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  1. Guess I gotta put the thing back in the shop. This car is a money pit for sure. Probably still cheaper to fix with what used cars are going for now. Insane! Pretty sure it happened a year or so later..
  2. Gotta mention another thing. So the blower motor quit working. I went out tonight and just stood next to the car and I can hear it making noise with the car totally off. The car was off sitting there for hours yet I heard something making noise. When I popped the hood I can hear it coming from the blower motor and if I touch it I can feel it vibrate a little. Kinda sounds like it's revving up a bit and then back down. Like it's going from off to low speed and back. But if you're in the car it's not really blowing at low speed it lower than what low speed normally is. And it seems to do it in all of about 10 seconds and starts all over again. Ever hear anything like that?? This car is NUTS!!! LOL.. So I unplugged it for now.. I'm stumped.. This car is making me as nuts as it is. HA!! LOL.. HELP!! 🤪
  3. Logan, thanks again for the info. Greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes, I tried the original spare key and have the same problem. Logan, thanks! So what is it I'm checking on the IPC? As I said many times before, I'm as dumb as a box of rocks so I need a little more info. I rode the short bus to school.. LOL.. 🤪
  5. So today it acted up a lot. Checked codes and got Current IP-B2511 again and a new one, IP-B2515, Strg Whl Cont Illegal Resistance Value. Not sure what that means, but I'm starting to think the problem is gonna be in the steering column. Can't really find anything online about that code. The battery connections are clean and tight now with the spacer and still having the problem. Let me add that the dash/cluster lights didn't work anymore. I had that problem and had it repaired years ago. It went out many months ago. But this time even the message area at the bottom went out too. That didn't happen the first time it went out. Now, all of a sudden it's been working again the last week. Stays on most of the time now. So that's weird.. So now I'm able to run a code check. Seems like it started working when the starting problem started.. This car has a lot of problems.. It's a shame because it only had 137K miles on it. It also has a very small antifreeze leak somewhere. I can always smell it but can't find it and the car will run hot and overheat if we drive too much. Goes into that safety mode. But it's definitely a small leak. Only gotta add like a glass of antifreeze about 3 to 4 weeks. Also, today, the A/C blower motor quit working. LOL.. I'm trying to keep this thing alive without breaking the bank, but I don't think it's got much more time. The fat lady is getting ready to sing and off to the junkyard it's gonna have to go. Just wish I was smart enough to figure this out..
  6. Question, would a starter relay work intermittently if it was bad or going bad? I'm thinking they just quit all together, but not sure.. 🤪
  7. The guy cleaned them all when he changed out the battery, but I'll look into it this weekend. I think those codes are for the steering wheel controls. Both the stereo and A/C controls both quit working at the same time. I'm guessing there is a bad wire in the steering column or under the airbag. I'd look, but I don't want to mess with the airbag. With my luck it'll go off in my face.. LOL. I'll have to check this weekend. Starts OK for me, but not the wife. Maybe it's her?? LOL.. Yeah, I hate those terminals. Should have stayed with the top terminals.. Thanks for the info.
  8. So the last couple of weeks the car sometimes wont crank when you turn the key. Just replaced a bad battery a few weeks ago but the problem was happening before and now after the new battery.. Current codes, IP-B2510 Steering Wheel Controls HVAC Key Stuck.. And IP-B2511. Steering Wheel Controls Conv Key Stuck. Most times if you turn the key a couple times it'll start. Tried changing ignition key with the spare and still does it. Hoping it's not the starter. Security light goes out so I'm assuming not the security system. Also, there are two red cables hooked to the positive side. One is good and tight but the other isn't. It's tight, but not enough to where I can't move it some. What are the two cables to? Starter is one but what's the other? Thanks!!
  9. Yeah the 94-96 are definitely better looking. I love how the rear tire is partially covered. Inside is better looking too in my opinion. I have an AM/FM/CD stereo from I think a 93 or 95 Seville. Too bad I couldn't just slap that in. It worked great back when I took it out.
  10. Well it doesn't look as good as it does in the pics anymore. No more Vogue tires and no center caps on the wheels and the rear passenger door is still caved in from the drunk driver that hit me back in 2017. It's still a good looking car though. Pretty sure it's days are numbered though. LOL.. So the wife said the radio didn't work at all, but I just think that the volume was down all the way. I was wondering what would happen if I just unplug the steering wheel controls all together? But I guess I can't do that because of the stupid airbag.. LOL The Vogues I got from Cardio-Doc years ago. He told me they were brand new even after I asked him what the dates were on the tires. Then when I get them they were already over 2 years old. He lied and then said that I can return them on my dime if not happy.. Buyer beware with that guy.. POS!!
  11. The shop didn't find the problem. Intermittent problem and never any codes. I picked up a new coil and was gonna swap them out one by one to see if that would work. Went on YouTube and found a video of a guy testing them and I went out and did what he did in the video and found one coil was weak. I swapped it out and the car runs fine now. But this car has a lot of problems. The steering wheel controls for the radio and A/C don't work. At times the radio will change stations on it's own and the volume would either go all the way down or blasting all on it's own. Same with the A/C, temp would go from 60 to 90 and the fan would go from high to low. I'm assuming it has something to do with the steering wheel controls. Now today the radio quit working all together. I don't see any problems in the wiring anywhere that I can see. One of these days I believe the car is gonna burn.. Just way too many electrical problems.
  12. OK, so the code did clear. I did it wrong the first time. I cleared it days ago and the problem is still there. It was real bad a couple days ago and then last night it was fine. It's coming and going. I rechecked the codes and still no codes coming up. The popping sounds like it's coming from the engine. Maybe Throttle body area. Car would also stutter real bad when you really give it gas. Right now it's in the shop and it's not doing it for them now either. But that's how it usually goes..
  13. Hey folks, long time no post. Question, on my 96 Deville, I kinda feel a little miss in it. If I'm sitting at a light it'll run smooth and then all of a sudden kinda stutter and then clear up. Also, if I hit the gas hard it'll backfire/pop. That's the only way I can describe it. At first I thought bad coil pack, but it's not like I remember a bad coil pack would do. I can't see the onboard computer codes because the dash lights went out again. I used a Actron code reader and the only code I get is a P1634. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. Yeah, been out of commission for a while and didn't get back to it till a couple weeks ago. I'd like to know what the problem is, but I'm just at the point where I just don't want to mess with it anymore. I put it on Craigslist a little over a month ago with the pics I have of the car all cleaned up before the damage and then two of the damage and mentioned the extremely hight idle and listed it for $1,200 OBO. The next morning I had almost 20 messages on it. A few were bogus, but most were interested. So if it stays this way when I'm ready to move on I'll list it for real.. Better than scraping it.. 😀 👍
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