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  1. I must be lucky with my 90s ones. MY consumption is little if any. Just tender lovin Vrooms lol
  2. Wow. Just beautiful. Love the colors as well. And twin turbo😛
  3. That is such a hard one. I went through this with my 96 Deville. Was the best and most favorite one, I had over 200k on it. The head issue started to occur and I did not want to go into it far because I did not want to accelerate it. I ended up with 230k before the Headgasket failed. The body of the car and the failing torque converter made it not worth investing into the engine. In my most honest opinion If you try to pour something in the cylinders to free up the rings and have a questionable head concern I would not chance it. Unless you have nothing to lose
  4. I am not sure what oil you are running but my biggest suggestion is to run regular oil. Not synthetic. I would say not synthetic blend but seems that is all that can be had. I wish I could give you info on the tool but I have not used it.
  5. What year NorthStar are we referring to? Does it leak any? And how much oil are you going through? My best solution for the 90s era is to drive them like they were designed to be. If you baby them or don't work them hard enough they will use more oil. I have had 5 90s era ranging from 95-99 and have had higher consumption when I first bought them, but within a year The consumption dropped considerably. Now the 00s I gave up on them. I had 2 and no matter what I did I had to look at the engine at least once a week while I added oil🙁. I sold them and bought another 97. I don't remember the last time I added oil since the oil change . My miles range anywhere from 80k up through 220k. Same result. If all else fails then it may be worth the investment to try to have it cleaned out but honestly I dont think anything is a guarantee. I personally have never used the Kent Moore tool for that
  6. Funny thing is sometimes I see the lean both banks, sometimes I don't. You would think there would be.
  7. The #1 culprit I would think of would be the coupler between the TB and the intake. Very common. Fails on the bottom
  8. Bad battery or connections is the first thing that comes to mind Under the back seat. Everything you describe sounds like a battery issue Welcome to CaddyInfo
  9. Been there done that. It sucks. Were the replacement IAC and TPS oem? I speak from experience when I say aftermarket ones just dont work properly
  10. Glad you resolved it before anything else could happen. They do come loose and even shear off sometimes. And GM is known for cracked Flexplates between the holes. I have seen them break right off. Mainly on trucks though. Welcome to CaddyInfo
  11. Thank you. I was looking for the chart. I am thinking the resistance value is not matching