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  1. Thank you Logan. After checking all fuse blocks for corrosion, which I found none, started looking into wiring to stereo system. Found one loose wire, the remote wire from stereo to amp. Reattached with new ends and car fired right up. Runs like a top now. I knew it was all tied in with computer system but actually never thought about a bad connection on stereo system. Thanks again Logan !!!! This site is the best !!!!
  2. My stereo guy has been installing for over 30 years and has one of the best shops. I am very confident in his work, but I will definitely check everything out. Something really havnt given much thought. I will post results that I find. Thank you !!!
  3. Yes it does have aftermarket stereo and small amp and subwoofer but was professionally installed. Been in car for couple years with no previous problems like this.
  4. From what I’ve looked at the cables are good but have not looked into fuse block other than checking fuses. I will dig deeper tomorrow see what I can find. Will keep u posted on what I find. Thank u for ur time !!! This is the best place to find out anything about Caddy’s !!! Thank u !!!
  5. I had issues with it start, sounded like it was out of timing, changed the camshaft sensor and it fired right up and ran great. Drove it back and forth to work one day and next afternoon it’s right back to sounding like out of time again and throws the 603 code. Research I’ve done leads me to the pcm ?????
  6. Anybody ever use the so called plug & play pcm’s that are available? Are they really that easy to change out ? Fist time really messing with system but pulled PO603 code which is by what i can figure out is for keep alive memory ???? Faulty PCM ???? Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!
  7. Ok I’ll have to a gauge then and pull codes tomorrow evening. Thanks
  8. Ok thanks was no sign of any gasoline in vacuum hose but didn’t quite get regulator seated properly first time so fuel squirting everywhere so gotta a back out for little bit. Getting plenty fuel there. Gonna give little bit to air out then I’ll go check out codes. Thanks
  9. Ok gentlemen, replaced fuel pressure regulator and still doing same thing. Tried to pull codes but really don’t know what kind of code looking for IPC, PCM, etc ?????
  10. Not every time at first but last 4 times started it did. Didn’t try it tonight but wouldn’t start last time tried yesterday morning
  11. Not losing any coolant, already took heads off and replace bolts with oversized studs. Check engine light is on but havnt had time to pull codes yet. 12 hr midnights makes time limited. Just trying to get some idea where to start when I do get some time off. It only started this after sitting for few days in cold weather ????
  12. Hello all, Ive got 1999 Devile recently started giving me trouble on start up. Turns over great but if it starts it is really rough for maybe 15 to 20 seconds. Sometimes when it does start maybe for about 5 seconds it runs really rough until sounds like small backfire through throttle body. Thinking might be throttle position sensor ???? Runs great whenever it does start with no hesitations at all. Any ideas would be appreciated !!!!!
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