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  1. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    Sorry for the delay with my posts. Work too much. Great to hear you found the 1634 problem. I hope you closely inspected the rest of those wires in that plug. As soon as I saw the 0 on that pin that nailed it. You are doing very well. We will get this. Long shot I know but it bears to mention that vacuum leaks do not always cause a lean code. That issue you resolved could cause all kinds of goofy issues. I highly suggest that you go over every vacuum hose, electrical connector, and bolt or nut that was touched throughout the process. If you had a high idle problem that was IAC related it should throw a code also. Be patient as you are making progress
  2. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    The connectors to the pcm should have a label on the side of them and the first number on one side correlating to the letter, and the last number on the other side
  3. Welcome to CaddyInfo. First off what happens when you dont pull the headlight switch? I ask this because everything is automatic so long as you have the twilight sentinel set to anything but off. Do your domelamps work properly? And your parking lights? I am trying to narrow to see if the sunload sensor could be faulty. It is located up on the dash in the defroster vent (just forward of the speaker grill) The left one IIRC. Will get more into it depending on your response. There are 2 fuses related to the interior lamps. comfort fuse. 10amp. Located in panel at left rear fuse panel in trunk. It is located directly behind the back seat. interior lamps fuse. located in the underhood electrical center also a 10 amp.
  4. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    Yes. Check the voltages at the fuses first before you tear it all apart again. If you find that while running all the fuses show the same voltage or at least within .5 volts of each other then go farther. To ohm the pink wire you would first pull the fuse and verify which side is the input side. It will have 12v with ignition on. You will want to ohm from the other one to the pin at the pcm. Without fuse installed
  5. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    last one I had was a freightliner and the Transmission module kept dropping out. All fuses tested good. When plug to TCM was unplugged wire tested good. When plugged in it lacked about 4 volts. So rather than 12 it had 8. That fuse caused a tow bill because when the Transmission module goes down the bus goes nowhere.
  6. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    This is on the right track for sure. There is a specific reason I said to replace the fuse. That is because of fatigue. I mention that because I have on multiple occasions had a fuse that tested good but the element was broken off a leg and although testing good on both sides The voltage will be present but not consistent, and worse under load. I had a picture of a fuse with the issue but I would have to find it. Looked normal and tested good but the element was just touching the leg
  7. rockfangd

    lost transmission from fluid leak

    Replace all 3 transmission lines. Hope for the best. SOmetimes the damage is already done but there is a good chance that it will be ok. as long as it was not revved too much while low on fluid
  8. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    The RS 0061 is the left rear height position sensor. IIRC. I also think if you had intake leaks on both sides you would for sure have lean codes. So I am skeptical there. If the intake was cracked it may vary the leak as it may open as the engine gets warmed up. Let me do some more research on that 1634 code. I would not have them touch anything unless you know for sure that they have a proper diagnosis. Otherwise it is just wasting money and opening up more can of worms. Do you have a multimeter? Need to find the pinouts that pertain to that and verify if it is a wire or a pcm issue. Ok so just off the top. Pin 19(PINK) at PCM goes to the underhood fuse panel. 10 amp fuse. labeled ign 1. Start easy. 1. Replace the fuse. Dont care if it is blown or not. Check and report condition of pins. 2. If there is any corrosion that box needs to be pulled and closely inspected. 3. Disconnect battery. Pull fuse, ohm the pink wire from the fuse to the pcm plug pin 19. Report 4. For a good reference touch the 2 leads together on the multimeter and that number would be your 0. If you are not comfortable with this then you need to have someone experienced do this
  9. rockfangd

    How to start a tight remanufactured engine

    You are absolutely correct. Forgot to mention that.
  10. rockfangd

    How to start a tight remanufactured engine

    Could the starter be bad? Maybe it cannot handle the compression. Where did it come from? Not a bad idea to drop some oil into the plugholes and crank it over a little bit to help the oil to the top end.
  11. rockfangd

    TPS and ICM Question

    Try to recap here. What are the current pcm codes? Do you have access to a scantool? If so you need to view IAC counts. Is there any kind of a noise or whistle coming from the engine? I reviewed my thread from back in 2011 and remember someone mentioning the blowby valve. It is located on the passenger side of the intake , behind the power steering pump( it is on the intake). MAnually manipulate the valve. It should spring closed when let go and seal tightly. Let me see if I can find a pic. My issue was the TB gasket. I inadvertently installed it backward. Once reinstalling it correctly and clearing the codes problem never returned
  12. Ok I would highly suggest that you check your vent at the top of the transmission. It may be plugged causing the excess pressure to push out of elsewhere. The vent is on top, look for a hose with a steel cap that spins. Pop it off the transmission, check the fitting, hose, and vent for blockage. Also check your fluid level to be sure it is at the proper level
  13. Is it excessive? Rather common among many transmissions. It would require harness replacement if it bothers you, or if it causes issues(rarely), or if it is actually pushing out. Just my opinion