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  1. I bought a 07 CTS4 about a year ago, and I really enjoy it! I do miss the Northstar roar at full throttle like I had in my Eldos and SLS, but this handles so much nicer! It’s a real beast in the snow with winter tires on her also! I think it’s a great looking car, love the body lines. Always amazed at the great value you can have if you shop around for a used luxury vehicle like this!
  2. It seems I’m always looking for small ways to differentiate my ride from the mainstream. I don’t always have $, so that means you have to be more creative! Recently I began to think about the idea of blacking out my CTS grille, but decided against. Wanted something more subtle... Decided to outline the front air-ducts in red, to compliment the red calipers and lug nuts. I kind of like it, makes them stand out some. Also added LED parking lamps, much brighter than the old incandescent bulbs.
  3. That is pretty cool, a good feeling for sure! 👏🏻 Especially like you said, with that kind of mpg for a V8! My CTS with a V6 barely squeaks the 21mpg mark. I never let my oil life monitor get that far down though. 30% is my limit with timing chain wear concern. That’s incredible oil use for a Northstar, I’d say you got one that rolled off the line on a Tues. through Thursday! 😆
  4. I have a '09 CTS which has been missing the lower front plastic splash-pan since I bought it... Also the small plastic corner piece on the passenger side, with the duct that supplies air to the front brake area (mine does not have fog lights) Question is, does anyone know a good source for used parts like this? I cannot find anything local at salvage yards. All of them are missing or destroyed... 😞
  5. Thanks Rockfangd, I appreciate that! 😉
  6. That’s great news! I totally agree, I bet the were NEVER used and just needed to be exercised and fit to the arc of the inner drum. Good job on saving yourself all that cash! 👌🏻
  7. Thanks guys! I swear I get compliments and thumbs-up almost every day! 👍🏻
  8. One quick way I figured out to do it with the iPhone. I select the pictures from my album and email them to myself. It will ask you what size do you want to email and select either the small or perhaps the medium size picture. Then save those pictures back to your album and you will have a much smaller size which you should be able to post here. Try posting those just one of those at a time.
  9. Took a little time the other day and really cleaned under the hood on the CTS. Hadn’t done this since I bought it, but it was pretty clean. I was amazed at how nice and new this makes it look when you pop the hood! 😁 Added one more special affect. Had a couple of Cadillac script decals left from the caliper painting project so I added them to each side of the engine cover. I think it looks great, one of those details where kind of wonder why GM didn’t put them on in the first place! 👌🏻 Have another idea in mind, thinking about popping off the aluminum cross brace and putting a high polish on that aluminum! 😉
  10. That is great news! It’s always a good feeling when you accomplish a troubling repair like this yourself! 👍🏻 Yes, there are plenty of experienced GM guys here that can help diagnose, narrow down options and even just bounce ideas off of! I’ve had 4 Caddy’s now, and just love them! There is something about the nice balance of style, ride and power! 😎
  11. I suspect defective or incompatible alternator also. I once had a bad experience with a lifetime alternator I put on from AutoZone on one of my Eldorados. They just don’t do a good job building those anymore...That one seized up actually tearing up the belts! AC Delco is probably the way to go here and would be more reasonable through rockauto.com with the 5% discount if you can wait for shipping.
  12. I completed the wheels project today with the Cadillac center caps and they look great! For less than $2 ea. I couldn’t go wrong! The Versante caps were crazed and didn’t look like they fit the look. Very happy with these results and the traction of these tires. Took it for a rain-run today and was pleased there wasn’t any hint of loss of traction with these tires! 👍🏻
  13. Yes, they are heat resistant vinyl decals. I found them on EBay, just did a search for Cadillac Brake Caliper Decal and these came up. Seems like good quality product, seller was in France. It came with 12 decals total, 3 different sizes. You could choose color options also. 👌🏻
  14. Thanks Bruce, I’m really happy with the improvements! Would’ve liked to have gone with 285 width tire, but couldn’t justify another $60 per tire! 🥴 There appears to be plenty of wheel well space and it would’ve given me a little more rim lip protection. A couple of tips on the caliper painting part of the project... These aluminum calipers polish up nicely, so I used a disc sander and then hand sanded with 220 grit paper to get a nice smooth finish. Also helps to have a vice-grip clamped to the caliper to use as a handle while painting! 👌🏻