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  1. Sound like a short to ground but you would want to look to see which of the errant items are on the same circuit
  2. TV personalities/hosts and dancers Stephen “tWitch” Boss and wife Allison Holker Boss take their kids on a truly unique, hands-free driving experience in the Next Generation 2021 Escalade. Watch as these parents experience the benefits of available Super Cruise driver-assistance feature with everything from having a snack on-the-go to communicating with the back seat.
  3. Comedian Tiffany Haddish’s over-the-top personality is on full display as she learns how to release the wheel and let the available Super Cruise driver-assistance feature in the Next Generation 2021 Escalade do what it does best. As an added twist, her younger brother Justin recently learned how to drive, and Tiffany watches as the technology helps him on the road and calms her big-sister nerves.
  4. Star Sofia Vergara turns into a true believer and learns how to relax while driving hands-free with available Super Cruise driver-assistance feature in the Next Generation 2021 Escalade. Her husband, Joe Manganiello, already an Escalade driver, admits his “favorite car just got better.”
  5. Cadillac invited a group of well-known celebrities to react to their first hands-free driving experience. With the available Super Cruise driver-assistance feature on the Next Generation 2021 Escalade, Sofia Vergara and husband Joe Manganiello, The Jonas Brothers (Kevin, Nick and virtual Joe), Tiffany Haddish and younger brother Justin, and Stephen “tWitch” Boss and wife Allison Holker Boss with their family all took turns trying out the new technology.
  6. Trying to get the CTS-V from stock 550 hp to 750+ hp. Headers, pulley, intake, exhaust
  7. Not exactly the same -- this is a bolt-on supercharger rather than a complete designed-with-supercharger package. Should be a nice power adder regardless, but a dealer add-on rather than factory installation.
  8. Cadillac is preparing to supercharge the Escalade, according to a recent report. The body-on-frame General Motors SUVs that it shares its basic underpinnings with are allegedly in line to receive a big increase in power, too. https://www.autoblog.com/2021/02/15/cadillac-escalade-gm-suvs-to-get-supercharger/ I think this is good news overall, and may pave the way to recognizing an Escalade-V market.
  9. Hi Mike; I ran an update on the forum after I saw this just to get it out of the way. I see gadgets to the upper right; do you not see those? We can setup a call if that would be faster.
  10. Transportation range, comfort, and amazing acceleration; I am not sure that Cadillac totally gets that part of the allure of the Tesla's is how quick they are.
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