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  2. I edited the above, Its the off and warmer buttons See this on reading codes
  3. I have a 96 factory service manual. Post as much data as you can. You run codes on a 96 by holding the OFF and Warmer buttons simultaneously. The codes will come up in the DIC. Use your smart phone to take a video of them and write them down later. I think you are looking for B or Body codes. You may also see U or network codes.
  4. I need to get to the RFA part of the diagnostic to program the key fob ..its suposed to take me to the RFA CODES ..but i cant get past that part of the directions... to continue the programing .. because that stage ens me .. and says NO RFA DATA FOUND .. im a get the codes with in the hour .. ty in advance
  5. Have you extracted all codes from the system?, post all codes here Explain what you did, this sentence needs explanation "It started with me wanting to program a key fob"
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  8. It started with me wanting to program a key fob,, when i get to the part in diagnostic ..where the RFA is.. it days NO RFA DATA .. I already checked the comfort fuse in the trunk.. i have the back seat out now there a relay that controls the RFA .. i also seen. the comfort fuse in the trunk controls my CD player which isnt working as well.......... is there a way to check the RFA module ? Thank You in advance for any help at all !!
  9. Thanks! I am almost certain it is abs pump. It is definitely coming from drivers side and when I put my hand on the top of pump I can feel it when it clicks. Gonna try that now. On a potentially unrelated issue was noticing last night the dash was showing what gear it was in. Thought that was odd since key was off and out. After pulling the maxifuse for brakes noticed it was not showing now unless key was on. Hmm...
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  11. If you are certain it is the ABS pump then you could try pulling the maxifuse. It should be located under the black cover at the driver side strut tower. Just be sure to relocate the cruise cable that is attached to it. The fuse reference is under that black cover. I am thinking the problem is internal to the EBTCM as there is no external relays for it Welcome to CaddyInfo
  12. I have a 1997 cadillac deville. Not sure if base or not. Only badge is deville. recently battery died on car after sitting for a couple days. Replaced with a new battery and figured problem solved. Next morning battery is flat again. Jump start car and drive around with no issue. Park it and in morning battery dead again. Jump start car and drive for a but but this time disconnect ground to make sure battery is holding charge. After couple hour voltage same with battery disconnected. But as soon as I connect the ground i notice a light clicking sound from the abs pump again. Key is off and in my pocket so not sure why abs pump is running. So start it up run for a few minutes pump brakes just in case and turn off car and notice clicking still happening with car off. After about an hour later I check voltage with multimeter can see voltage is 8.7 and slowly counting down with car off and no lights or accessories on. Disconnect ground and now multimeter reads 12.1. So something is definitely pulling allot of power. Connect battery and try to start it up and not enough juice to start, almost starts before starter starts to click from lack of power. So for now have negative disconnected and on battery charger overnight. So tried to find anything online for a starting point and best I can find is maybe a stuck relay. What I cannot find is where it is. Have back seat off and am sure it is there but not sure which of the 10 or so there it maybe. Rather not spend a ton on fuses if they are ok or maybe not even the issue. I was hoping to take the car for a short road trip this 4th but don't want to have to worry about jumping car each morning or disconnecting battery each time i turn it off. I wouldn't mind just disconnecting abs if I thought might stop killing battery. Not a stranger to vehicles without ABS so that doesn't scare me. But don't want to create another potential problem either if it involves cutting or removing something. Of course I want to fix it correctly but for now need to resolve it holding the charge so can hopefully take it this weekend. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm not a mechanic by any means but far from clueless so don't mind the work.
  13. Can a 81 cadillac eldorado continental kit Can fit a 95 cadillac fleetwood?
  14. Sounds like the bulb was not in right. Caused a backfeed. If the bulbs are 1157 then slightly bending the legs at the base and cleaning the old likely hardened grease will usually resolve your issue
  15. Well battery got warrantied today. Said would not hold a load, and the leak on the negative side. Car starts quick again. If I am not satisfied I am going to go to a DT battery and use the side terminals but add a extra ground to the top post to the engine. More ground is always good
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  17. I think I would replace the socket first. I only had mine opened up once but am thinking it is the usual socket configuration where the socket plugs into the back of the light body. Yours sounds like it may have a damaged wire shorting out on the socket/ground. A new socket should come with enough of a pigtail to eliminate a short as well as give you a nice clean socket.
  18. Hi! I have a 95 cadillac fleetwood And i notice that the passenger tail light top light bulb was out. So i replaced it, but i notice that the socket wires had to be in a certain way for the light bulb to work. I got the light bulb to work. But then i notice that when i press on the breaks my dashboard lights dim out But if i take out the tail light bulb And press on the breaks the dashboard lights dont dim out. So i was thinking can it me the tail light harness? Have anyone have this problem
  19. You might consider converting to a top terminal battery and use these adapters
  20. Well a year later and I have to bite my tongue. This year is a test I swear. I am done with GMs side terminal crap. I have had so many issues over the years with them. Car left me stranded again today... 2 days before a long trip. So pissed. Been starting great. Ripped the battery out only to find the negative battery terminal is leaking acid, rusted the new bolt and lower half on the new terminal end. So pissed. All this was brand new last year at this time. Been starting great until recently. I snugged up the terminal bolts. I know they were tight before. The acid followed the threads into the terminal and ate the bolt. I am going to try to get the battery warrantied tomorrow. I am going to bring a spare battery with me on my trip, and the tools to change it. I don't want to get stranded again. Alternator is working fine. 14.5 cold. 14.0 hot. only drops to 13.2 hot under full load. Cool when sitting overnight. Draw was no different than my Deville. GM cursed us since the 80s with the side terminals. If I was not so extremely picky I would convert to different posts.
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