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  1. Thanks, Rockfangd. My 6 pin connector has orange, yellow, pink, grey, green and black. So I have a green instead of brown. The 2 4 pin connectors are for the speakers. The 7 pin connector only has 2 wires- orange w/ black tracer and purple w/ white tracer. I'm assuming they go to the BCM for the 16 volt feed for the display. I don't want to cross up those wires.
  2. Does anyone have the wiring diagram of the non-Bose, non-telephone radio for the 1993Deville. It has 4 connectors- 2- 4 wire connectors, 1- 7 wire connector, and 1- 6 wire connector. Not all the pin positions have wires. I need the wire colors and what they feed- power, grounds, BCM, lights, etc. I have GM service manuals for 1988 Devilles and 1993 Seville and Eldorado, but none are the same. Plus I have a 1973 Cadillac manual, too. If anyone needs something looked up I be happy to help. I'm not on the computer every day so it may take time to reply. Thanks in advance.
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