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  2. Here's a link that might help: It's over my head but might be what you're looking for. What is HTHS ? | Bob Is The Oil Guy
  3. 1970 Cadillac Sedan DeVille On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/294231358453
  4. Well. Its all back together. Tired me out today. Had to put a left rear caliper as well. Brake was not hanging up but piston would not retract. New springs were almost 2" taller. I was able to pull old ones out without compressing them. New ones would not go without compressing them a bit. Not very fun getting them into their spots. Car sits high for the time being until hopefully the springs settle. I took it for a drive but the air ride did not inflate the shocks. (suspension too high). I am hoping by tomorrow it might. I wish there was a way to manually cycle the compressor like on my 96. Overall job went well. Will post ride results after about a month. I had done the knuckle bushings awhile ago. I replaced them again anyway. Left was still pretty good, right upper was loose
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  6. 0-20 is your recommended viscosity; this will flow a little better than 5-30 and your engine was designed with 0-20 in mind. Your engine won't detonate using the slightly more viscous oil but if something does go wrong (engine wise) and your dealer determines you used a non-recommended oil, you could void your warranty.
  7. Can I use 5W-30 weight engine oil for the LSY engine for better protection??
  8. Last week
  9. Hi, thanks. Just code 46 but there can be other sometimes. But the car goes well and no problemem.
  10. Welcome to Caddyinfo. Lots of good members here😉
  11. Welcome Back. Always good to see returning members. That car is beautiful. Love the color
  12. 😁 Welcome back. Feel free to send some pics. Those are tanks. Good luck with it. No pics. So sad
  13. Welcome to the forum. Great members here from all over😁. Just out of curiosity is there any issues while running? Any check engine light? The OBD1 rarely throw the light unless the problem is occurring.
  14. I like the Lyriq a lot and think it will do well. I don't understand why they didn't give it more power & range -- I would have 500 hp / 500 miles range as goals for a 2022 design
  15. I'm going to give the Lyriq a look when it comes out (no pre-order for me); Interesting to see where Cadillac is going. It's going to take a lot for me to give up my CT6 though.
  16. I see the new forum has badges & achievements, and I see a variety of achievements popping in as I am active in the forum.
  17. Updated to latest version of the forum software today. Please let me know if you detect anything not working correctly or odd.
  18. Ok, I have tried do as the instruction but my display is not as in many Youtube films . It says not the same as instruction. Thanks any way. I leave it now. I see I can not solv it. It´s total different signs then the instructions.
  19. Hej, Tack för det. Har hittat flera youtube filmer men ingen som visar min instrumenttavla, inget är likt. Det som kommer upp är inte heller likt det som sägs i ovanstående instructioner. Förstod att det var fläktens hastighet low and high. Har gått igenom instructionerna men som sagt inget är likt.
  20. Om det kniper så kanske en yngling på 65 kan bistå på något sätt?😄 Hör av dig om det behövs. Göran
  21. These cars wouldn't hold a candle to my '89 Brougham. I have people who want my Cad all the time. What a ride!!
  22. Good to hear. That can happen. It has happened to me before with aftermarket radios, but not with a oem one. Weird
  23. Disconnecting the battery will eventually delete most of the codes, but it will also set codes indicating the PCM has lost power. It is far better and quicker to delete the codes through the procedure previously described.
  24. The controls for the climate control are the same for either engine for the 1992-1994 Seville. I have marked the buttons with their functions. If you have an owner's manual, they are also in there. If you don't have one, there are several websites that you can download a digital copy, if you want one.
  25. Today I purchased a used radio head. That solved the issue. Apparently the old radio head failed immediately after the battery replacement. Looks like it was just a coincidence.
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