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  3. Oh nice simple fix. Odd that would cause the engine to die completely but good the symptoms are gone.
  4. Wed, May 5, 2021 DETROIT – General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) today reported first-quarter earnings driven by strong price and mix performance in North America, strong credit and residual value performance at GM Financial, and the industry recovery in China. The company is highly confident in its full-year 2021 guidance outlined earlier this year as it works to manage through the semiconductor shortage, which is impacting automakers globally. Based on information available today, the company expects to be at the higher-end of the EBIT-adjusted range. Downloads GM Chairman a
  5. Received via email: I have a new battery and it is down each morning when I just it off its fine until the next morning noting is left on in the car and the alternator is fine. But I have notice that when I disconnect the battery and reconnect it in the morning I hear a clicking sound from the inside of the car and when I get in the car my a/c indicator is on and the radio could my ignition switch be bad are the relay?
  6. Monthly VIP Newsletter View as Web page | Ensure delivery VIEW WEBSITE VIEW OFFERS FUTURE VEHICLES LOCATE A DEALER THE MAGIC OF CADILLAC SUPER CRUISE With Elizabeth Banks direction, Cadillac invited a group of celebrities to try taking their hands off the wheel for the first time to experience the available Super Cruise driver-assistance feature in the 2021 Escalade. See Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiel
  7. I wonder if the regular connector has this cable plugged into it with this port exposed, and that cable just needs to be unplugged to display the standard port?
  8. I wonder if that is an aftermarket dongle or some sort that is attached to the actual port, which is plugged into the other end of this pony tail? If that is the case, it may simply need unplugging the aftermarket cable and putting the standard port back into place. It certainly looks like an aftermarket addition but I am not sure to what end. At first I was guessing it is an engine tuning override of some sort.
  9. I am interested in this story. Can you post an image of the port and the wiring that has been added?
  10. The Helm shop manual is the one to have for maintaining your Cadillac. Watch ebay or other used sources that may offer at a discount, but also know what they are new for comparison. I have seen used shop manuals offered for more than new prices.
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