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  1. Did you check for and clear codes? Since repairs...
  2. Sounds like the clutch bearing is gone. May be the compressor itself as well. If it does it only when commanded on then likely the compressor is locked up. If it does it all the time it could be the clutch or both. Given the age I would just have the complete compressor replaced. Has the system been retrofitted to R134a or is it still R12?
  3. Thanks for the update. Good luck with it.
  4. Hello. Welcome To Caddyinfo Forum. IS the noise from inside or outside of the car? Inside I would say a bad actuator. Outside I would be looking at the compressor clutch. If clutch was going bad it would not throw any codes as the refrigerant may not have leaked out.
  5. Yup. Go go right to the canister if need be. If the nipple breaks off the canister then a new canister is needed.
  6. Rubber hose works wonders. Fuel rated but high pressure is not necessary. Cut the bad out and splice in a rubber hose You could also do compression fittings but more difficult and not necessary
  7. Check the lid switch. Located right at the latch. Manipulate it. BE sure it is plugged in. Welcome To CaddyInfo Forum
  8. I wish I could answer the phone part but I believe that was the first year for the ONStar, and a few years later it was unusable thanks to the FCC. I would assume it uses the phone, likely hands free but the details are vague. The data system is a high speed feed and return to each module. Easier explained by the diagram. I hope the link works as I am not that great with moving them data.pdf
  9. First off welcome to CaddyInfo. 2nd. What are you looking to accomplish? My next response varies greatly by that answer. You may already know that Communications are not going to work as anything pre 2001 the FCC made obsolete.
  10. Wow. Thats terrible. Garaged or not Iwould say that windshield is flawed. I hope they warranty it and if they do make sure you get the correct one for your application
  11. It almost sounds like there is a leak and the fuel is bleeding back to the tank, or elsewhere. Do you ever smell fuel? Next time it sits listen to and for the pump. Does it turn on, and if it does does it sound louder than normal? If it does run cycle the key a few times and try it. If it starts then the fuel is staying in the tank. Another thing that comes to mind is oil pressure. I know the older GMs would not run without the oil pressure sender. Never had that issue with any of mine though. Welcome to CaddyInfo Forum
  12. The only way I would replace the distributor itself is if the shaft is worn. But if it is not the worm gear type then I doubt it will be bad. I would lean toward a tuneup. Especially being you dont know that history. That is one of the first things I do on every vehicle I buy is a tuneup and coolant change. If the intake gaskets are original that may not be a bad idea. I am not sure but I think yours are wet and may be the concrete ones if original
  13. It may be mounted to the subframe between the radiator and the engine. That is where it is located on the E/K platform. The 98 is a different body style though and alot changed that year for the Seville only. Hard to miss. Just look where all your brake lines come together
  14. once all is removed it should lift right off. If it does not then something was missed. 4 studs. a number of bolts. Did you get the nut at the egr valve for the rail?
  15. Disconnect battery. Touch the 2 cable connections together. (while unhooked) reconnect and post results here
  16. I forget that is the last era with the distributor. That will cause issues in itself. I stick with Delco caps, rotors, and wires. I do not care for autolite wires. Napa ones are good.
  17. Just wanted to Thank you for the useful info. Car has been flawless ever since I unplugged them. Have had no problems, parked or driving.
  18. Lol. So that sounds like the radio itself.
  19. Unplug, inspect, and plug the EBTCM back in. Make sure the harness is not pulled taught. Welcome to CaddyInfo.
  20. My spiritedly driven 97 Deville at its finest. How many people can get 20 mpg out of a 23 year old v8. Even better is that I do not recall adding any oil (Oil life at 2%) What a wonderful ride.
  21. The shaft screws over the stud. The u clamp slides over shaft. The nut goes over shaft. The U clamp pushes down on the lock plate. For reassembly drop lock clip onto stud screw shaft onto stud rest is the same, once plate is down push the lock clip down into place. Slowly back the nut off and the lock plate will be retained by the clip