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  1. You've offered good advice in the past, Jim, so here' s another plea for wisdom. My '98 DeVille has recently starred displaying erroneous or inaccurate data. The gas gauge claims I'm low when there's still six or seven gallons in the tank. I've proved this by topping out and watching it hit Full with ten or twelve gallons added.And my AC wants to blow through the defrost ducts instead of the finned dash ducts as it should. This is intermittent...one day it works fine, then the next time I start the car it come through the heating/defrost ducts. If I continue to drive it will sometimes return to blowing through the proper ducts, but I can't control where it come out.

    Any suggestions are welcome, and I'm always grateful for your experience and wisdom. Still enjoying my older Caddy, obviously. Still a fine automobile, despite its age.

  2. Congratulations Mike... You did good...
  3. Did anyone notice that the '53 El Dorado had an 8 volt battery on it??
  4. Howdy Mike, I haven't had much time for the forum lately.. My Darling Wife has had multiple strokes and I take care of her.. I traded the '06 DTS Performance with over 150,000 miles on it for a 2011 DTS Platinum with just over 20k miles on it in June of 2014..
  5. If y'all remember some of my past threads, I like road trips too...(Y)
  6. She talked to them this morning Jim and they told her they had a pretty good idea of what it might be and that it MIGHT be a quick fix... I hope, for her sake, that it is... She is a really nice lady and she loves her 2000 DTS.. She bought it new and keeps it in the garage all the time... It looks just like a brand new one, inside and out.. It's White Diamond with a really light colored tan interior.
  7. Thanks Jim, I had her check that... Everything was fine till she took it to Walmart and had the battery replaced... It has the Digital Dash if that makes any difference.. She is 81 years old and can't take the back seat out to take the battery cables off. She called me earlier.. she has an appointment to take it to the Cadillac Dealer next Thursday..It's about 65 miles from her house to the Dealer.
  8. Thank you for the response... I just figured she would have checked that, but I will call her and have her double check it before taking it to the dealer..
  9. When you do a wide open throttle and then let off, there is a built in 5 second delay before it shuts the fuel off and the goes back to the 70 mpg on deceleration. This is to minimize driveline shocks in case you had suddenly let off and then jump back to WOT again... Normal delay is 3 seconds...
  10. A good friend of mine (an 81 year old lady) has a 2000 DeVille DTS and had a new battery put in today and now the Digital Dash is dark.. Nothing lights up on the dash now.. Any ideas on something easy for her to check before she takes it to the Cadillac dealer... She lives 75 miles from me, so I can't just jump in the car and go check it for her.
  11. try this number...20461S I think it is the lower hose for your car
  12. I thought I was the only one that used that...and that reminds me, I'm out of it...
  13. I haven't used Marvel Mystery Oil in a number of years, but I used to put just a little (about a cupful) in the oil at every other oil change... Did it for years and years... never had any engine trouble at all.. Thanks for the reminder, I'll try to remember to pick up a can the next time I go to the store..
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