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    lost transmission from fluid leak

    I'm thinking your tranny is fine, and will function when leak is detected, fixed and new fluid added. By your description, you had a sudden fluid loss so I don't think there was enough time for damage to occur (the torque converter just didn't have any fluid to pump and convert to energy). Good luck on your fix.
  2. If you could beg, borrow or steal a borescope it might tell the story in a flash.
  3. I also had this happen to my daughters Saturn; it was the EVAP purge valve.
  4. Yeah, I think it is like a 'fuel sock' in the fuel tank that has a mesh that prevents anything large from making its way to the fuel injectors. Self cleaning, as long as they contaminations aren't too egregious (in the tank).
  5. cdgrinci

    Rumor of New Eldorado??

    Well the picture is of the Ciel concept show-car; whether an 'eldo' is in the offering based on the Ciel; I guess we must wait.
  6. cdgrinci

    The STS has left the family

    I've also had the pleasure of the STS (two actually; '06 and '11). After my '11 was wrecked (rear ended at a stoplight, not my fault) I felt loss and missed (and still do) my STS's. Subsequently, looking for a replacement vehicle, I ended up with an XT5 (which I also like a lot though not as I loved my STS). While getting a repair on my XT5 I was given a CT6 as a loaner; this was a joy and brought back the feelings I had for the STS. So, what I'm getting at, if you are looking for similar (and actually, better), maybe keep the CT6 on a consideration (as a replacement). JMO Nice to hear of your story of your STS; sounded as you were in love (as well).
  7. How did the plugs look when you changed them. Was the burn good (light tan/crème color); if they were grey, dark grey or blackened that should have given you an idea as to combustion (lean or rich). Just a thought; ignore, if answered and I missed it.
  8. cdgrinci

    Fuel fill issue

    I occasionally get an early click-off if I'm fueling and the gas nozzle is at an up and down (12 o'clock/6 o'clock) position; if I tilt the nozzle to about 10 o'clock/4 o'clock my fill usually does a lot better. Certain nozzles, also, seem to be more prone to doing this (if you typically fuel up at the same station, same nozzle, try a different one). This happens (sometimes) on my '04 Olds Bravada as well as my '17 XT5. Hope this helps; may or may not be your problem.
  9. cdgrinci

    mailbag: codes 1983

    The codes you provide appear that they may be OBD1 codes (cars pre '96). Here is a url Is the car performing poorly, and how long has the service soon been illuminated. I might clear the codes and see which one comes back. You listed a 29 and that code isn't represented at the site I checked.
  10. cdgrinci

    Repairing electric antenna

    Yea, RESULT: I appreciate that fix-it attitude. And I applaud him for posting the video and undertaking the project.
  11. cdgrinci

    2018 Cadillac CT6 3.0TT – Self Driving Future is [Nearly] Here

    Real nice review with the Supercruise segment starting right around the 13 minute mark. Worth the watch if the CT6 is in your perusal.
  12. Also saw today on Autoline Daily that the XT6 will be built at the Springhill plant (where the XT5 is currently produced) beginning first quarter (probably Spring) of '19. This leads to the probable sharing of platforms with adjustments and extensions (for a third row seat); hope they do it right. p.s. ....and re-reading my previous post, I hope I wasn't confusing my mpg numbers; the highest MPG attained is at the slower speed and vice a versa. Very good mileage non the less (your mileage may vary) 😉
  13. Concur with just about everything he said. I've had my '17 XT5 since mid 2016 (mine is one step below this review) as a Luxury with nav and bose. I too love the 3.6 with 8-speed tranny. Not a big fan of the stop/start but it is very smooth and practically instant (it does not have a defeat button but there are other ways to minimize the start/stop function). My XT5 is FWD and gets 29.5 to 32.5 mpg at hwy speeds (low end 55/60 and higher end 65/70). Smooth, quiet, decent handling; I love my ride.
  14. cdgrinci

    Blog Post: 2019 Cadillac ATS RPO codes

    Bruce, is this for the ATS Coupe. I thought I heard that the ATS sedan was not going forward after the 2018 model. Don't know, just asking.
  15. I think (just my two cents) is that the pump is bad. I have seen on other sites that you should really use an A/C Delco (or other OEM); maybe the pump replaced was an off brand. (Just a WAG; wild arse guess). I surely will yield to the more tech-savvy responses.
  16. I agree that monthly reporting can lead to too much speculation on reported numbers (by the automotive news). Quarterly, for reporting to general automotive field should suffice; internally, Cadillac can ponder their monthly numbers and decide if any action would be required between the quarterly reporting's.
  17. I still think pressure is low. Found this video (maybe it will help); it also alludes to about 50 psi:
  18. While the 4.2 l may be a Cadillac exclusive, does anyone else think that Chevrolet will massage a double overhead cam, supercharged V-8 for the mid-engine Corvette (coming) at a different displacement/power/etc. I think I read somewhere else that the Caddy engine has the lower working of the Chevrolet (already). I can't see Cadillac footing the whole development cost of a new engine for a low volume sedan.
  19. I'm not a mechanic, so just as a grain of salt; I believe running pressure is around 50 psi but I don't know what minimal is. Partially blocked fuel filter can reduce pressure (assuming the pump is fine).
  20. cdgrinci

    Your first-look at the all-new Cadillac XT4.

    It looks like a baby "5" but that's a good thing. Too soon to tell what innovations it will come with but it should fill a void in Cadillac's lineup and offer a slightly smaller alternative to the "5" at a smaller entrance price for possible new Cadillac customers.
  21. cdgrinci

    Cadillac taking the Escala into production

    They don't have to sell a bunch, this will be a flagship model; there will be the XT4, XT5, an upcoming XT6 and the continuation of the Escalade (not to mention some electrification's of some of the previously mentioned).
  22. cdgrinci

    Cadillac taking the Escala into production

    I saw this on Autoline Daily and was excited that they were going to produce the Escala. I hope that they remain true to the original exterior design as it is to me a world class leader. Cadillac needs to remain pure to the concept; bring it. This vehicle would them be the true "flagship" of the brand.
  23. cdgrinci

    Leaking grease from CV boots?

    Thanks for the update, hope you solved your problem (it appears by your description you did). Good info here.
  24. With new CUV's entering the market (like crazy), I hope the XT4 brings something new and exciting to the game; availability is the fall of '18. Hope it's not too late. Maybe the Oscars will also hint of more future stuff (sedan replacement for ATS/CTS comes to mind).
  25. The last I heard was a release as a 2020 model (CT4); darn, I wish they would hurry up, I'm starting to push old age and all these great promises, sometimes, just aren't. I'm going to give the Buick a look but if info on the new Caddy becomes available, and it looks even better, I might just wait. (I'm not bragging nor complaining, just that I'm 67, time is becoming a consideration). Thanks for the dialogue; appreciated Bruce. Chuck