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  1. Roc.....The guy sez the hose is brittle. .I suggested working from the canister back to a good not brittle place on the plastic line. Warming the end with a heat gun and inserting a braSS union and going rubber hose to the canister. He says it carries no fuel. He hasnt came here as I suggested and no more posts on the FB Cadillac Style group from him. Looks like a easy cobb fix too!
  2. A fella with a 91? deville has a broken plastic line to vapor canister. Whats the best way to repair as it sez flammable, not repairable etc. Books shows it to be a vapor line and he sez no fuel running out of ti. I suggested using brass unions and spring clamps to repair. Thoughts or comments? Book canister diagram is too large to attach. Note the broken vent line way down under the PS pulley.
  3. BTW............Have you checked the timing? If hi-miles the timing chain is stretched a bit and could effect timing thus the lag at accel. tip- in. Timing retarded could cause the tip-in stumble/lag. Cheap and FREE look see!
  4. After living in So. Fla. for 10 years and now back in NY I can recommend the windsheild shade/sun blockers and use them in all my cars! I remember 80s GM cars plastic panels crumbling to dust at the slightest touch! My 93 Deville came up from life in Fla. but was garage kept so the interior was perfect. The filler panels not so much but I repainted them and she looks fine!
  5. What did you find out about those parts? Did you get the new alternator installed yet?
  6. The gaskets are gonna be a tough find. Try or send the owner Lon a PM. He might know. Glove box lock hmmmm....gonna have to do a e-bay search or your local parts yard. But prob. not too many Caddys in the parts yards where your at.
  7. Heres the recommended NEW 120 amp alternator. GM part #s 10463121, 10463122, 10463545, 10463546, 1101490, 1101519, 7942 $102.xx US
  8. Its got 106k miles now. I bought it in Dec. 4k Can. $ huh? 4.5 engine? Not too bad as long as its clean and not a rustbucket
  9. BTW: How much does he want for the car? I paid $3000 for my 93 Deville 91k miles not a scratch or wear anywhere! The guy had it for sale for a YEAR and wanted $5000 !
  10. No! But it dont do it that often and the tranny shifts fine so I figure its just gettin old. But its been back and forth to Fla. twice, did a NY to Maine, jersey and back to NY. I put almost 15k miles on it in 10 months! Just do your homework before u whip out the ca$h money as old Caddy buyer with CA$H money are sorta few and far between and its a buyers market with them IMO! Now If was a Chevy Malibu or similar they sell quick for big money with a lot of excuses! They aRE a different story!
  11. Maybe if you feel "lurching" when stopped and in gear maybe the converter is locking and unlocking at idle in gear? To rule out the ABS pull the main ABS fuse under the hood or fuse center. If lurching is gone then a $6 dollar brake switch is what I would try next. Did U get the codes? My old girl lurches sometimes in gear too. I figure old age but she runs like a watch!
  12. Maybe the torque converter locking and unlocking? Bad brake switch being the cause?
  13. There is a vendor on fleabay that sells rebuilt GM door latch assem. with the built in switches.
  14. Check your HVAC fan. Some GM models the fan runs all the time. Esp. the a/c equipped cars! A ancestor of GMs old "flow thru ventilation" Pull the fuse for your HVAC and see if noise stops! My Z-28s fan HVAC fan runs all the time and sounds like a hum/clicking when you turn the key on. Very slight noise BTW!
  15. NO difference! Broken internally! Will still work but wont trip the relay to shut them off! I had the same issue with my moms 90 and my 93 devilles. Easy and worth a shot to diagnose. Does your car have the original plastic switch in the door jamb? Heres the GM replacement.
  16. Have you checked the door switch in the A pillar? They break internally and do not trip the delay relay so the interior lights and radio stay on. Is your radio staying on along with the int. lights? My 93 Deville had the same issue. Try swapping the switch from the other side to check.
  17. I had this same issue with my 94 Buick century rat. One time it was the antenna not cycling all the way and the relay staying on killing bat. overnite. Cure was to disconnect at relay on pas. side bulkhead. Made sure the ant. was up cuz it went dead after res. disconnect. Another was the brake to shift interlock failed and killed the bat. Cure for that (cuz i dont drive it anymore) was to pull the acc. fuse. FSM said the BTSI relay was on the steering column. There are 3 of them. Pulling them didnt help so i said F it and went out and took my new Caddy for a ride!
  18. Dont Arnott or some other passive shock/strut replacement companies sell a bypass/light killer kit to shut off the warning lights and fool the PCM?