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  2. I would of thought someone would have chimed in on this. Anyway, here is a link that has the codes..
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  5. First of all, I know the number 1 in front of a code means it's the history codes. So, is that something I should clear or look into? I'm trying to understand my codes...maybe someone can 5-102 4-161 8-185 13-39 26-111 36-101
  6. Its done . Learning by doing.... :-)
  7. winterset

    Battery voltage swings

    I believe if it stays above 15v or below ~8.6v it sets the "SERVICE CHARGING SYSTEM" message. my car rides at 13.0v and i would not be concerned if its at 14.5 or even 15 for a few moments, but if it stays high or low for more than a few minutes i'd be concerned.
  8. Hello all together, im new at theese Forum and this is my first trade. :-) Ihope anybody can help me.... I want to change my ignition switch on my sts 2005. But i dont know how it works... Have someone a si ple and easy description? Thanks a lot. Sorry my english isnt so good. Best wishes.
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  10. the 05 srx is back on the road, and flagship one delivered on their warranty. i still don't feel comfortable with the ECM failing within 1 1/2 years. does gm continue mounting ecms on the engine? the heat may be culpable.
  11. coolnesss

    Paint Code - Aztec Red?

    Richard, I'm told the paint code is on the bottom side of the spare tire cover. Hmmm. Yes, I've also heard of the color being known as Torch Red. THANKS
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  13. Wow I just read the complaints and I hope this works out
  14. Bruce Nunnally

    68 cadillac Eldorado

    video on a 68 Eldorado by a fan. It apparently is for sale but I enjoyed the enthusiast description.
  15. I have a 2002 Collector's Edition Eldorado that's red. I need the paint code. Does anyone know what it is? I don't have the car with me and can't check it, but I need the code. THANKS.
  16. Bet it is. Just remember not to use too much. Will cause bigger problems
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  18. so i returned the ECM back to flaghsip one. they say it's dead. still waiting two weeks for a new one. their service seems a bit flaky. they say out of courtesy they'll re[lace the unit, but the lifetime warranty is over. their unit only lasted 1 1/2 years.
  19. The cooling supplement tablets do a terrific job of stopping nuisance leaks, I have found the tablet material caked around the crossover seals. Here is a photo of tablet material coagulation. You may have slowed the leak with it. Here is also a photo of damaged seals, these seals about 45K miles on them
  20. Well, to check back in. The leak seems to either have stopped or slowed back down to near nothing. I'm pretty stumped but it definitely has me leaning to crossover again. May throw in some tabs just for the fun of it.
  21. Try removing and replacing the ECM plugs to reset them. The I034 indicates an ECM problem. With the engine idling do a 'tap test', tap on the ECM/PCM if the engine stumbles it indicates a bad pcm Did you reinstall the ISC motor? See this thread, if resetting the ECM connector doesnt work you may need to replace the ECM
  22. Disconnecting the battery seems to do nothing for the i032 and I034 codes
  23. It is probably bad shift solenoids. I am not sure if you will get a code for them on obd1. Try disconnecting the battery to reboot the system and see if you still get this
  24. So I found out that the fuel rail pressure was a mere 15psi. So I just got the fuel pump I order and replace the fuel pump now it runs just find. But its stuck in 2nd gear. So I pulled the codes Which are as follow No pcm data I022 HISTORY I032 CURRENT I034 CURRENT I052 HISTORY NO ACP CODES NO SIR CODES NO TCS DATA S036 HISTORY S038 CURRENT S044 HISTORY S060 HISTORY S061 HISTORY S064 HISTORY S072 HISTORY S073 HISTORY S076 HISTORY S077 HISTORY My main concern at the I032 and I034 and how to fix those first any ideas would be nice the only thing I can come to is that I need to replace the pcm
  25. Remove defroster grille to get to upper screws. Remove each vent to get to lower screws.
  26. If you have brake, traction and abs messages, you have codes. Check the codes and post ALL codes here. Nothing vague, post specifics and whether its history or current. Video tape the codes on your phone to make it easy
  27. oh that's good news then. My impression is that the seat heaters are 'only' heating coils, and I suppose in that model the door switch was power controller. In my ATS-V the controller is 3 positions on the infotainment system. Glad it is working. I like that LaSalle look.
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