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  1. I dont really want to get into the Northstar debate but will just say when they run good they run very good. As for the monoleaf setup My Cutlass Supreme had it. It was very unique. Does the 92 have air ride? I ask this because of the monoleaf setup. Only issue I have run into with the monoleaf is Sag. I used to install helpers at the knuckles to help take up the sag
  2. There is none. I did the same as you but rather with my cd changer in the trunk. I have 5 silent cds. At 5 minutes per 12 tracks, per cd It provides alot of listening time. I am very picky when it comes to modding though. Probably too picky.
  3. If you just played a silent cd you would not have had to cut the wires. Just splice in your jack. Thats how I do mine. Thank you for sharing though. Glad it works for you
  4. I personally loved the interior of my 2000 Eldo. So plush for leather. That year was different than the 90s. With the 92 being 1 year only suspension I am not sure if you will run into issues later on. The smooth power of the 4.6 blows away the 4.9. Both are very reliable. The 4.9 has a few issues with coolant pipes, waterpump, and a few others. The 4.6 is plagued with the Headbolt issue. The only reason why I would not buy a 2000 is because whatever was done with that era Northstar caused nearly all I have ever seen to use alot of oil. Both of my 97s use no oil. My 00 and my 01 Driven just the same used a bit. I was having to add oil at least once a month, if not more. That is the reason why I got rid of them. The door panels are not great. Not sure about the 92 though as I have had 96+. Check the door panels in both for looseness ans pulling away from the door. The chance you can find one is very slim as I have tried. Some are just not fixable as the plastic is so brittle. What a beautiful car they are though, and the no frame around the windows is so cool. Feature wise the 2000 will blow the 92 away. Both have onboard diag, the 2000 will have much better keyless entry, has memory personalization, likely RDS radio, cd changer, nice cluster, I could go all day on this. The 4.9l had distributor setup where as the 4.6 did not. The coil packs on the 4.6 were very reliable. I have only had to change a few (ever). The 4.9 uses one coil atop the distributor IIRC. Also remember that the 1992 is the first year production so the amount of bugs it may have compared to the 2000 is likely more. 2002 was the last year of production. Can you provide more details of both? and possibly a few pictures. I hope this helps
  5. They have been unfortunately for awhile now. At least here in salt country. Aluminum, heat, and moisture dont go together well. I would be checking the purge valves and actually first have it smoke tested
  6. Its not that nobody knows but rather they may have missed the thread like I did or just didn't relate to it. So there is vacuum to the dash. Green line IIRC. It goes from the passenger side over to the driver side to the parking brake release actuator. There should be a vacuum controller for the HVAC as well. Black is the input, multicolor outputs. As for the transmission. If it were to be vacuum modulated there would be one to the modulator at the front of the transmission
  7. Should turn off. If blower motor went out though it would do what you describe. But would likely stay on after key is cycled off as well. Is your back seat one turned off?
  8. I did it on my 1996 and 97s. Was pretty involved. I did mine at the cd changer and used cds with silent tracks. I can get into details if you have a cd changer in the trunk. Not sure on the 95 though. That is the last year for that design. I assume you would have to do it at the amp behind the back seat. You could do it with the cassette. Let me know what you think
  9. Cool. thank you It probably doesn't help that the car is only seasonal. only driven in the nice months. This is the first E/K series that has done this. Know for sure it is common among many GMs. The front strut bearings were horrible as well on GMs from the 90s-2000s. Not with any of my caddys though. They would get so bad on The J bodies that they were breaking and twisting the strut springs
  10. They can go bad. They take alot of abuse. But before you replace it I would suggest removing and cleaning the connectors and grounds. What are your symptoms?
  11. Just curious if the original OP has resolved the issue with the 99. It is a different style than the plunger one shown above. Yes I feel NY has enough snow. We don't really need anymore
  12. I was referring to the pats chip reader in the ignition.
  13. I am pretty sure not. I was going to ask if you had already done that