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  2. 1962 Cadillac Convertible restored Custom interior and sound system On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/265364039980?
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  4. Its a Cadillac... I have driven ones on their last leg that amazingly drive great. Even ones with pulled head bolts. Can drive around town beautiful, but once you open it up the devil shows
  5. How can it be a torque convertor if it drives like new? this code is crazy crazy. OK let me clear it and drive it around
  6. Wow.....I'm about to pull the trigger and buy the wheel mounting machine too. Be done with those fools at the tire stores. Now 3 cars........all 3 riding better than they ever have! So 12 wheels so far. Couple of interesting things.... 1 bent wheel. Bad enough I will have to replace or repair it before putting new rubber on. It's on the back for now. 2 wheels that had no weight at all. No witness tape marks or anything. Of course they are good now with weight. Lengthy review of the stuff by someone else (not me).....great pics. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/grm/at-home-tire-machines-my-experience-with-derek-wea/170332/page1/
  7. 1983 Cadillac coupe deville On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/304180824389?
  8. Nice, congratulations. That seems like a great way to get them right.
  9. Been put off by local sloppy wheel balances for years......they simply are not doing it right.... Firestone....Discount Tire.... "We'll put our best new guy on it.".....yikes.. It cannot be done correctly in one or two 90 second spins. You really need about 20-30 minutes per wheel to get them right. Firestone finally pissed me off. Needed one BMW TPMS sensor installed on a single wheel....had the wheel off the car....had the new OEM sensor in hand....."Sorry....We only put our TPMS sensors in." Sooo......purchased a wheel balancer. So far....2 cars now driving perfect at highway speeds....A BMW and a Chevrolet. https://www.derekweaver.com/rodders-garage/wheel-balancers/weaver-w-937-40-wheel-balancer/ny Any questions let us know. Excellent product.
  10. My thought was the same about it having to do with power steering, but I have never seen anything like it. I’m more familiar with the 4.9L I had in my 1993 DeVille. Hopefully someone can help. Thanks! I look forward to the memories with this newer body style and the north star motor
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  12. That is my favorite year. I am sure someone will chime in, is probably power steering or trans related. A pressure switch of some kind
  13. Clear the light and see how long it takes to come back. See if it shudders around 41 mph. If it shudders and the light triggers then it is very likely the torque convertor that failed. Typically that code alone means torque convertor. If it shudders but does not trigger the light it may be in early stages. These were hard to tell when something is not right. They seem to ride nice no matter what lol. If it does not shudder at all around 41 mph and lockup is smooth then I would just monitor it to see if it comes back.
  14. Check engine light is on full time Autozone says it's a torque convertor code but it drives like new
  15. Thank you Bruce, after heeding your advice and looking at the excellent videoI was able to pinpoint problem to fan. Further research I found a step by step procedure on replacement. Using the resources I was able to replace fan (one very hard hidden bolt to remove/replace) and everything now normal. Was able to cancel dealer appointment.
  16. If it is the torque convertor I have seen mysterious higher than normal fluid levels. I had 2 90s ones that had this code, both would have higher than normal fluid level. (I know because nobody touches them but me). I would pull the level back down to normal and within 6 months it would be overfull again. No contamination. I put over 20k miles on my 96 with the code. It started coming on about once every 2 weeks, to eventually it never went away. Would not pass NYSI because of it. I would have to drive it in a way to not trigger the light. This may sound really weird but I have had enough of these over time and feel them very well... I avoid driving around 40mph. I know this may sound weird but the TCC locks up at 41mph. If you drive it around that speed alot the TCC will be working alot. So hard to explain but I have 2 right now and one has 170k, the other has 130k. Both original trannys. I always avoid that speed that TCC lockup starts. Newer vehicles have a variable lockup for the TCC. I assume yours is still a on/off style like mine. How often does the problem occur?
  17. I just purchase a 1996 Sedan Deville from a tow yard. I had great luck a few years back buying a 1993 Deville from a tow yard and loved it. Found this one a purchased it a weekend or two ago. Been doing some mild tune ups such as oil change and plugs. Recently I was looking under the right front end of my bumper and found something wrapped in a plastic bag and zip ties to what appears to be the power steering cooling line. It looks like a sensor of some sort. I have never seen anything like it before and my original thought was it had to do with the transmission fluid because a tiny bit of pink fluid was in the tip. I have no clue where it goes but the cable isn’t more than a foot or two. Anyone know anything and can you help me ?? The engine and transmission run great and there are no engine lights on the dash. It has a threaded fitting on the end and two wires that go to a plug. I have photos but have no clue how to add them to the thread. I’ve never used a forum before.
  18. If the TCC, torque converter clutch, does not engage your transmission will run hotter and eventually could cause other problems (you are also losing efficiency). The code is for torque converter circuit; so maybe a wiring issue or a bad clutch solenoid. Here's just one link (there are others): P0741 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Performance or Stuck Off DTC (obd-codes.com)
  19. I now got this code P0741 the car still drives like new and shifts fine can't feel any slipping car has 74k What I like to know what will happen if I keep driving with this code? will the trans blow up or overheat? start slipping? it's the only code I have is there a way to just turn it off pull the bulb or something?
  20. There have been quite a few YouTube's on the ZO6 at the Nürburgring and other venues; the sound is amazing. The C8 Stingray is topnotch and the ZO6 will elevate it more.
  21. 1977 CADILLAC DEVILLE On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/265351769276?
  22. I had to turn off the parallel park feature on my 01 Eldo for the same reason. It never returned to the right position after reversing. As for the driver side one I suggest setting the mirrors where you want them and set the memory. If it continues to mess up both mirrors I would say the issue is likely with resistance in the mirror heads
  23. The passenger side mirror will tilt down when the car is put in reverse.......then return to the original position when put back in drive. Driver assist kind of thing. On my 2001 Deville (same car).......the passenger mirror would return......but never to the correct original position. Gets old quick. There is a way to turn 'off' this feature. That is what I did. You might need a GM Tech 2 to turn on/off the feature....can't exactly remember.
  24. I believe the mirror positions are 'remembered' as part of the seat position settings. Perhaps try correctly positioning the side mirrors, then re-saving (re-setting) the seat memory?
  25. Don't know what's going on but when I start the car the mirrors moving all over the place and stop at a different place every time some times pointing up and sometimes down one will be life one will be right I have to reset them every time I start the car. I disconnected the battery that did not help any This car has Electronic Mirrors as an option on the window sticker. Going nuts here Eddie
  26. Set your watch. The worldwide reveal of the all-new 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will be shown on Oct. 26 at 12 p.m. EDT. The feature film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring a variety of individuals who will bring a unique perspective to this new supercar that will put the world on notice. Viewers may tune in at www.chevy.com/Z06. View the full article
  27. A unique partnership has been created for the Department of Mass Media Arts students, a Division of Communication Arts at Clark Atlanta University interested in covering the automobile industry. Dubbed The Driving Force (TDF), founding members of the Black Automotive Media Group (BAMG) recruited 15 scholars to participate in the 10-week, virtual, field-credit internship, which incorporates mentoring sessions, writing classes, video production and media courses. View the full article
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