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  1. Before you open a door, roll down the window, and verify opening a door shuts off the circuit. Next step will be to leave the dome light on, and verify that after 15 minutes, the RAP (retained accessory power?) turns off the circuit. If the car has the obsolete onstar module in the trunk near the antenna, disconnect it.
  2. I bought 4 GM tps sensors on ebay a few months ago for 2 new alloy rims. This is for my 2014 ATS. I bought 4 new bridgestone run flats to replace the oem michelin runflats. The michelin had a 25,000 warranty and the bridgestone have a 50,000 warranty. I like the aggressive thread pattern on the bridgestones. Anywho, when i put the mounted and balanced wheels on the car with the new tps sensors installed on the new rims, i get "--" instead of a reading. Not sure if the sensors are incorrect for the car, or if the sensors need tombe registered for the car. I would think they would just report a number from where they are. Do the sensors need to be recognized by the car before they even can report a number?
  3. Looks good! Being a Buffalo car, have you ever considered brushing on a. Mixture of hot candle wax and hot grease to the underside of the car? I heard it works well to keep rust away. I myself use a mixture of transmission fluid, and motor oil in a spray bottle. also i purchased a bottle of at ATP AT-205 to apply on all my rubber hoses, grease cups, bushings, cvboots, etc.. I recently watched youtuber Scotty Killmer, and he said if you spray this stuff on these parts, it will rejuvinate them. And make them last longer. I got a bottle for $11 shipped to my house on eBay. I already use "303" on my belts, tires, and vinyl and plastic in the car. you and i put few miles on the car, so our tires will be with us for some time.
  4. I recently learned about a new type of coolant called HOAT. I tried to research it a little, but got lost. I was wondering if this compares to Dexcool? I was trying to figure out if Dexcool might transition over to this new coolant / if it were backward compatible / if anyone transitioned to it. I myself believe in only following the manufactures recommendation. for example, i upgraded my 1996 Cadillac, and my 2002 Chevy to Dexron vi (GM logo on the bottle) per GM recommendation for my 2014 ATS 2.0t now that my dealership oil changes are over, i have been using mobile1 dexos1 generation2 oil (it has the GM logo on the box) there is a long video on youtube that goes into why gen2 is so important for a specific gm engine, but will not disclose which one. I only suspect it is for the 4 cyl turbo and so i was sure to upgrade. i am still hanging in there with my 1996 And it's original head gaskets. Today being nice weather in the Northeast USA, i am thinking about taking my garage queen out for an oil change (my son will do it with me). Has not been driven since November, and has a trickle charger on it.
  5. I need some help on supplies for my beater car. What is the name of the caulking GM uses in the trunk to seal up body panels? I think it is a caulk and adhesive? Where is the best place online? to buy a quart of GM colormatched paint (if i give the paint code) I also need primer as i need to paint replacement rocker panels - I am looking for the paint and primer to have a hardener added into the paint gun that will give good protection. I learned that that duplicolor paintcan stuff washes right off the car, and provides no protection against rust. my project will involve caulking the underside where the new rocker is installed, primeing, then painting the rocker. if someone can recommend a site that will ship all the paint and list the solvents needed, it will be appreciated
  6. I can only speak in general terms about what triggers a request for increased engine rpm, but the pcm uses the isc motor to perform this request. I keep a clean throttle body, but as we know, the Northstars tend to have clean exhausts and gummed up throttle bodies. Anywho, you will be surprised that even with a good throttle body cleaning, the valve to control the idle might be sticking and remain gummed up even after a tb cleaning. What happens then is pcm sends a request to increase rpm, the isc doesnt respond, so additional requests are sent where the valve opens to an extreme level and then the idle is too high. The pcm then keeps trying to lower it, in increments, but it is stuck at high idle. When the car is shut off or started, the isc motor becomes active where it successfully runs thru more extreme steps to increase and decrease idle and returns to its correct default starting position. Also, sometims after i shut my car off, i hear the throttle body clicking for a few minutes, and i traced it back to the isc. I never removd or cleaned my isc motor on my 96 Deville,, but you might consider that there might be some gum and tar causing it to stick and malfunction. I have removd and cleaned for other GM engines.
  7. I believe if it stays above 15v or below ~8.6v it sets the "SERVICE CHARGING SYSTEM" message. my car rides at 13.0v and i would not be concerned if its at 14.5 or even 15 for a few moments, but if it stays high or low for more than a few minutes i'd be concerned.
  8. I suspect you have either worn out brushes, or the common problem of sand and oil getting injested by your alrernator. One thing you can try is to disconnect the battery, rwmove the plastic shield, and metal access port, then using a small finished nail, stick it in the hole on the back of the alternator closest to the center shaft. Wiggle it a little to move the brushes, and free them if they are stuck in sand. Then spray some wd-40 into The hole to wash away some grease that could be holding the brushes back. Then insert the nail Again, and wiggle it. If you are up to it, you can remove the alternator, disassemble it, and clean out all the sand and oil from the inside. Use the finished nail in the hole to hold the brushes back as its placed back on the shaft. Be sure to mark the alternator prior to disassembly so you know how the two halves fit back in place. i either case, do not spray too much wd-40 as if too much floods the bearings, it could thin out the grease i side it, and cause it to get washed out of the bearing housing leading to a shorter bearing life.
  9. Have you tried the isc motor? Could it somehow be getting out of position and raising your idle? I attached the procedure to raise and lower the isc motor from the dic. Maybe exercising the motor might help fix the issue or reveal if it is the culprit
  10. I do not believe we have the can bulbs. I think that is what newer cars use. But I am really not sure. I ordered mi my make/model/year. I think you will be pleased with the bright lights. When in doubt, choose the Cree bulbs because they are the best.
  11. For the last few weeks, I have had a coolant smell, but didn't see anything. Well...... Today I had a whiff when I was driving, and when I got home I had a little steam coming out fom under the hood. The car never got above 196 degrees. The lower hose is bulging, and appears to have sprung a small leak. The radiator and surge tank were replaced 3-4 years ago as preventative maintenance. I never replaced the original hoses. Today I ordered a gates upper and a gates lower hose. Hopefully this is not caused by an overpressurized cooling system (if you know what I mean). I thought these were lifetime hoses? Do the nylon bands just break from age? I'll keep my fingers crossed with a ratchet in my hand when the parts come!!
  12. Sorry to hear of your bad luck as well. I will keep my '96 Deville in the garage on the trickle charger for a few more months. If life is any indication of this thread, they are targeted!! Yes, might have to get 2 cheap side cameras from China on eBay. I'll have to figure out how to keep the cigarette lighters always on.
  13. My rear hub went bad because my brake was hanging due to a sticking emergency brake cable. It's the only hub replaced, and under warranty, it was replaced with an oem unit. wonder if the rotor overheated and boiled the grease out the hub? when the wheel is lifted, it should not wiggle, and it should spin by hand. while driving, a bad hub sounds like you are being followed by an old crop dusting propeller airplane. While your suspect wheel is jacked up, apply the emergency brake. The wheel should not be able to be spun, and when the brake is released, the wheel should become free. find the override release for the emergency brake under the dash, so you do not have to start up the car, and put it in gear to release the emergency brake. This is not recommended if the car is jacked up or on jack stands.
  14. I have cameras in my cars. They shut down, and are motion activated. All of My blackvue cameras were expensive, but well worth the security. 4 years later, and the prices came down some.
  15. Just to be clear, the rear piston is not to be compressed with a c clamp. It requires the special notched tool or pliers, and the piston is screwed back to go inside the caliper. This is to support the emergency brake. The fronts can. Be pushed back in with a clamp or the caliper tool.