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  1. Its all still GM factory untouched except for the heater core hoses. No overheating. Still haven measured temps at heater core. STILL gotta hit up Harbor Freight for one of those insta. temp guns. to check. Winter rat heat cranks!
  2. Well All.......... Well I replaced the heater core again! Heat still piss poor! Temp door at stops and functions normally. And ideas? Been driving my winter rat anyway in all this slop n salt !
  3. Hey All! Finally got the new core from Rock Auto. Less than $25 bucks. Cold n snowy here in NY so I have been ridin' my truck instead of the Caddy. Man.......I miss that smooooth ride! This truck rides like a buckin bronco but that 4wd works great here in blizzard land NY! I suppose I will be swappin' that core again this week..........
  4. Well missing drivin' the Caddy and its cold n snowy here in NY. So I gotta order and swap the core again ! Good thing I have a heated garage! All new I find are aluminum anyhoo. OE cores are $pendy! Hope them sealant tabs are gone! Gotta flush the rest of system come spring. Starts right up with no issues in the cold! Miss the heated seats in my 2011 Platinum DTS. Keep warm out there!
  5. Blowin' the dust off this thread since I need another heater core and the truck needs a new thermostat and had to get a new rock auto discount code to use. 156428936143294744
  6. Logan:"My first car had left hand lug nuts on one side of the car." Was it a Mopar car?
  7. The am/fm/cass in my 93 was DOA when i bought it. I just swapped in a am/fm/cd delco unit i had on the shelf. Saved a lot of hassle and $pendy repair of the old unit.
  8. Can only get to the "in" hose to check temp. The "out" hose is hidden either between the fender/firewall or by removing the RF tire and splash shield to get at it! Sheesh! Might just as well as swap out the core! No complaints tho. cuz I have replaced harder ones!
  9. BTW: Gonna be the first full winter on my new rat! Fla. fresh and shiny and rust free with cold a/c to boot! Yea its got mucho heat! Poor old and trusty Buick rat engine cradle too rotted out to pass NY Inspection. So we be driving this one in the snow!
  10. Well folks it winter time again in NY and I have NO HEAT again! Hoses are hot, temp door working properly etc. So I guess it time to swap the core again! Prob. loaded with sealant tabs! Cheap aluminum replacement again! Brass and copper OE $pendy! Good thing I know the core hoses will be easier to R&R this time. Will try and get pics this time. Otherwise NO issues with the old girl except for new front pads and rotors. Brake parts for these cars are dirt cheap! R&R is a snap!
  11. I have to laugh about the numerous chipmunks i have here! They filled the trunk of my old Buick rat with the chesnuts off of the big tree in my back yard. I guess the mothballs or cat didnt work so good! I gotta do something with this old girl. She runs so good but a rotted engine cradle took her off the road. This is my new rat for blizzard season fresh from Fla.
  12. I just have a few gallons real gas in the tank with a dose of Sta-Bil and disconnect the battery. Yea as far as critters...out here in the country I use moth balls, spring traps, glue boards as well as a HUNGRY cat no matter if they are in the garage, barn or on the driveway waitin' for spring! Most will start right up!
  13. 2nd gear starts you say? Hmmm......My 93 starts in 1st as normal with unit/fuses/bulb disconnected. Diff. in years possibly? BTW: The unit in my 93 Buick rat disabled also with no 2nd gear start either.
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