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  1. sprucegoose

    Sunroof leak in the CTS!

    Thanks guys. Yes, I think I'm going to have to pull the C Pillar trim like you suggest Rockfangd. It sure sounds like that is what is happening... So booked with other things right now it may take me a while... In the mean time I've sealed the sunroof with electrical tape. Is it easy to remove this trim? I sure hope not too big of a project!
  2. sprucegoose

    Upgraded to a CTS!

    Hmmm... I had tried posting a second picture on a new reply. It was only about 100K and it didn’t seem to work. Bruce can you can give me the details on how to become a supporting member please? I looked for a place for that info but could not find it.
  3. sprucegoose

    Sunroof leak in the CTS!

    OK, so I discovered my first serious issue with the 2009 CTS I just purchased. When I got in it the other day after a heavy rain I noticed it smells fairly damp. Once I opened the trunk and look down in the spare tire well I was shocked to find over an inch of water! Been doing some research it sounded like the drain tubes that passed down through the rear fender wells in the trunk could be plugged. I ran some thin tubing back-and-forth through the exit and the line running up to the sunroof. Got nothing coming through after I reconnected Now when I pour a bottle of water in the drip rail along the edge of sunroof I am getting a soaked ceiling headliner, dripping into the backseat! Help!!! I really hope I don’t have to pull the sunroof and or the headliner to find out where this leak is stemming from. My thoughts are that one of the drain tubes came disconnected up there I really hope I don’t have to pull the sunroof and/or the headliner to find out where this leak is stemming from. My thoughts are that one of the drain tubes came disconnected up there.
  4. sprucegoose

    Upgraded to a CTS!

    Wait... I can only upload .2mb TOTAL for all my pics? I thought that was per picture... Oh well, I gotta work on being a lifetime subscriber I guess!
  5. sprucegoose

    Upgraded to a CTS!

    Heres a few quick pictures finally! Haven't even had a chance to drive it in over a week! Excited for the commute tomorrow now!
  6. sprucegoose

    Upgraded to a CTS!

    Sorry for delay in pictures. My daughter just gave birth to our 2nd grandchild so that takes priority! ? more to come soon!
  7. sprucegoose

    Upgraded to a CTS!

    Really loved my 03 SLS, but at 174k it was starting to show her age. Always wanted a CTS, was hooked after I did that V-Series Performance lab back in 2011! This isn’t a CTS-V, but a good fit for me... it’s a 09 CTS-4 with the 3.6 direct injection motor. Two previous owners were brothers and treated this creampuff with meticulous care! It has 98k on it, but has the appearance of practically a new vehicle! My kinda purchase for sure! Will update with pics soon! Have to resize before posting
  8. sprucegoose

    Leaking grease from CV boots?

    Well, I had some time on Sat. so I dug into this problem. Napa had some replacement clamps for $2.30 ea. and I bought a packet of CV grease ($4) and put Betty White up on the ramps! The hardest part of this whole thing was getting the old clamps off without damaging the boots! The just were tough to unhook from the tabs on the strips, even after twisting the crimped area loose. These clamps had definitely loosened over time though, I could actually spin them with my hand quite easily! I pulled back the boot far enough to poke the corner of the grease pouch into the joint and squeezed aprox. half the bag in each one. I you do this, make sure you wipe the boot area nice and clean with a rag with brake clean to have a nice, dry surface for the clamp to grip on. One other tip, put a jack under the control arm and lift till the axle is fairly level. (but still have safe, sufficient weight on the jack stands) You don't want to try and put the new clamp on with the axle hanging down at an angle, stretching the boot... Getting the new clamp on was a breeze and I used this small nipper plier to snug the clamp up, following with a bigger nippers to really tighten them down. All seems to be holding fine!
  9. sprucegoose

    Leaking grease from CV boots?

    Thanks for the input guys! I know it hasn't been happening long as it wasn't there the last time I rotated tires back in Sept... on the other hand, I've probably put on close to 20K miles since then though... My commute really spins up the odometer quick! If the clamps are the issue (seeing no play there or feeling vibration) I wonder if out would be possible to just pull old clamps off, pump some more grease back in there and put new clamps on? May be difficult to do without removing though I guess... Only experience I ever had with something like this was a torn boot, where I was forced to replace the whole unit...
  10. This one has me puzzled... I went to rotate my tires today on my '03 SLS and I immediately saw the line around where the grease was being slung out out, apparently from under the inside edge of the CV boot. This on both sides even! There are no apparent cuts or tears in the rubber and the factory clamp holding it in place seems to be ok... This is on the inner CV joint, the large end closest to the trans. Has anyone else ever seen a condition like this? It is actually piling up on the subframe and surrounding area, up to ¾" thick in places! I'm concerned that there may not be much grease actually left in there at all! No noise or vibration coming from up front. Vehicle has 158K mi. on it, and I'm pretty sure all original drivetrain up there... I'm thinking if the bearings in those CV joints had excessive wear, that there may be some potential for the joints to wobble... perhaps creating a bellows-like affect blowing out the grease? There isn't any other way that pressure could be forming from inside the transaxle to blow that out there, is there? Attaching a file here for reference... If anyone has any ideas feel free to share! Thanks! Dave
  11. sprucegoose

    Missing my Caddys

    I agree, its hard to put a nice looking Caddy out here in this salt and slush, no matter how old it is! My '03 doesn't have a speck of rust on it, and I try to wash it as often as possible to keep the crud off. I do miss my little Audi A4 Quattro for winter traction though... It was unstoppable in deep stuff, where my SLS just crawls though it that thing would be chewing it up and spitting it out!
  12. sprucegoose

    No Climate Control display?

    Agreed, its the nature of the beast though... Big ol' Northstar in there doesn't leave much room for access of much else! Yes, technician confirmed with dye coming out of the evap drain.
  13. sprucegoose

    No Climate Control display?

    Thank goodness for long needle-nose pliers to pull those guys out! Strangest arrangement ever, with the 3 pieces interlocking as you slide them in. Next to no room to work under there by the gas pedal of course.