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  1. Today I replaced the fuel line. Amazingly I had everything on hand to do it. Hopefully it will last forever. While under there I noted the exhaust pipe under the oil pan is actually dry. Thats great news. Also did not see any coolant leaking, so Very happy I can drive it yet again
  2. Ok. Both sides must be unbolted. the hard side is the driver side because of the fuel filler tube. It is kind of difficult to explain how I get them out/in. IIRC the passenger side has to come straight back, The driver side has to go sideways before back. Sometimes the harness to the ABS on each side has to be removed or repositioned to get more clearance. Rear tires have to hang, I then carefully pry between the body and the cradle closer to the side I am doing. On all the sets I have done I have never done more than that. I honestly did not take specs because at th
  3. Well ups and downs. Have not seen any oil drips or smelled burning oil, But now have a gas leak and a small coolant leak. This poor car started going to crap the first year having to drive it in the winter. So I have 3 leaks, PS on my truck, Coolant and gas on the caddy🙄. I thought 2020 was over
  4. unless you check the fuel pressure with a gauge there is no way to really say what is good or not.
  5. Have you checked fuel pressure? PCM codes. The first one on the list. Was there evidence of gas in the vacuum line to the regulator? I would pull codes before going any further. Could lead you toward the right direction. Could be fuel pressure, MAP, egr, or other related.
  6. Wow. No fixing that. What a waste if the whole rack has to be replaced. I reached out to a few companies that scratch their head on this. I also found listings on Ebay that said they would work, but when I entered the vehicle specifically they were not compatible I say if the set Logan found would work I would jump on them. I would not leave the rack exposed for long. The dirt and debris will do a number on the shaft and seals, and likely the inner tie rod
  7. I am sorry I was not more specific. It would not hurt to try another dealership. You meant rack and not axle right? Just checking. What is wrong with the old boot?
  8. Ok does it occur on each startup, After cold soak, or all the time? If it happens on cold soak but clears up I lean toward something leaking down into a cylinder(s)
  9. A few things come to mind here. Pop the vacuum line off the top of the fuel pressure regulator. If gas is present in the line or leaking the regulator is bad. IIRC from my past that could cause your issue. Regulator is located at the driver side rear at the end of the fuel rail. Are you losing coolant? Does it misfire on every startup or only after a cold soak? Is the check engine light on or coming on?
  10. First day driving it but slightly optimistic. I ran my errands, then left the car running while I cleared the snow from where it was parked. I did not see any smoke or smell anything while running or after shutting down. Would be great if that was my only issue. I am keeping a close eye on the coolant temp though. Mine always stay around 196. Lately it has been creeping up to 201-205 even cruising. I did change the coolant while apart, I did remove the hollow bolt which was clear. Waterpump, belt, and tensioner look fine. I am hoping to hold off on a radiator until spring. I hav
  11. Thats odd. It seems the 2010 STS is compatible with the 2008 CTS, but not listed for the 2008 STS. Where is it damaged? I doubt it is repairable due to the constant movement and flexing. See if you can get the part# from the dealer so it can be crossed
  12. Well I got it back together today. Went pretty well. I have a feeling I am going to have to put a radiator in by spring. Must have got beat up a bit when the engine was replaced. But it holds... I may attempt the rear in the spring.
  13. Have you pulled the code when the light has come on? I wonder what your fuel pressure is. MAybe fuel pressure is low causing a starve under load. Last change of fuel filter?
  14. Ok. I was going to add to your last response. IIRC Disconnect battery for about a minute. Reconnect battery. Start engine and put in gear with your foot on the brake for about a minute. Shut down. Restart and do the same with all loads on, (AC, Defrost, All lights, etc...) See if it goes down. If the TB was very dirty the IAC will need to be relearned. Hopefully above will help that. Let me see if I can find the exact procedure but that usually works for me Check this page out if above does not work. http://www.caddyinfo.com/idlelearn.htm
  15. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    Thank you to all of our loyal members

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