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  1. I got the new Nav Disc Update (pn 20861474) in today's mail. Call the GM Nav Disc Center (1-877-628-3472) to request your update...2006 and 2007 owners, need only apply.
  2. "The Hunter machine also has a process built in for seating the beads, so I don't think you need to worry about the tires being fully married to the rims." Mr. Tire did mention the "built in process for seating the beads" but advised the "process" was a "good" start...As per the tire tech, "Real World driving forces exceed the machine's ability to seat the tires. The machine doesn't heat the tires, as driving will. Call when you are ready for RFB #2, and I'll hold a bay open. Drive the car for at least a half hour before you come in. When you come in, drive right into the bay that will be open, and we'll put her in the air right away." "The stick on weights are only proper for the outside of the rim..." The "Self Stick weights" were "stuck" on the inside of the rim, as done by GM on my '06 DTS. I did talk weights with the tire tech, and we shared the loquacious nonsense " If it's good enough for the GENERAL... it's the way to go... At any rate, thanks guys for the input.
  3. I'll thank my Insurance company for the motivation to reduce the number of "Toys" in my car stable. I opted for automatic premium deduction from my checking account, some time ago. The "Carrot" was a slight reduction in premium costs. The "Slight" reduction is GONE. They have been increasing my fee, ever so slightly, for some time. I never noticed...Wife does the "Paper Work". No excuse for me though, I should have watched the numbers. We decided to reduce the "Stable" and sell the '96 Eldorado (Sold...4K), the 56K mile '92 Riviera "Winter Beater" (Sale Pending), and the '97 Riviera. Enter the "New" Winter Beater...2006 STS4 (AWD) Infrared color, Navagation, Infotainment system (15 speaker deluxe) Memory package, Eucalyptus wood trim, Voice Recognition, Moon Roof, Soft Ride, Computer Select Susp., Bla Bla Bla. The car is fun to drive. Handles nice. Push Button Start. The Voice Recognition is OK, as long as you remember the specific commands. Early on, I commanded "Air Conditioning Cooler" (Improper Command)...The "Lady" responded "Your Defroster is now on", it turned on, I responded, "A**H***", the "Lady" responded "Command not recognized"... All in all, a nice toy.
  4. On July 1 my "Winter Beater" ('06 STS4) got some new shoes. Mr. Tire is my vendor of choice. They use the Hunter system and have a 30 day "No Questions Asked" return policy. I had the 235/50ZR17 MPS A/S + mounted on NEW 4610 RPO N93 rims. The highest RFB was .014, the others were lower, .008-.010. Not too bad for "Freshly" mounted tires considering the tires weren't "Road Married" yet to the wheels. In two weeks I'll return, after the tires have settled in for another RFB session. Self Stick weights were used. The tires proudly display MADE IN USA on the side walls! They have a 45K mile warranty. The OEM Michelins (RPO QKP) Energy series (S Rated) were OK but they don't hold a candle to the Pilot Sports. The STS4 now handles like a Go-Kart. Like it's on rails. Steering response in NOW. The Sports are quiet and smooth. $913.68 out the door plus a $70.00 rebate (MasterCard Gift card). I'm thinking of getting another set of Sports for my '06 DTS to replace the OEM Conti's. It will by a while as they have only 32K miles on them.
