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Fill 'er up with 95 please

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DETROIT -- In a world of higher octane gasoline -- in which 95 would replace 87 and become the new regular -- automakers could more easily and affordably meet stringent fuel economy standards as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

During a panel discussion this week at the SAE World Congress here, representatives from Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Chevron Energy Technology Co. and an ethanol trade group agreed that raising octane would allow gasoline engines to run more efficiently, boosting fuel economy between 3 and 6 percent and lowering CO2 emissions by around 2 percent.

Read more: http://www.autonews.com/article/20150425/OEM06/304279979/higher-octane-fuel-could-add-mpg-sae-panel-says


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Funny, I don't get 3-6% better fuel economy when I use premium in the car I have that specifies premium fuel. Also, premium is 60 cents per gallon more than regular where I live, not 30 cents like the article says...

The octane will probably be raised with Ethanol which results in LOWER fuel economy since it does not have the volumetric efficiency of gasoline.

54.5 MPG fleet average is not likely to be attained with a gasoline engine in a car unless it is the size of a go-cart. The EPA and elected officials have no concept of the laws of physics.

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54.5 mpg fleet average !! Is there anything in GM's fleet that gets that, other than a Volt ? That is the biggest joke I have ever heard!

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I think what the article is getting at is that with an increase in octane (for regular) that newer engine can be tuned to achieve the goals that were presented; it doesn't translate to the current engines being built today.


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In my area... Ft. Worth TX... Premium fuel is about 30 to 35 cents more then regular, which is just a little over 10%...
I have NOT tested my new car yet, but on both of my previous DTS Cadillacs, I tested them multiple times on long road trips and the mileage would drop by 8% to 10% using Regular vs Premium...

There was also a noticeable performance hit when using regular...

After testing them several times, I just decided to use Premium all the time...

Taking into account the mileage hit and especially the Performance hit, it wasn't worth it to me to try to save one dollar or less per tank by running regular.

My owners manual specifies Premium fuel..

If I can't afford what the owners manual calls for, then I probably should be driving a Chevy that specifies Regular instead of a Cadillac that specifies Premium...

Just my opinion...

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I'm using premium gas lately and there is no increase in gas mileage; however, my STS certainly runs better on premium, e.g., better acceleration. It will take regular, but currently I have a vacuum leak somewhere that is causing the P0171 and P0174 - Bank 1 and Bank 2 are too lean. I believe the intake manifold ganskets are shot. Premium gas helps, considering the vacuum leak and the pinging it causes because of mixture being too lean.

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