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Will Your Dealer Price Match Internet Prices?

Texas Jim

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Has anyone ever took internet prices to your local dealer and see if they would price match?

I bought several things (about $500 bucks worth) for my sons new GMC Sierra Denali for his Christmas Present last year.

The local GMC dealer price matched every price I brought to them AND I didn't have to pay shipping AND I didn't have to WAIT on the parts. I did have to pay tax.

Might be worth trying.

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Not a car..but we did some with appliances.

We did some of that when we remodeled the kitchen last summer. Found a great site on the net. Great prices..with shipping.

We simply just stopped by the local HHGregg just to see the appliances in the flesh before we bought them. You know..hands on feeling.

We were approached by HH staff. "Just looking, Thanks. We found some great prices on the net for this stuff, just getting a hands on feel before we order."

"What kind of prices?"

"Hang on, I have it printed out in the car."

Anyway, at first they could not believe the prices. "What, did it fall off the truck?"

Over time, the HH manager looked at the website we provided...end of story. HHGregg matched every price listed on that website. We had to pay local TN tax. But for local shipping and a local source if something was wrong...we had to jump on that.

Saved a couple thousand $ on that deal..it pays to shop around.

As for my local Cadillac dealer. They will not match any internet pricing. And I know the parts dept guy.

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My local dealer is overpriced on parts (typically 20% higher than GM list) so I rarely buy any parts from them. When I replaced the ignition lock cylinder on my Fleetwood a few years ago, they did come within $10 of the internet price so I bought the cylinder from them just to have it immediately. I typically don't bother to ask unless the part was fairly expensive - greater than $50 or so.

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I check the web, write down the prices, and go shopping. When my local dealer pitches a higher price, I'll pull out my notes. "I'd like to support the local economy and all, but what are "They" doing, that you can't?" OK, OK, but don't tell anyone........

In some cases, I'll break out the "Dry Powder" (Cash), to get the best price. For service

I'll first get a quote. Then, I'll knock it down a bit, and propose a friendly wager, in cash.

If he says: An A/C vac/recharge will be about 75 bucks, I'll pull out 65 bucks, and bet him that he can't do it. I always lose the bet...


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My local Caddy dealer dropped their price on the tank from $140 to $114 the price I got on line with a smile. I have stopped feeling pushy when I ask, but you gotta ask. NEVER appear to be under duress or in need, I say can you match this price or do I have to wait to get it delivered?

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Texas Jim,

Back in 1999, I bought my wife a 2000 Neon. The Reno/CarsonCity dealers were higher by $700 to $1,000, (and would not drop - even when shown the paperwork). Sight-unseen, the California dealer's driver drove it over to us in Reno. We had the title noterized and the deal was done in 15-minutes at a "MailBoxes are Us" type of store.

Our local dealer honored a couple of minor warrenty items. When we sold it "used" in 2007, it had less than 15,000-miles and was like new anyway, (she even had black towels over the black floor mats to keep them clean....)

If you are buying new, then I don't see the problem. I figure a new car is much like the appliances that Bruce bought. Every Caddilac is made the same no matter where in the USA it goes after it leaves the factory, (aside from the state-specific emmissions stuff). Did you really think the dealer completed it for you personally, just before you walked in?

Oh yea Jim. The Deputies began patrolling that stretch of road that I ran your fine Caddy up past 120 or so. It seems they got complaints about "violaters" on that nice, new, flat, lonely asphalt... Of course, the oval dirt track and the new dragstrip are just past the end of road where we turned around.


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