  5. Good Stuff..... Permatex® the Right Stuff® Gasket Maker Return equipment to service immediately when you make leak-proof gaskets in just one minute with the Right Stuff.® This latest elastomeric rubber gasket technology is blowout resistant and outperforms pre-cut gaskets. Specified on production lines by GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler and Mercedes-Benz. Temperature range -75°F to 450°F (-59°C to 232°C) continuous, 500°F (260°C) intermittent.; resists ATF, coolant, oil and other shop fluids. Protects against leaks caused by vibration and thermal expansion. Sensor-safe. Suggested Applications: Automotive and marine gaskets, valve covers, gearbox covers, pumps, compressors, oil pans, thermostat housings, water pumps
  6. Jan 26 2008, 09:52 AM Post #39 "Huckabee Has Moved To The Republican Lead" "United we stand, Divided, we FALL" "To obtain control over public opinion, it is first necessary to confuse it by the expression from various sides of so many conflicting opinions. Increasing and intensifying the shortcomings of the people in their habits, passions and mode of living, so that no one will be able to collect himself in the chaos, and, consequently, people will lose all their mutual understanding. This measure will serve also in breeding disagreement in all parties, in disintegrating all those collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us and in discouraging all personal initiative which can in any way interfere with our undertaking." The currency of the incumbent is to capitalize the status quo into the future. "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them." -- by Albert Einstein Sharing will not preserve or enhance a ruling class’s interest.The preservation of privilege requires the exercise of power. The power to inform, or dis-inform. Most media serves as "Tools of the Status-Quo" involved in the Perpetually Rejuvenated Illusion of choice. Decisions, disguised as Democracy-"The Will of the People", DON'T empower the "People", but rather continue the "Privilage" of a few. Venal motives as well as ideological ones are served by the comprehensive makeover of Schooling, or CITIES, or ECONOMIES (New Rules), or COUNTRIES, and palms incidentally greased in the transition soon find themselves defending it for their own material advantage. IMO, Politics are Politics, be it School Politics/City Politics/State Politics/Federal Politics... They all dine at the same trough. Republicans, Democrats, or Republicrats, it doesn't matter. Confucius said: "Don't do to others, what you don't want done to you." In the West, this has been reframed into a directive, more commonly known as the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A society that sacrifices fairness and integrity for profit and power betrays its insensitivity to human needs. The proliferation of material things becomes the measure of progress in living, and man is pitted against woman, worker against employer, individual against community. When wealth occupies a higher position than wisdom, when notoriety is admired more than dignity, when success is more important than self-respect, the culture itself overvalues 'image' and is regarded as narcissistic. That is NOT what we are here for. The real enemy of peace loving people everywhere is not so easy to define with words like "terrorists" or "radicals". I'm not excusing their actions, but those people are symptoms of the anger, hatred and feelings of hopelessness which exists in abundance in much of the world. The well lobbied BOZO'S of BOTH camps are playing right into the NEW style WAR that is upon us. It seems to me that the American economy is like the DOT COM boom, an economy of false appearances. The economic ballast (manufacturing) that we USED to have is being replaced by service sector jobs. The GDP is around $10 trillion, of which about 1% is agriculture, maybe 24% industry, the rest is service, and most of this is financial speculation. Basically the USA is a Corporation, and dollars, strictly speaking, are it's shares. The value of a corporation's shares is directly proportional to the profitability of the enterprise. When a corporation is just a service provider and doesn't produce any durable goods, the value of it's shares (Our Dollar) depends on it's CREDIBILITY. How are we doing in the World today? Either party will serve as "Rulers", and do as "Rulers" do. The present "Party" has demonstrated it's ability to DIVIDE both country and world. Neither party has all the answers. A united country/world will do more to continue our "Credibility" than further division. If you think anger, hatred and feelings of hopelessness, are "Cured" by division, think again.... United We Stand, Divided We FALL.
  7. "Inside of me there two dogs. One of the dogs is happy. The other dog is unhappy. The happy dog fights the unhappy dog all the time." When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, "The one I feed the most."
  8. "The pipes to/from the heater core are in shady condition, and I think this would be a good time to change them. I can't seem to find them anywhere online! Is there a known source (other than the dealer!) for these?" How about "Bending" up a set using stainless tubing?
  9. "Sadly, the era of the USA has come to an end"... Go figure...It may have something to do with the balance of PRODUCTIVE labor and NON-PRODUCTIVE labor. "Making" money compared to "Getting" money. The basis of Capitalism is PRODUCTION for profit. Converting raw materials into goods of social utility, and in turn selling them, MAKES money. NON-PRODUCTIVE labor "Services", GETS money. The value of our dollar (Capital) is the SUM of the Goods and Services. PRODUCTION (Products) makes all earnings possible. Production depends on Capital growth and earnings, BUT there can be NO REAL Capital without Production. Today, our Capital is about 20% REAL, 80% thin air... our Production compared to our Services.
  10. Dorman Products (Help) has "Window Guides"... https://www.dormanproducts.com/cgi-bin/vm91...rman%20Products
  11. http://www.fedhillusa.com/ Cunifer Brake Line
  12. "I didn't fail by much at all, it was like 3 points off in the 15mph range, and everything else passed no problem"... Before I go for a smog test, with my older cars, I put at least 38 psi in the drive wheels, change oil, make sure the air filter is clean, no misfires, 1/4 tank of gas with 3 (12 oz.) jugs of Iso-HEET (isopropyl alcohol)... After the test, I top off the tank and reduce the tire pressure.
  13. I've done it from the TOP. Once you "Think" it's cleared out, see if it will drain. I've used a "Knee Draining" (big) Syringe, to inject water into the drain opening...
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