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  1. Don't know how or what is going on with the oil. This is the latest version of the bulletin I see when doing a quick search on Google....11340C. https://testing-public.carmd.com/Tsb/Download/112470/3020368
  2. The sheetmetal stays the same.....but the exterior and interior colors often change yearly. Interior parts typically fall off the 'available' dealer parts pretty quick....a couple of years after production.....simply not enough warehouse space to store 3000 spare 2001 Eldo left slate A pillar trim panels. The aftermarket headliner colors are pretty generic.....maybe a couple of grays....a couple of tans....black.....etc. They will never match exactly unless you redo both A pillars and the headliner....and B and C pillars at the same time too. In other words....you will never find a sheet of '154' slate. Some headliner material does have thinner foam backing material.....it's hard to find but it is out there. Best bet is to wait and just keep searching for the right parts car.
  3. My GM service info only goes back to 1998. I did find a pic on Google of the late 80's Cadillac single leaf rear suspension (thanks auto zone..) Used only on the first year of the 'new' 1992 Seville and Eldo body style.
  4. A pulled head bolt in a Northstar is typically the end of the road for the car. Very few actually get repaired. The ride control suspension messages can also be a issue. A variety of ways to deal with that. The 1992 the system can be disabled with a relay or changing some IPC settings. The 4.9 is kind of odd being aluminum block with iron heads. But you never hear about those pulling a head bolt up (perhaps they pre-date interenet postings to some extent). Little online info available about the '92 rear suspension.....it changed in '93. I did see this useful link about 'New for '93' Eldorado details.. http://www.100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1990/cad93e.htm
  5. 1992?....that's only 1800 miles per year....every year. Little bit odd. '92 will have OBDI.....so you can use onboard diagnostics. 2000 is OBDII. '92 will have a unique 'one year only rear suspension' and parts. 1993 and latter the rear suspension was different. '92. Only drivers side air bag....no passenger side air bag. Having owned both a 4.9 and a Northstar at different times.....I prefer the 4.9 setup.
  6. I think adding to the problem is there are 2 very similar named solenoids. There is a: EVAP purge solenoid. (Located under the hood) p0443. EVAP vent solenoid (Located on the evap cansister or on some other cars on the gas tank) p0449. The underhood ones (for me) seem to be more problematic than the gas tank ones. Have seen several cause a 'no code, no start after fill up issue'. Could get the issue to move to an identical car by swapping the evap purge sensor.
  7. What code are you getting? The evap vent and purge valves seem to becoming a new GM standard issue. I've had to replace several 'no code' ones on different GM cars. You likely need a scan tool to clear the code after the part is replaced to remove the code right away. If not you would need several drive cycles for the SES light to turn off. Have seen a leaking gas cap cause evap codes too.
  8. GM service manual shows the threaded bolt style tool for the 02 Eldorado. Manual is not always correct....the other style was being introduced before 02....sometimes updates get overlooked. That said....they also don't like to change manufacturing tooling toward the end of life of the vehicle. I did go look a wheel up on eBay....sure looks like threaded style to me.
  9. Yes.....they are tangled together. Wide variety of versions used over the 35+ years the column was around (in fact....02 Eldo might be the last GM car to use the Saginaw column..).....some with plug in stalks....some with screwed in stalks. Wiper control....cruise control...air bag coil assembly...etc. Fixing is not for the faint at heart.....need air bag tool....steering wheel puller....lock plate tool just to get the ball rolling. Second pic shows 1997 STS.....you can see the air bag coil....the switch is hard to see floating in the air over the radio..
  10. Mmmm.......I disagree......I think something broke in the turn signal switch assembly.....almost 20 years old. The 02 Eldo was still using a GM Saginaw steering column.....used for a million years at GM....turn signal....cancel cam....hazards....horn....air bag......and....oh yeah...add tilt and wipers too......all built into the same switch assembly. Pic shows a 67 GTO version of the same switch.....not the exact same but pretty close. They are a bear to change.....there is also long harness that runs down the inside of the column.
  11. Pretty sure your looking at a source for a Chinese clone Tech 2. No way to get it fixed if it breaks. Very crafty situation......Why sell fake Sony TVs when you can sell fake GM Tech 2s on eBay for thousands of dollars?....by the time anyone figures out it's a fake unit.....money is gone....seller is gone. They got away with it for several years before being exposed.....fakes are a dime a dozen now.
