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  1. That's well and good I have been honest and up front and soon as people hear its a coolant leak they walk and want the car for nothing I have owned this car for 16 years and now I have listed for $600.00 and I cant sell it its worth more then in parts wreckers offered me $75.00 you say there are people willing to buy them and repair them only true if people love cadillacs so perhaps you can find me a buyer
  2. ​I think I got a blowen head gasket I need to sell this to many repairs has anyone used head gasket sealer the stuff you put in the rad Thanks
  3. thanks all for your help 600.00 $ that included 2 hrs labour 5 year warranty
  4. what is the easiest way to remove an alternator from 97 cad with northstar eng thanks​
  5. Yes its speed related and the noise does somewhat change with the steering angle the biggest problem is finding someone I trust to work on my car.
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