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  1. Interesting article on V-12 that might have been What happened? Contemporary sources believe that GM was worried about releasing an engine which exceeded the V-8’s thirst by a considerable amount without having a similar power advantage. Expanding the Cadillac V-8 to 501 cubic inches closed the gap to the V-12 with significantly less investment.
  2. Detailed info page:
  3. The DTS has yet to attract attention as a collector vehicle, and probably won't do so any time soon. For those looking for a comfortable, old-school Cadillac, the DTS is easy to find and very reasonably priced. Performance models, which feature GM's magnificent Magnetic Ride Control suspension, will probably be the most desirable models for enthusiasts. As the DTS was popular with older drivers, there are plenty of good low-mileage examples to be found. Look for cars in Florida and Arizona, rust-free states popular with retirees.
  4. Ultium Cells LLC is the name of the General Motors and LG Chem joint venture for cell manufacturing. Construction has started with ground prep activities for the future site of the Ultium battery cell manufacturing facility in Lordstown. View the full article
  5. video showcasing parts CaddyDaddy has for the 64 engines, which should be the first year for the 429 OHV V8 (7L) making 340 hp (gross) 480 lb-ft of torque. Wikipedia notes some early 64s got the prior 390 cubic inch V8 until supply ran out.
  6. Mechanic debates the entire video whether to accept a Customer car with HT4100 that wants a chevy V8 swapped in.