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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. OK I just checked it out again. It is not pulling all the way down all the way. Now that little piece below the paddle switch in the trunk should go all the way down?
  2. Yes the light does work but thats it. Now last time i checked the trunk closes but the motor keeps running and the trunk lid does not move.
  3. OK so it does have spring tension but when lit is closed the motor still runs
  4. Thank you so very much for that bit of advice, I will check that out and let you know
  5. OK so if I find that it is connected what would be the solution?
  6. Yes it pulles it down then goes up a little then brings it back down. It just continues like that so I pulled the fuse.
  7. Yea Rockfangd, it closes then comes up just a little and the cycle just continues.
  8. The problem I have is when you close the trunk the pulldown does not stop. I had to pull the fuse till I can figure out what I might have to purchase. Any help on this would be appreciated
  9. This is the same one in my car now and looks the same because mine don't light up either...lol
  10. It is just the stock AM/FM Cassette and nothing happens when any button is pushed
  11. Hello all, I have a problem with my 1995 Caddy Seville radio. All of a sudden it wont come on. Antenna goes up and down but that's it. Worked fine until one day I started can and nothing. Anyone have a clue what it could be? Oh and I did check the fuse in the trunk area.
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