nice phone conversation and traded emails with Rusty from The Carburetor Doctor, his number is 888-664-6462. I have spoken to him in the past also regarding floats. His web site is https://carbkitsource.com/ and here > http://www.carburetordoctor.com/ They have a rebuilding shop in British Columbia and they are opening up a shop in Montana. He rebuilds all types of carburetors, and if you are in need of a rebuild, parts or a rebuilding kit, he is the guy to speak to. In addition, Rusty has created The Old Car Manual Project a fantastic collection of manuals, brochures, advertising, etc., that enthusiasts will love. There is a lot of Cadillac stuff and it is a great resource of information. For instance, look at this on the 62 Cadillac > http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/brochures/Cadillac/1962/pages/cad6212x_jpg.htm We are Caddy INFO.... so this is great stuff.. I have a few things I plan to scan and send to Rusty.. The Old Car Manual Project is here >>> http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/ Let us know what you think below! Ill get Rusty to pop in, he has plans to expand on it in the future Bruce, do you think we could pin this someplace?, thanks.. @Bruce Nunnally
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    Scared of Northstars!

    Go look up 2003-2008 Toyota 2.4 L head bolts. Huge problem...typically the back 3 bolts (firewall side) pull up...Toyota has moved on. Those use the same M11 x 1.5 thread. Not that there is anything wrong with that....just the same. Your 2005 should be using a M11 x 2.0 thread. We do rent the Timesert kit for that.
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    Dts rough idle

    Which 3 coils and why those 3? You really need a scan tool that can display misfires. Most cheap scan tools will not. Without being able to see which ones.....you are just guessing. Attached is pic of a GM Tech 2 displaying the misfire graph. Wifes Traverse just needed 2 coils on Sunday when she got home from out-of-town.....very clear to see on the Tech 2....2 cylinders with multiple misfires under load....one coil was noticeably worse than the other. To my surprise....took forever for the SES lamp to finally show a misfire code. (picture is old photo I have...not of the Traverse coils).
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    my go to guess on misfire is always fuel pressure regulator. the longer answer is check the codes snd go down the diagnostic tree - fuel, air, spark and see what is “amiss”
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    There is your answer sir!! Crankshaft position sensor.....( @Jan Olsson nailed this above) I would replace them both, but be very careful to keep the connectors where they belong, top on top and bottom on bottom. Also, you said it.happened on turns, be sure the wires are not hitting up against the exhaust manifold and hit when you turn it is close in there. Make sure the wires are.retained to stay away from the exhaust manifold