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  1. Well, right off, you're going from a CUV to a sedan. The CT6 is quieter, more sure footed (the XT5 is fine but the CT6 is almost on rails). I'll miss my heated steering wheel but the CT6 still has heated seats. The CT6 has the lane keep, front braking etc. (as an option) that my XT5 didn't have but I don't think I was missing it before. The CT6 has the same six (though longitudinal opposed to transverse), now have a ten speed tranny as opposed the eight of the XT5 and the CT6 has rear biased all wheel drive. I'll probably have more as I get used to the new ride but in a nut-shell; I liked the XT5 a lot but I think I'm going to love the CT6.
  2. Update: I just traded my '17 XT5 Luxury for a '19 CT6 Luxury. I didn't get the Lux/Prem (cost) but I got a good deal on the '19. It is the white/pearl and actually has less equipment than the XT5 but I wanted to get back into a sedan (and the trade-in and price fit the bill) so here I am.
  3. Good point Bruce (about having to telling someone how good you are doing). Communication is 'key', and even if the news isn't always the best, just letting your public know what the heck is going on is key to retaining that connection and sometimes their business. p.s. I'll try to reach that story again; maybe a problem on my end. I appreciate the link (in any event).
  4. Subscription required; no joy (for me). Cadillac, I think, has been pretty poor in its direction and especially in sharing what the heck is going on. I refer to the orphaning of the XTS, don't know what's going on with the future of CT6, CT4 and 5 coming with no details or direction and the announcement of all the electric future with nary a word since. This just my opinion. I certainly don't expect to hear any of its secrets, but I don't appreciate the information void either.
  5. I've seen these self help video for parasitic battery drain; this one is the best one so far.
  6. ………...and they haven't shipped any CT6 V's yet (or CT6's with the Blackwing). I think some buyers say by the end of August for the V's release (some have been built but held back from release).
  7. Concur with you Bruce; other than knowing that they are working on them, not much revealed. And you certainly may be right on your engine predictions. Maybe "Blackwings" in the future but I don't think right out of the gate (but that's pure conjecture on my part).
  8. A Google search for: "instrument cluster repair" should give you a great starting point. Some sites even help, per your location.
  9. To be honest, I think the BMW and the CTS sounded better. Hopefully the "V" will have some more tune to their exhaust. JMO
  10. My take on the turbo engine (4 cylinder) should be a no-cost option. Personally I would want the six, which will still be available. I can't see why a normally aspirated six would be any more expensive than a turbo-charged four (to produce) so I'm a little miffed of the down grade to the XT5. The four will also recommend premium fuel, which would make the comparison even more of a 'wash' IMO. Just my two-cents.
  11. This is probably a bad wheel sensor(s), connector to the sensors or wiring to the sensors. I do not have the knowledge to guide you through diagnosis but this video may be helpful. For proper diagnosis, you'll probably need an experienced technician if you don't see an obvious wire problem.
  12. Still, first thing to check is the battery and battery cable connections.
  13. Yes, and light colors are an extra challenge (and my favorite; I have Cirrus in my XT5). Kudos to you and thanks for sharing your results and experience and I will be coming back to see how the sealer completes the job.
  14. I'll go with rockfangd; it may be the speakers; had speakers on '00 Intrigue and '04 Bravada crap out. Now if Bose, it may not be speakers but could be the amplifier.
  15. Is this the same: I couldn't find the article in the "View the full article"
  16. Perhaps but Cadillac shouldn't confuse the issue of nomenclature; people are already, and have been, up in arms over naming changes and eliminations (aka letter/number uses, fuzzy torques badges, etc.) A company relying on heritage should be more careful (with it).
  17. These both, CT4/5 V, should have retained the moniker of V-Sport; the V is doing a disservice to the legacy of the "V" models.
  18. I did a search and found (I remember this company): Steele Rubber. The had the '89 Caviler convertible listed. Link:
  19. I hate to jump in as I am just a shade-tree mechanic but found a video from South Main Auto (does videos on auto problems) and found a NorthStar that had a fuel pressure problem (good pressure but couldn't hold pressure with pump off). It's a 20 minute video with his diagnosis process. May or may not be germane, but here it is:
  20. Update: Upon reflection and seeing a video walk-around from the NY Auto Show, I'm beginning to appreciate, more, the exterior styling of the CT5. Looking closer it is becoming more appealing (to me) than first observed. I might even be a 'player' in the future, depending on an actual sighting and features review (and pricing). I am definitely staying tuned to this one. (hope the trunk is decent; that will be a definer in my evaluation)
  21. Interior, equipment offered and size seem to be spot on. I'm a little hesitant on styling however; I'm hoping it has more presence in person.
  22. Dexcool is OAT (organic acid technology) and shouldn't be mixed with HOAT (hybrid organic acid technology). Here's a link that is pretty straight forward.
  23. My favorite Seville body style as well. Good luck with all your maintenance and repairs; looks great.
  24. "leave the gun, take the cannoli" 😁 I think my Dad had a '76; not as nice as that one though.
  25. Not an expert by any stretch, and will yield my input to any others, but has the throttle body/butterfly been cleaned (de-carbonized). A recent post on another Cadillac forum had similar symptoms that were rectified after a throttle body cleaning. Best of luck with your problem.