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  2. Hello. Welcome Few things to check here. First off Battery and connections. Actually remove the stud from the cable ends and closely inspect them. The lugs are supposed to bite into the battery terminal when tightened. If they are flattened then I recommend replacing them. 2. Pull the electrical center cover off driver side strut tower. Closely inspect relays, wires, etc... there. (my bets are the issue is somewhere there) 3. Check the 3 relays at the bottom of the radiator support. They are low on the vehicle and if not sealed can cause issues. They are for the
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  4. Received this query in email: I have a 1961 caddy series 62 with a GM crate 502 and a GM 700R4 automatic overdrive transmission. I would like to get some info on swapping out that engine for something with a little better mpg. I have the original front end which was recently replaced with factory parts. Can you suggest a engine that would fit? I bought it as a retirement gift and I drive it most every day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, Hope everybody is doing well in these times! I've got a tricky electrical situation that I just can't get to the bottom of, and I've seen lots of unresolved threads with the same issue. I've noticed that after a car-wash, or long drive in moderate to heavy rain, I'll experience what seems to be the instrument cluster powering off, followed by the flashing orange 'PRNDL' indicators in between the speedo and tach, and multiple display warnings of "Theft System Problem", "Service Airbags", and the Traction Control / Airbag warning lights turning on. The climate control will sometimes blank
  6. Hi All. I just put away my 97 Seville yesterday. It is aging well for the most part but there is a few things I notice. It needs the rubber bumpers for the front bumper. I managed to find a NOS set for 100 this morning. Ordered A few of the chrome bumper trims are just starting to bubble? Not major, just barely noticeable. Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the condition of it for a 23 year old car in NY. Still looks and drives like a new car to the average (not picky) person. I have awful luck finding anything for these. Anyone know of any source. I was using Vin
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  8. I should also mention, BBCODE has been deprecated (support has been removed) in the new forum. The thinking is the html gadgets in the message editor replace the need for BBCODE.
  9. 10/26/2020 - Monday - I have updated the forum software to the most recent update. I see some issues to consider such as the header image but please let me know if you see anything odd or not working.
  10. In comments poster notes that he apparently had inadvertently bent heat shield during a previous repair. Good that he isolated & fixed it though.
  11. 1974 cadillac coupe deville On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1974-Cadillac-DeVille/324341796264?
  12. Found a vid with a mechanic talking about TCC problems with MAF codes present. He talks about it around 1:20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ra-H1xSPLc
  13. Welcome to CaddyInfo. Check the filler tube where the gas cap seats. They get rusty there. Check the filler tube itself. In the wheelwell. They rot there, especially where the bracket is welded. Check for obvious unhooked or broken hose under hood to the purge valve. There will be a green capped test port somewhere atop the engine. Maybe firewall side. As for the misfires, If this is a 4.6l v8 my first bet would be the coil pack unit on whichever bank is showing misfires. It is one unit that does all 4 cylinders on each bank.
  14. I am helping a lady with a 2005 Deville that has error code P0455 EVAP emission control leak. I am looking for a diagram of that system so I can look for a loose hose, etc. The gas cap is not the problem; it had already been replaced as the dash still shows a "check gas cap" display after a new cap was installed, and I know it is on tight. She also has error codes P0300 (multiple misfires), and P0420 (catalyst efficiency low), but first I want to fix the EEC leak and see if the P0300 code goes away. Any help is appreciated.
  15. I have to laugh about the numerous chipmunks i have here! They filled the trunk of my old Buick rat with the chesnuts off of the big tree in my back yard. I guess the mothballs or cat didnt work so good! I gotta do something with this old girl. She runs so good but a rotted engine cradle took her off the road. This is my new rat for blizzard season fresh from Fla.
  16. In gear, at idle but, only occasionally. Chuggle is gone now. I thought the only conditions for lockup were, car in 4th gear and vehicle speed of 41 MPH. I'm not sure about that though. The persistent P0741 codes are gone. Only things I changed was the leaking PCV line and the damaged MAP sensor.
  17. Is the chuggle in gear or in park? I am thinking that the TCC would not attempt lockup without meeting the proper parameters. Could be wrong though.
  18. That is interesting. Ill go into the manual and see if there are any related codes associated with a P0741, thanks
  19. Just changed the fluid about 1K miles ago. The fluid change had no effect on the hard P0741 faults. It never has shuddered at lockup. It did occasionally "chuggle" at idle though.
  20. I don't think the PCV hose vacuum leak was related but, perhaps the damaged MAP was. The MAP on that car tells the ECU what load is on the engine. If MAP thinks the load is higher, the ECU would adjust shift points and RPM accordingly. When the car reached 41 MPH, the ECU turned on the TCC but, the engine speed was improperly elevated due to misreporting by the MAP. Maybe this tricked the ECU to think the elevated RPM was due to slippage. That's my theory anyway. Didn't touch TCU connections or grounds.
  21. Intrigued here. Just out of curiosity when was the last time you checked the fluid level? When my Torque converter started to act up I would find that the fluid level would increase. Does it shudder at TCC lockup, Around 41mph. If you hang around 40, then slowly accelerate to 41 or so it might shudder before lockup. That is a telltale sign
  22. If pipes are rusty then externally. Never had one fail internally but my guess would be into the throat of the intake. Doubt it though. You could take the tube off the TB and put a paper towel in there overnight. If you want to look for a external leak check below easy to miss spots. Check radiator side tanks, especially the passenger side. Look for swelling and cracking. Check the cap and neck. Have seen the seal missing or bad under the cap. I did not bring that up right away given your list in the original post. Just out of curiosity did you used to deal with W
  23. thanks for the reply. it explains why i couldn't find anythink about a N* leaking coolant at the manifold. the throttle body you mention - would that be an internal or external coolant leak? how can i check it?
  24. Welcome back Intake is dry on these. No fluids pass through. Coolant does pass through the throttle body but I have yet to have one fail. When you say shakey on startup I assume you mean it feels like a stumble. What you describe is exactly what my 96 did when the head issue started to occur. If I drove it daily it did not miss on startup. If I drove it occasionally it would miss on the cold start. The miss is caused because of the coolant leaking into the cylinder(s). Once the coolant is out of the cylinder(s) it runs fine. If this is what yours is doing I h
  25. I hope I find you all doing well..... My car never had any work done and i am the original owner new oem rad, hoses, oem surge tank back in 2015 as preventative measure coolant has been changed every 3-4 years with tablets in the lower hose been using the car only a little in the summer and fall months, and dry docked for the winters i had no problems this summer, but it did seem shakey when i first started it, and in 2020 i might have driven less that 1000 miles yesterday the “low coolant message” came on for the first time ever. today i spent the day start
  26. This should be unrelated to a P0741. If it were due to leakage it wouldn't have been affected for sure. But maybe its possible during your investigation of the P0101 code you accidently reset or disturbed (in a good way) the main transmission plug improving its connection. The P0741 sets when the computer detects a greater than 250 rpm slip in the lock up torque converter. Within that main plug are connections for the TCC solenoid. Did you clean any grounds maybe? Keep us updated as to whether or not it comes back
  27. I can't help to think that this is resistance in the power side and not the ground side. Gonna watch your progress.
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