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  1. If you see separation starting at the corners, especially at the back corner it is best to fix it then.
  2. Ok. MY best tip to you is be gentle with the door panels. They are the only main weakness. And they are nearly impossible to find. I have had 3 Eldos and they were all broke. They start pulling away from the door as the retainer clips get broken. And someone not knowing how to remove them properly is a large factor
  3. I first ask . Does it have RSS? Or does it have ELC? 2 different systems. RSS has onboard diagnostics which likely wont be much help. ELC has no onboard diagnostics. Alot of times the drier part of the compressor fails and it causes the valve to stick in the compressor. It will either ride high or not air up. Do you hear the compressor attempt to run? Welcome To CaddyInfo
  4. Wow, that is identical to my 2001 Eldo. How are the door panels? Love that color. I actually sold mine mainly because I hated its oil consumption (newer gen N*), and was not a fan of the secondary air injection. Rode like a dream though
  5. Nice vehicle. Great buy. As for the oil consumption, If you drive it like it was designed to be the consumption should be less. I have 2 97s and I drive them spiritedly, I also only use non synthetic oil as much as possible. My consumption on both is little to none. As for the headbolt failure, my theory is just drive it. Do not even think about it. Keep up on the coolant at least every 2 years. Keep waterpump belt and tensioner free . (that tensioner tends to seize over time) If you do those 2 I would not worry about it. If it does happen then worry about it then. Enjoy it and share a pic
  6. Well am now driving it. Stupid battery terminals were loose again. At least 2 turns each. Grr. Creaking is slowly getting less noticeable. Finally got ABS and Traction lights off last night. Drove all day today without a problem. I ran the pump manually for about 30 seconds. Alignment seems off since alignment got done. Just my luck. Car looks like new with the detail job done
  7. The driver side one is the most common one I do for that reason. Wish I knew why they did that. So glad you got it
  8. So to update this. The motor fried. It just locked up and burnt. I replaced just the motor portion with a tested unit. Light was out for 1 day, then came back. If car was started the lights would come on. If cleared while running they would go out. That led me to reinspect my battery terminals. Sure enough both were loose. I cleaned and tightened the terminals. Charged the battery. Problem still occurs though. I cannot clear lights even when running. Pump does run and it sounds fine. Every time I clear the codes the pump runs for a second or 2. Sounds smooth. I am kind of at a loss at the moment. I cannot deal with the starting off in 2nd gear, and the lack of power caused by the codes.
  9. Ok If studs with balls are still snapped onto back of mirror that will help. If not pull them out carefully and install them onto the mirror. I like to use a dab of grease and carefully snap them back in. Then line the 2 shafts over the motor holes. Slowly push them in. Go a little bit, then pop the mirror onto one of the ball studs on the mirror motor assembly, You can do this by tipping the glass slightly so you can see to line it up. Then try to position the mirror with the mirror controls to verify movement in all directions. If it does then you are almost done. You must pop the last ball stud in. I typically position the mirror as flat to the surrounding surface as I can, then push the whole mirror face toward the last ball. I realize this is hard to explain. I have done so many but to explain how I do it is not as easy. I can tell you that I have never broken one yet
  10. If you pull carefully in 2 places it should come off without breaking. If still engaged into one of the 2 motors you will hear a click as you carefully pull the mirror out. Does yours have memory personalization?
  11. I can recheck that but am pretty certain they are positioned properly. Sometimes the dampening material atop the mount gets stuck up there and causes the new one to not sit properly. I did clean both sides under the tower. ABS lights come on upon startup. 1243. Stalled ABS pump. I almost feel like the Amperage is dropping too low right now and causing the code. The old pump was actually fried though. Stunk and was locked right up. Replacement spins nice and sounds fine
  12. That is so hard for me to answer without doing it in person lol. I have dealt with so many of them. If you can post a picture of the back side of the mirror I will gladly explain how to put it back together. Either the shafts came out, or the ball pivot came out.
  13. No. The Pump fried. I replaced just the pump. Found a like new looking unit on Ebay. Today sucked though. Still has a creaking noise in RF while turning. Not horribly, and not snapping though. Hoping it will wear in as it is installed properly. ABS lights were out this morning, but came back on tonight. I am thinking the battery is weak. Just over a year old. If I clear the ABS lights while running they stay out. I sent it to have it detailed and aligned. Honestly at the moment don't care when I get it back. Mondays🙄
  14. well I finally got the car back together. I hope all is good tomorrow. If so I want to send it for alignment and detailing. The ABS was a pain to fix but the lights are currently out.
  15. If it has the 1 piece 4 coil pack I would highly suspect one of them. A scantool will give you the specific cylinder(s) that are missing. Does it get better as it warms? If no then I suspect coil. If yes, well that can mean cylinder contamination, ie oil or coolant in a cylinder(s). As for the o2 sensors I would not be too surprised. But sometimes high oil consumption causes problems with o2 sensors. The oil clogs the tip of the sensor and causes false readings. Also depending on how long it has been driven with the miss that may cause cat and or o2 sensor issues