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  1. You can see the clearance issue behind the green bungee
  2. So today I ripped RR apart. I replaced the upper control arm due to bad inner bushings. Was not easy like the FSM made it seem. The control arm has to come up over the shock tower. But there is not enough room. You can see the dent in the wheel well. Makes me sad. I coated it to prevent rusting. Having pulled the knuckle I may not have rebushed it yet... I have done every other one, but maybe not this one. I have them ordered, Upper has play. I always get the poly set.
  3. Well Tomorrow I need to get a little better look at the back end. I tested the knuckle bushings and the right rear knocks a little bit. I probably changed them 10 years ago. I am going to order the springs for it. After all they are 25 years old. FSM shows to remove lower shock bolt, lower stabilizer, support rear of control arm, remove rear control arm bolts, slowly lower rear of control arm to relieve spring compression, remove spring. Assembly is reverse. I also have to look at the upper control arm bushings though as I have been monitoring one that has the rubber
  4. manually manipulate the switch with the lid up. Should have spring tension. If you push it up the latch should stop IIRC. I think the trunk light is tied into that switch as well. I will check mine tomorrow. If that does not work or stays on all the time I would replace that switch
  5. I suggest disconnecting the battery for about a minute. Then hooking it back up. While it is disconnected you can touch the 2 cables together to discharge the system (BAttery must be disconnected) If this does not resolve the issue let us know
  6. Hi All. Looking at options for my 97 Seville. I feel like rear suspension needs help yet again. I installed Arnott shocks a few years back. Have installed the 3rd suspension compressor in the last 5 years. I have not found any leaks but the compressor seems to come on regularly. Honestly the compressor sounds like it is dying again. (just a year old) I would like to replace the rear springs (Variable I believe) but have yet to change a set on one of these. I don't like the way it feels when I go over bumps with the back end. I am also going to check the upper and l
  7. 170 miles today smiling ear to ear. Believe 271 Ride, and ran all day. What a beautiful day. Meet so many nice people.
  8. Ok I believe that points to the switch on the deck lid itself. Open the trunk and look for the switch next to the latch on the lid. You will see the switch without removing the carpeted cover. But to verify that switch is plugged in I believe that has to be pulled back a little
  9. Sounds like it may be a bad bearing in the blower motor. When were the cabin filters last replaced?
  10. Did you thoroughly clean and lubricate that area? I had to work mine pretty good before it freed up nicely. Iirc there is a part beneath that pivot that needs grease as well. I did not disassemble the column to do it though.
  11. Fairly decent fix. The ball is dry in the column. I have a picture somewhere. I have the same car. Would be really bad, especially in the winter. I used white lithium grease for the repair. I made the mistake of replacing the cable. But it couldn't hurt. Go to General Cadillac Forum tab (First one) I bumped my topic to the top. Labeled same thing. Stiff Shifter 1997 Cadillac Deville. Drop the 2 panels below the column (dash part and plate behind it) Drop 4 nuts that hold up the column. Carefully lower the column enough to see the top. You will see the pivot. Has info
  12. What you describe sounds like a clutch issue. No codes, no clutch operation, Jumping relay makes no difference. There is a short wire on top (I believe) of the compressor. The harness comes from behind the alternator iirc. Verify ground and 12v to the compressor plug. If both are present you could try tapping on the clutch (sometimes works) With engine off AC on. Attempt to manually turn clutch. Does it turn?
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