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  1. https://www.hotcars.com/2023-cadillac-lyriq-ev-10-reasons-why-were-excited/ When Cadillac first introduced the Lyriq in 2020, it set a target date of late 2022 for the first deliveries. However, things have progressed quite smoothly for the EV since then and it will now launch 9 months ahead of schedule. US buyers can expect to start taking deliveries in the first quarter of 2022 for the 2023 model year.
  2. Got a check engine light with a couple of codes. Took it in to dealer, and they found the wiring hardness had a defect. They are covering it under the powertrain warranty. Apparently they do see this now and then and it is just situational -- it can mean low transmission fluid, bad sensor, bad harness, etc.
  3. Resto mod for $140K? Sort of a Series 62-V. I do like the look from that era. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/cadillac/62/2429429.html?refer=saturday&utm_source=saturday&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-07-24
  4. General Motors announced today it will introduce new Super Cruise1 capabilities on six model year 2022 vehicles in the first quarter of 2022. Super Cruise is the industry’s first true hands-free driver-assistance technology allowing drivers to travel hands-free on over 200,000 miles of compatible roads across the U.S. and Canada. View the full article
  5. BrightDrop today named four new executives to its leadership team, appointing Anthony Armenta as chief technology officer, Rachad Youssef as chief product officer, Shaluinn Fullove as chief people officer and Steve Hornyak as chief revenue officer. View the full article
  6. General Motors and BrightDrop, a new business created and wholly owned by GM that is reimagining commercial delivery and logistics for an all-electric future, today announced the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service, a comprehensive approach designed to help make the switch to electric seamless for fleet customers by connecting them with services, features and resources. View the full article
  7. Today, General Motors announced a more than $71 million investment to establish a new campus in Pasadena, California, for GM’s Advanced Design Center operations, a move that will substantially increase the center’s capacity and create more jobs in the area. View the full article
  8. Info from the Bars site: What if I don’t have a radiator cap? If vehicle does not have a regular radiator cap, remove top hose where it attached to radiator and insert tablets in hose and then reinstall hose. Use extreme caution; the cooling system is under pressure and is not safe to open when hot. If the hose is not properly disconnected and reconnected then the cooling system will not be able to maintain pressure, and engine damage can occur. For this application, the tablets are easier to apply than the liquid. But I believe the mfr's instructions are to remove the upper hose, use a funnel with a tube attached, or other similar method, to pour the stop leak into the radiator, or into the hose connection, then reconnect the hose.
  9. owner notes: Oh I forgot to include some new information I have. The volt reference code is the OTHER side now, so no longer B circuit anymore but A circuit. Not sure how that happened after the new ecu or what it suggests
  10. Thank you for the detailed response, and welcome to Texas & CaddyInfo. I appreciate this may be confusing, but although yes I drive a 2016 ATS-V, this is a "mailbag" post which is to say someone emailed me directly instead of posting it in the forum. That person has an STS-V, which is the vehicle with the issue; my ATS-V is fine. I think your logic still applies for a good approach to diagnosis & I have also forwarded to vehicle owner. Currently he is dealing with a muscle car shop, not a Cadillac dealer, and they were smoke testing the intake to try to establish why it is running lean DTC p0171 p0174 and the 5 volt reference
  11. Sorry things seem to be stacking up. You are more than welcome to vent here.
  12. No no longer p2135, just p0171 p0174 and the 5 volt reference
  13. Owner update: Spoke too soon. Car went into reduced engine power again, giving 5 volt reference on the other side now
  14. Which two door would you pick for $21K? XLR, CTS, ATS Through recent research, I’ve noticed something very interesting: In The Current Year, the XLR, CTS, ATS, and ELR (that’s every two-door model Cadillac has produced since 2004) all command the same money on the used market. Their pricing is aligned at around $21,000 to $24,000 (excluding V variants). That’s fairly unusual given their different ages, power, and overall missions. Today we look at the three most traditional options of those four (not in V guise), and leave out the ELR because it sucked. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2021/07/buy-drive-burn-three-two-door-cadillacs-one-price-point/
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