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E39 viscous converter clutch malfunction (issue with the torque converter in the transmission, or wiring bundle leading to)

E52 Electronic Control Module Memory Reset -- this one pops up if the battery has been disconnected

F10 Outside Air Temperature Sensor Circuit -- exterior temperature sensor


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Thanks, not sure why the transmission code is turning up?? No transmission issues, no slippage, no whinning or delays in changing gears, transmission fluid is fine. On the column when put in gear, the 'red line gear indicator' is off to the right a bit, not the first older car I've driven to do this, would this cause the code?

Did just put in a new battery this week.

And outside temp tells me it is -40F LOL

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-40F is the default cold temperature for a open or unplugged sensor. This is also true with the coolant sensor. You'll never see colder than -40 in the vehicles computers.

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I think that the E39 is the OBD I E039, which is the dreaded TCC clutch not engaging DTC.

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Thx for all replies.

Next question: After reading many threads from others with this same E39 code issue and my car not exhibiting any issues, is it fairly safe to assume that changing the transmission fluid and adding Lucas transmission additive fluid would be sufficient? I gather, since the transmission appears to be operating fine the only real issue is a slight loss of mpg?

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