  12. There are actually several different legit sources of Tech 2s over the years. There are also Chinese fakes all over eBay (with equally fake HP labels). Most Tech 2s on eBay and Craigslist etc are fakes. One guy got some prison time for selling fake GM Tech 2s. There are legit versions made by Vetronix, HP and Aligent. There are GM, Saturn, Vaxhaul and SAAB dealer logo labeled units. There are also a few OTC and Mac Tool label versions. The Tech 2 dates back to the mid 90's. So the software is really what will determine if it will work on a 2004 XLR. There are very early 10mb version and latter 32mb version PCIMA software cards. There are also several special adapters used by a few vehicle applications over the years. There is also a CANDI module adapted over the years to cover GM CAN equipped vehicles. 2012-2013 was pretty much the last years of coverage for GM vehicles. The real fire sale on legit Tech 2s was when GM forced a bunch of GM dealers to close. I bought 2 from a closing Saturn dealer in Illinois. Pic shows rare 'Saturn' logo version of the tool. Anyway....what are you hoping to use the Tech 2 for on the XLR?
  13. I do not. This guy on eBay has 3 Eldo front bumpers for sale. You might try to see if he will sell one. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_odkw=&fits=Model%3AEldorado&_ssn=jnjautoparts&hash=item5b51d949e6%3Ag%3A5LAAAOSwozNcPJg8%3Ark%3A12%3Apf%3A0&item=392215218662&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1312.R1.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.TRS1&_nkw=eldorado+front+bumper&_sacat=0 Or you can try http://www.car-part.com
  14. It could be nothing like a fuse.....or...it could be a serious network problem. Sounds kind of ominous and sounds like some critical details are missing. Not something you normally see posted in car for sale ads. It is not a normal known failure issue with those cars. (....Escalades are known for this if a penny gets in the cigarette lighter socket and blows the fuse...). I personally would have a mechanic look at the issue and see if it can be quickly resolved. If not a quick and easy fix....I would walk away.
  15. Factory LED tail lights. The third brake light can fail all by itself....so it may be unrelated. Each tail light has its own fuse in the fuse block under the back seat. To add to the confusion....the fuses are not located side by side....they are spread apart pretty far in the fuse block. Does the car have a aftermarket alarm system or remote start installed?
  16. Can you better describe the 'no crank'? Clicking...slow....nothing....jamming...hydro locked? Any noise at all?
  17. Not sure who "Cometic" is.....sounds like racing stuff. I do see them on Google when one searches for Northstar gaskets. For the amount of work involved I would stick with a name brand like Felpro etc. The thinner side is what a standard replacement would be.. maybe in the .04 - .06 range. Not sure why anyone would put a gasket in that was a 1/10 of a inch thick....unless the block has been machined etc or adding a turbo...
  18. On the Northstar the camshaft position sensor is on the passenger side end of the rear cylinder head. No where near the oil filter housing. See attached pic. Do you really mean crankshaft sensors? There are 2 on front of engine....kinda near the oil filter housing. You do have the Northstar and not the 4.9L engine right?
  19. It's not really up to the dealer to find a part or solution for a 25 year old car. Anyway....there is a site that shows a short list of dealers that may have one. http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/18018429.html Don't hold your breath on that list....but may be worth checking.
  20. Digging a little deeper.....coverage gets a little spotty prior to 1998. PCM p1611....loss of CVRTD data. p1652...RSS module issue. Neither of these will turn on the SES light. SDM B1155...SDM calibration mis-match. B1159...loss of data...no key data received. B1160...loss of data...no VIN data received. I don't have the '97 IPC codes. I would suggest clearing all the codes first....see what if any come back. These are kind of a odd list of codes to see.
  21. Assuming the battery is not original, old, weak or worn out.....sounds like the car might have a parasitic drain....so a computer, module or relay may be staying turned on and draining the battery.
  22. Found a pretty good pic on Google....and it's from caddyinfo....so it's been posted before.
  23. I think they use a short silicone hose up in there....along with metal pipes. The idea being it would never require replacement for service life of the vehicle. I don't think it was designed to last 28 years. I bet you will have to remove the AC compressor to get to it and make repairs.
  24. It really could be anything right now.... DI engines are kind of known to carbon cake the intake valves. I have 3-4 DI cars here and have never had the carbon problem that I'm aware of. I guess we are offering ideas on what it could be. Pretty sure you will need a scan tool to see any engine data....one of the parameters would show the fuel pressure. No way to hook up a gauge on a high pressure system. Pretty sure you will not find a fuel filter. You might find this link helpful.. http://www.underhoodservice.com/direct-injection-diagnostics-taking-pressure-readings/ .