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  1. 93 Deville 90k one owner fla beauty. The climate control display died. All functions still work. All fuses and relays good. Any ideas to fix or just replace unit? Pics to follow.
  2. Well finally replaced the heater core! Yes, the hoses were a PIA to remove and install on new core. Took a few hours of screwing around to complete the install. Got the new core from Rock Auto for less than $30 bucks. New core was aluminum as the GM factory core was brass? with plastic tanks. Finally got excellent heat ! Sorry no pics.................
  3. I guess Im gonna have to swap out the heater core. Heat still weak and I suppose if Im gonna have to flush it I might as well swap the core out. Any pointers?
  4. If you need to flush your heater core here is some pics I got to do my 93 Deville 4.9. Other engines should be the same. thanks to Dennis93coupe for pics!
  5. Does the heater water line have a control valve in a 4.9? I am wondering because my heat is sort of weak in the temp. dept. Weather bad and its in the garage defrosting then I can check the heater water lines for/If it has a Vacuum controlled water valve like I have seen on other Caddys. I checked on-line parts houses and they show a 3 way connector when searching for a water control valve. No vacuum hose nipples or electric plugs shown in pics of item.
  6. NO dropping the column! Pried on the bottom of the little plastic piece under the steering column it flipped up and released. Took out the two hidden screws and it came off. Swapped the climate control out and the replacement was plug n play and works fine. My FSM still ain't come yet!
  7. The climate control screen in my Florida fresh 1994 Deville is dead and I have a replacement. I need to remove the center dash bezel trim panel that covers the fuel center and climate control. I have already removed the outer covers on the cruise switch and headlight switch. Found the hex bolt on the bottom of each side and a few other screws. Something is still holding the bottom of the bezel. Do I have to drop the steering column to release or find more hidden screws?
  8. SUCCESS! With a hint on how to remove the small piece/bezel below the steering column a member Mcmarto on another forum I was able to remove the small piece and find the two hidden screws and remove the entire panel/bezel and replace the climate control unit. All functions work and I have a full display! I bet my FSM will arrive tomorrow! LOL!
  9. SUCCESS ! With a hint on how to find the hidden screws holding the bottom of the dash panel/bezel from MCmarto on another forum on how to remove the small wood grain piece below the steering column and find the 2 hidden screws and release the panel/bezel piece. You just pry up from the bottom of the piece to release the clips. I replaced the climate control unit and now have a temp. display and full functions! Reassembled dash and happy as a clam! My Factory service manual will prob. arrive tomorrow! LOL! Thanks to all for your help! BTW heat still weak yet my thermometer sez 80 degrees coming out of the vents! Sure dont feel like 80!
  10. Actual pic of core behind cove too large to post here.
  11. Yes, the blend door operates freely when unhooked from the accuator. Cold air at one stop and warm at the other. So I figure screw it and Im gonna replace the heater core. Its easy to get to and remove. The only PIA is the hoses. Only $28 bucks shipped from rock auto.
  12. Just lukewarm heat all the time. Burped the cooling system to make sure no air pockets too. Gonna have to either flush the core or replace it. Still gotta swap out the climate control unit. Waitin for my FSM so I can figure out how to remove the face panel aka bezel over the cruise control and fuel center.
  13. Well since the accuator and temp door is operating properly I guess the next step is a heater core flush. I figure a female hose end plugged into the heater core lines and hooked to the water hose will do the trick to flush the core. Since I will be doing it in the garage having a couple of buckets handy and a extra piece of hose so I wont have a skating rink on the floor. The two hoses on the right side of the pic are the core hoses.
  14. Finally resized the pic of what Im posting about and lookin at. Took off metal rod for blend door and it moves freely and moves stop to stop. Im thinkin plugged heater core.
  15. Blend door is operating freely from stop to stop. Can see and feel the blend door arm movement with both the accuator attached or it unhooked and manually moving it. Gotta take off the cover to the heater core and feel the complete face of it for constant temp top to bottom. From the posts I see elsewhere its prob half plugged so the heat is weak. Pics too big to post here.
  16. Roc.......All 3 hoses I can reach near the T are equally hot. The accuator and temp door movement brings them both to the stops and defrost when max temp. selected or move to the other stops and flow out the dash when a cooler temp is selected. So Im sorta stumped on a clogged core or a 1/2 way clogged core from other posts I see elsewhere. I prob. will pull the cover off the core and actually feel it for equal temp across the face then go from there.
  17. Rock.... something around the steering column is holding it firm and force aint workin' to get it loose. Prob. a hidden screw or clip hidden around the steering column. Prob. gonna have to drop the column. Will just wait on the FSM unless somebody gives me a clue. Yea, sad Im gonna drive the Caddy as a winter rat but its gonna be nicer than my trusty old 94 Buick thats served me well for 6 years. Tried to avoid a 4.6 engine Caddy with all those pulled head bolt/timesert horror stories. Looked at a few 94-95 Deville/Fleetwood cars with the 4.9 but they were miled up or beat and worn. It all came down to two 93s with under 100k. This one had full 1 owner history from new, converted a/c, not a scratch or parking lot scar, perfect interior and not a Fla. sunburn anywhere. Can't ride my old Z-28, GTO or Triumph as they dont go so good thru the snow!
  18. Hey all.................... I was too late to edit the heading the Deville is a 1993.
  19. Just a update: Checked the accuator and temp. door behind the glove box and they are operating as they should. Heat temp still weak. Will try a heater core flush but dont wanna have a ice rink in the garage. Prob. should just replace the core as it looks easy except for connecting the hoses in the engine bay. My core and accuator pics too big to big to post here.
  20. I have a Factory service manual coming off fleabay btw. Used but only $10 bucks Prob. have to wait for it to continue.
  21. Look here for GM obd 1 codes: DUH! you have a 97 so its OBD 2 so look here: or