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  1. Its a Cadillac... I have driven ones on their last leg that amazingly drive great. Even ones with pulled head bolts. Can drive around town beautiful, but once you open it up the devil shows
  2. That is my favorite year. I am sure someone will chime in, is probably power steering or trans related. A pressure switch of some kind
  3. Clear the light and see how long it takes to come back. See if it shudders around 41 mph. If it shudders and the light triggers then it is very likely the torque convertor that failed. Typically that code alone means torque convertor. If it shudders but does not trigger the light it may be in early stages. These were hard to tell when something is not right. They seem to ride nice no matter what lol. If it does not shudder at all around 41 mph and lockup is smooth then I would just monitor it to see if it comes back.
  4. If it is the torque convertor I have seen mysterious higher than normal fluid levels. I had 2 90s ones that had this code, both would have higher than normal fluid level. (I know because nobody touches them but me). I would pull the level back down to normal and within 6 months it would be overfull again. No contamination. I put over 20k miles on my 96 with the code. It started coming on about once every 2 weeks, to eventually it never went away. Would not pass NYSI because of it. I would have to drive it in a way to not trigger the light. This may sound really weird but I have had enough of these over time and feel them very well... I avoid driving around 40mph. I know this may sound weird but the TCC locks up at 41mph. If you drive it around that speed alot the TCC will be working alot. So hard to explain but I have 2 right now and one has 170k, the other has 130k. Both original trannys. I always avoid that speed that TCC lockup starts. Newer vehicles have a variable lockup for the TCC. I assume yours is still a on/off style like mine. How often does the problem occur?
  5. I had to turn off the parallel park feature on my 01 Eldo for the same reason. It never returned to the right position after reversing. As for the driver side one I suggest setting the mirrors where you want them and set the memory. If it continues to mess up both mirrors I would say the issue is likely with resistance in the mirror heads
  6. Beautiful. Glad you resolved it. Someday I may buy another of that body style.
  7. lol. I haven't even had a chance to check it out yet. Maybe within a few weeks
  8. Could use some opinions here. I seem to have an issue. I put this together over 3 months ago. I was hoping the suspension would settle. It has not. Still sits high. I am afraid I ditched the old springs. Ride quality is alot better with everything new, but it just sits too high. I don't think it has settled at all since the install. I really want to get the alignment done but I want to make sure it is right. I have put 3k miles on it so far. Anyone?
  9. Good troubleshooting. You should have some... peace of mind replacing the BCM. Save the old one though. Good luck in finding the climate control module. There should be some still out there.
  10. Just thought I would post an update to this. I love the mufflers. They are perfect for the application. In every way actually. Thank you to the member that recommended them. I am very impressed and they were completely worth the install.
  11. Thank you for your input. I suppose a intermittent loss of crank signal could be a possibility
  12. Been there done that. If you see it you have to grab it. Either crusher or someone else will demolish them. Good luck
  13. Hi All. I have been driving my Seville daily this year and occasionally notice a hiccup on startup. When you try to start the car it will chug like it is going to start. I let off the key but engine did not start. It then takes more than normal cranks to fire it. Sometimes it will almost pop through the intake when it happens. Once engine is running it runs flawless. Fuel is always non ethanol premium fuel. Fuel mileage is excellent at 22mpg. About 250 miles per week travel. Fuel pump and filter are fairly new. OE Delco units. I change the filter annually. Problem seems to occur after sitting for a few hours, but not when started in the morning (first start). I was leaning toward maybe fuel leaking down... Would I be in the right direction with the fuel pressure regulator? Or something else. I am sure this has been discussed. Thanks for reading
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