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growling noise coming from front end 97 sts was told it was rotors and pads replaced them noise still there

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Front wheel drive; could be wheel bearings or the C.V. joints. As Bruce alludes, if clicking sounds, and attenuates in turns, sounds like C.V. A rrr, rrr sound may be wheel bearings.


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If it sounds like you are being follored by a propeller airplane, and the pitch changes as you accelerate, it's most likely your wheel hub. Just make sure its the right one you replace, alrhough doing both will probably be best anyway. Just go OEM.

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when does the noise happen? Is it speed related? Does it change with steering angle?

Yes its speed related and the noise does somewhat change with the steering angle the biggest problem is finding someone I trust to work on my car.

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Sounds like a front bearing. If you do a series of "S" turns in the road and the noise quits when steering left, it is the right bearing and vice versa.

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Sound like a wheel bearing problem, but it could also be a simple tire issue. Actually, my wife did suffer the same problem as yours and we thought it was the wheel bearing, but I notice that the front tires are having some cracking issue. So we replaced all 4 tires that I bought from 4WheelOnline and guess what the growing sound disappeared. 

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also note that the bearings very commonly fail in pairs.

Did replacing the one make any difference?


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