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  1. Things to that when I say overheating it doesn’t necessarily go above 205 to 210 but I know that’s hot for my car my car is usually running around 190 could it be that I don’t have the coolant mixed right I didn’t know you had to mix coolant and water distilled water so I need to drain half of it out and mix it 50-50 right
  2. 1999 Cadillac Devilleis overheating sometimes so I figured the thermostat is sticking there is coolantthere is no oil leaking don’t think it’s a gasket I think it’s gonna be my thermostat my question is how do I remove the thermostat I know it’s under the breather do I need a special tool I am a little mechanically gifted for a girl
  3. That’s what the mechanic said he did. Took him three weeks said he had to order the part from the manufacture but I already seen on YouTube that you can put a resistor in there I’m just not real confident that I could not have done it . he charge me $800 to put that resistor under the dash and then he didn’t even put my air conditioning vents back together correctly. Thanks for your answer I’m just now getting back to it and I never did check the rear wiring I’m about to sell the car I hope I just bought me a truck yay!!!!
  4. Ok. I’m going to take a pic of what I’m talking about maybe you can tell me what it is. Man I just need to sell this car. Sorry I know a lil about trucks but caddy s are a whole different level for me.
  5. I think I know what your talking about never seen one and didn’t know what to call it but . It’s located in front of oils pan under serpentine belt in front side of car ?¿ It has old sludgy greasy build up like a leak occur (big leak) but no fluid ever missing. The whole are of power steering pump and serpentine belt has what looks like cooked on sludge from earlier leak.
  6. Have a 1999 caddy deville very nice clean car engine and tranny is great. 179,000 miles nice interior no power steering no ac and no shocks on rear. has new tie rods hub assembly tires fuel pump and security ststem has been bypassed. Must sell I need a truck to pull my mobile grooming trailer!
  7. So the outside handle and lock has become unhinged from its resting place. Now I cannot unlock door or open it. Tried taking door panel off but with door shut it’s next to impossible. So I looked down inside door best I could but idk what im looking for. Really need to open door and get panel alll way off. Is there way to bypass handle and lock ? Lol I know dumb question… but I need door open to fix. Yea I tried key to unlock but nothing happens
  8. Thank you! I already had the security issue with it not starting and had put in shop to fix. Message still reads on dash about it but dude said to ignore it I should never have that problem again. and yes my now ex boyfriend did work on the tie rods , front hub assembly and he basically broke all bu 2 studs and didn’t tell me. I did brake job this past weekend myself and well I am shocked my tire didn’t just roll away down the street. What is resetting pug? I cleared all the codes already. And my rear shock are out and ex also told me stuff was unplugged in the rear. I haven’t had a moment to check out rear of car. What else should I be checking while I’m there? Been driving car 2 years with no shocks and a lot of steering issues and yea I know I need alignment badly.
  9. I replaced pump almost one year ago. No power steering shortly after that. On rare occasion it will work. A guy I know did the replacement pretty sure he knew what he was doing. Never had to put any power steering fluid in since then. No noise coming from pump at all. Everything looks and sounds to be alright with pump.
  10. power steering acting up / lots of old fluid around pump but no fluid missing anywhere (oil , tranny, brake or power steering fluid)so I changed pump. Still went out on me but sometimes when it’s cold power steering will “magically” work. 1999 caddy deville 170,000 miles.
  11. I pulled codes what are they and how best to fix? TCS C1234 TCS C1235 IPC B2711
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