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  1. Thank you. I figured. I found a nice video on youtube on how to repair these horns. I have done one so far, cant wait to do them all and see how well they work. It may be that there was only one left working that is intermittent. I should find out when i install one of them. 4 horns, thats incredible. Some had 6. Surely a thing of the past
  2. Aaw. It is no surprise what stupidity causes. I hope you get it fixed. It sucks when the quarter gets hit. Does the door open and close? If so you may have gotten really lucky. I worry all the time with my 2 caddys because it is alot of time, and work to keep them nice .(Especially in NY) And all it takes is one person to mess it up
  3. Hi All. Tired of the horn issues on my 97 D'elegance. I have located 3 horns. 1 on the driver side, 2 on the passenger side. I will have to check to see what notes they are. I want to rebuild all of the horns but am not sure where the fourth is located. Maybe It is separate from the others in the fender or something. Anyone know? When they work they seem fine, but when they dont the relay just clicks. More than likely it was caused by the lovely airbag contact issue that used to make the horns blare for no apparent reason. I seem to have that issue resolved (I hope)
  4. The fuel gauge issue is caused by the feelers on the sending unit breaking off or wearing out. Replace the fuel pump module and that should resolve the issue. No access in the trunk on the 99. Sadly. But not a bad job to do if the tank is near empty. Not a bad idea to replace the pump unit anyway as that generation was common to burning up the pump plug on top of the sender. I have done many of them
  5. Lol. Cool LTD Wagon. Looks like the one my grandparents had. Boy we did some camping in it
  6. The oil level is not causing your stall issue. The oil light is coming on because the engine has stalled. Unrelated, but has the coolant been changed? If not I would do it ASAP. I would think your stalling may be a sticking EGR. That would be your shutter between 30-49 mph also. Not bad to clean out. ! of the 2 bolts is held down by the fuel rail. I usually pull the rail, replace all of the o-rings at the base of the injectors, dab of oil around them. Replace the egr valve gasket, clean out the valve (do not turn it upside down with cleaner in it.) Make sure the torx part spins freely and the valve pushes in and comes back out on its own. Check the egr passages closely. they may be plugged. 8 miles a day is not good for one of these as it is not ever really getting a chance to get fully heated up. those coolant temps seem a little high also. Again why I mentioned replacing it. My Northstars run around 196 all the time even on 80* days. No more than 205 ish idling in traffic on a hotter day Welcome To CaddyInfo Forum
  7. 5 torx bolts IIRC if you are talking about removing the EBTCM from the Valve assembly
  8. How is the car running? Usually both of those codes are related to the throttle body plenum boot. (the seal between the TB and intake) It may look good up top but will leak at the bottom.
  9. Remember it takes 3 cycles of the key to get the light to go out. that is what mine does. I would suggest unplugging the plug from the EBTCM and cleaning the pins and terminals. If that and the above test does not show anything positive and the code keeps returning you likely need the replace the EBTCM. It is located underneath the air filter box on the driver side front. It is mounted to the front of the subframe
  10. wish I had seen this before but when you try to actuate the remote start does the IPC tell you that it has been disabled? IIRC you have to push lock, then remote start
  11. Was going to suggest vacuum leak, glad you got it. Sure sounded like a leak. That idle was too high. your idle now is normal
  12. So to update this. I may have figured a way around things to get the horn buttons working. I may have to start a new thread on it though. I will post my fix with photos once it is done and hopefully works
  13. Glad you changed the filter. Get that unknown fuel out of there ASAP. I would run higher octane fuel in it. I run a minimum of 91 in all I own. that ethanol fuel is not good, even if it sits for a month, it is even worse if the can has sun hitting it. drive it like you stole it. Once you think you have it cleared up disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes to reset all parameters so that it can relearn fuel trims etc...