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  1. Take that beauty cover of and follow the hose in pic 1 and you will see where it goes. You are on the wrong hose in pic 2 . The outlet is right above that radiator hose and close to that dog bone motor mount!!
  2. Beautiful car and close to home, how lucky can a fella get !! Looks great in the pictures with only a few minor flaws. I believe you will be very happy with it . Best of luck!!
  3. 54.5 mpg fleet average !! Is there anything in GM's fleet that gets that, other than a Volt ? That is the biggest joke I have ever heard!
  4. Everyone knows what an Escalade is but with a number it is just that , a number. Everyone knew what an Eldorado or an Deville or Seville was. All these numbers they are going to use on the new cars might work for the new generation ,at least I hope so. The numbers Mercedes and BMW use mean nothing to me. Maybe to the next generation they do,that is what they are aiming at I guess. I guess I am stuck in the past ,but I like it!
  5. I will have an older Cadillac eventually, wouldn't mind a newer XTS but that won't be in the budget for years if ever!!!
  6. I thought I might stir up a hornets nest with that post ! I can see where the start stop technology will save a lot of fuel in traffic ,but I don't drive in traffic much and it has to be hard on starters. If I had it I would disable it, someone will invent a chip to disable it they always do. As for active fuel management ,it has been on some Chevy pickups as early as late 07 ,my 09 GMC has it. On some forums there have been some bad reports of camshaft and lifter replacements. They all can't be lies ! There is a chip to prevent the active fuel management from working ,just keeping it in eight cylinder mode. I have the chip and it works good . Fuel mileage loss is about three percent ,very little. I'm not an old man Airmike but I still do like the simplicity of 70's era Caddys. They were pretty loaded ,with power goody's of all sorts. I'm looking at a 78 Eldorado Biarritz with a 425 v-8 . Fuel mileage doesn't matter a lot to me. Still sorry if I offended you technology lovers out there but I do love the 70's and I do love big V-8's. I love all V-8's,I have four and I love them all even with technology. LOL!!
  7. Start and Stop technology and more Active Fuel Management ,more cost to the price of the car and more to go wrong for such a small savings on fuel mileage! I don't mean to be a nattering nabob of negativity but I do have my doubt's. More computer crap on a car . Yeah that's what we need!!
  8. One thing I am sure the CT-6 will bring is a very hefty price tag!
  9. I could see myself in that ride, why I don't know? It is way cool for an old farm boy though!
  10. With all those 2014 model Caddys there are a lot of good deals to be had the longer you wait. Good for consumers, not so good for the GM bottom line!
  11. Those sales numbers on the ELR are not impressing me at all. More importantly they are not impressing GM. General Motors says there won't be a 2015 ELR . They plan on improvements for a new 2016 ELR . If they are smart there won't be a 2016 IMO !!
  12. KHE is right the CT-6 needs to come in at 40 to 45k to be affordable for Americans but will probably be double that at 80 to 90k. I am out at that price and so is a lot of America! Most Cadillacs are already priced to high now accept for the ATS and I do not want a compact Caddy and most Americans don't either at least according to sales numbers.
  13. I have a 2001 esc the same color and I love it. They are beautiful cars. Yours is also very beautiful.
  14. Job well done and good luck in the future. Hope you get to enjoy your Northstar for a long time to come!!
  15. I had no idea what it was about until the end! Money well wasted!
  16. 0-60 on XTS with the naturally aspirated 3.6 is about 6.0 seconds. The XTS is basically a loaded Buick LaCrosse. I must admit my next full size Caddy will probably be a XTS because I like front wheel drive GM cars for their traction and handling. I have driven these v-6,s they have good pep and acceleration but on long steep hills going even 70 miles per hour they will shift back when my Northstar will go on up those with no problem! I have never driven the 3.6 with turbos but I bet they will get the job done!!
  17. Worst problem with the XTS , no V-8! Need I say more!!!
  18. There are thousands of 2000-2011 Northstars out there with 150,000 miles or more on them burning 87 octane and they have never had a head off!!! My uncle had a 95 Deville and he never ran anything but 87 regular and it had 150,000 on it when he sold it. Never had a head off!! These are facts Jack!!
  19. Jeff don't despair ,when that clip came off , which had to be a once in a lifetime thing, and the transmission pumped all the fluid out till it wouldn't move any further, that was it for the transmission. I am very surprised it lasted this long.You should have planned for a rebuilt shortly after that. You should be good to go after this because you take very good care of your car. That being said freak accidents do happen .Good luck and keep enjoying those Caddy's!!!!
  20. Great write up on removal and installation of power steering pump MAC !! Sorry you had some problems but that will help us to not make that mistake. I understand about brain lock we have all had it at times while working on vehicles!!LOL.
  21. Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we set out to decieve.LOL
  22. ATS. Good looking little car,but a little to small for my taste.I always had an opinion that Cadillacs should not be compact cars,but I understand they also want some of that market. To each their own!!!!
  23. There are probably a lot of hub bearings out there whining that need to be replaced but most people out there can't hear them.But if you can notice that whining inside that Caddy you can bet they need replacing pretty soon .You can check those rear ones somewhat with the wheel on and jacked up and spin them.Those front ones are much harder.Sometimes it's like winterset says under load with the weight of the car that makes them whine. If I thought it was in the front I would replace them with some high quality bearings and go from there if you can do it yourself.
  24. None of the cars my Dad owned or I owned were ran over 125 or 130 thousand miles which might explain why no wheel bearings were replaced.The one replaced which was on a 2001 GMC Sierra was replaced at 54000 miles. The one on the other side was still running fine when I traded it off with 113,000 miles .Of course this was a truck not a fwd car ,I was just thinking of all GM vehicles we have had over the last twenty years. The twenty years before that we ran a used car lot of our own and did all of our own mechanic work.FWD cars were pretty new as far as GM went then.The first I remember back then was a Chevy Citation .Boy that sure brings back some old memories. I still wish I was back then.LOL!!
  25. My Dad has had five GM fwd drive cars in the last twenty years,four Buick's and one Oldsmobile, no hub bearings replaced .All cars were ran well over a hundred thousand miles except for the current one a 2011 Lucerne. He also is a mechanic, maybe he is just lucky ,or maybe you have been plagued . I've owned eleven GM vehicles in those twenty years eight GM pickups and three cars . I've replaced one front wheel bearing in a GMC sierra Duramax .That's it!!!!
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