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  1. Congratulations Mike... You did good...
  2. Did anyone notice that the '53 El Dorado had an 8 volt battery on it??
  3. Howdy Mike, I haven't had much time for the forum lately.. My Darling Wife has had multiple strokes and I take care of her.. I traded the '06 DTS Performance with over 150,000 miles on it for a 2011 DTS Platinum with just over 20k miles on it in June of 2014..
  4. If y'all remember some of my past threads, I like road trips too...(Y)
  5. She talked to them this morning Jim and they told her they had a pretty good idea of what it might be and that it MIGHT be a quick fix... I hope, for her sake, that it is... She is a really nice lady and she loves her 2000 DTS.. She bought it new and keeps it in the garage all the time... It looks just like a brand new one, inside and out.. It's White Diamond with a really light colored tan interior.
  6. Thanks Jim, I had her check that... Everything was fine till she took it to Walmart and had the battery replaced... It has the Digital Dash if that makes any difference.. She is 81 years old and can't take the back seat out to take the battery cables off. She called me earlier.. she has an appointment to take it to the Cadillac Dealer next Thursday..It's about 65 miles from her house to the Dealer.
  7. Thank you for the response... I just figured she would have checked that, but I will call her and have her double check it before taking it to the dealer..
  8. When you do a wide open throttle and then let off, there is a built in 5 second delay before it shuts the fuel off and the goes back to the 70 mpg on deceleration. This is to minimize driveline shocks in case you had suddenly let off and then jump back to WOT again... Normal delay is 3 seconds...
  9. A good friend of mine (an 81 year old lady) has a 2000 DeVille DTS and had a new battery put in today and now the Digital Dash is dark.. Nothing lights up on the dash now.. Any ideas on something easy for her to check before she takes it to the Cadillac dealer... She lives 75 miles from me, so I can't just jump in the car and go check it for her.
  10. try this number...20461S I think it is the lower hose for your car
  11. I thought I was the only one that used that...and that reminds me, I'm out of it...
  12. I haven't used Marvel Mystery Oil in a number of years, but I used to put just a little (about a cupful) in the oil at every other oil change... Did it for years and years... never had any engine trouble at all.. Thanks for the reminder, I'll try to remember to pick up a can the next time I go to the store..
  13. Free Sirius-XM radio May 19th till June 1st.. All inactive radios have been turned back on till June 1st...
  14. That model supercharger was originally made for Detroit Diesel V8's with 71 cubic inches per cylinder.. or a total of 568 cubic inches.
  15. Very nice... 570ft lb of torque and almost 500 HP...
  16. The way I do pictures to forums is... Get a free Photobucket account... Upload your pictures to the free account... Make a few folders to organize your pictures if you want to... When you move the mouse over a picture, there will be three horizontal bars on the lower left corner of the picture. Move the mouse over the bars and a menu will drop down... Click on SHARE LINKS... Click on the bottom one...IMG Codes Then come to the forum and do a RIGHT CLICK and then left click on PASTE and your FULL SIZE picture is then here.
  17. In my area... Ft. Worth TX... Premium fuel is about 30 to 35 cents more then regular, which is just a little over 10%... I have NOT tested my new car yet, but on both of my previous DTS Cadillacs, I tested them multiple times on long road trips and the mileage would drop by 8% to 10% using Regular vs Premium... There was also a noticeable performance hit when using regular... After testing them several times, I just decided to use Premium all the time... Taking into account the mileage hit and especially the Performance hit, it wasn't worth it to me to try to save one dollar or less per tank by running regular. My owners manual specifies Premium fuel.. If I can't afford what the owners manual calls for, then I probably should be driving a Chevy that specifies Regular instead of a Cadillac that specifies Premium... Just my opinion...
  18. Cady Guy... I have had 2 2006 Performance models, with a combined total of over 190,000 miles and now have a 2011 Platinum... I put 40,000 on the first one before it burned in my garage fire, and had over 150,000 on the 2nd one when I traded it for the 2011. I am on another forum that deals ONLY with the 2006 thru 2011 and I have never seen a post about the P0741.. That would be one issue I would not worry about at all. The Performance model will be a VIN "9" car and have 18 inch wheels and Magnetic Ride suspension, along with automatic tilt and telescoping steering wheel, heated steering wheel, heated AND cooled seats, BOSE stereo, lighted vanity mirrors and should come with THREE keys and TWO fobs...Two keys are the regular ones and the 3rd key is the Valet key. I have really enjoyed all three of the DTS's I have had...
  19. Luke, On your model car, the INTAKE BOLTS are known to get loose... tighten all the intake bolts and see if that helps with the P0171 and P0174.
  20. For that kind of money, if it wasn't EXACTLY what I wanted, I would walk... There are way too many available to just SETTLE for something that you might grow to dislike very much.
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