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  1. Thx for all replies. Next question: After reading many threads from others with this same E39 code issue and my car not exhibiting any issues, is it fairly safe to assume that changing the transmission fluid and adding Lucas transmission additive fluid would be sufficient? I gather, since the transmission appears to be operating fine the only real issue is a slight loss of mpg?
  2. Thanks, not sure why the transmission code is turning up?? No transmission issues, no slippage, no whinning or delays in changing gears, transmission fluid is fine. On the column when put in gear, the 'red line gear indicator' is off to the right a bit, not the first older car I've driven to do this, would this cause the code? Did just put in a new battery this week. And outside temp tells me it is -40F LOL
  3. Just checked codes: E39 E52 F10 In layman's terms what do these mean?
  4. First, let me say thx guys for the help thus far (windows and serpentine), next up, vent fan blower. Here's what is going on: The fan will stay on even if the car is shut off. When we bought the car, it was pouring rain and windows were fogging up. At that time, the windows wouldn't roll down so that wasn't an option. Hubby got under the hood and something was unplugged at the firewall (bare with my terminology, lol). He plugged it in and had air coming through the vents, however, shut the car off and air still blows through the vents What do we look for and how do we replace it? Next issue
  5. Good, Thx!!. From the looks of the old belt, it may be the original, lol!. Slowly but surely we are getting her in good order! For her age, it's just minor issues. I think our next tackle is the blower for the vents, will start a new thread for that.
  6. I know everyone is different and does things different ways... but the easiest way for me... and less CLICKS on stuff is... I put the mouse over the "GEAR" in the upper right corner of the picture you want to post. Then click on "GET LINKS"... Click one time on the very bottom one... Come back to the forum... do a CONTROL V and the link is then in the post. the picture automatically shows up when you finish your post.. Two mouse clicks and it is done... plus one more click on POST to actually post it.... Thanks,
  7. Husband oiled the tension spring, I drove car about 5 miles to listen for the chirping, seems to be gone. Hubby never could hear it but he can't hear a thermometer beeping. He tried to tell me if it is chirping so low he can't hear it, then it isn't that bad.
  8. hope this helps, couldn't figure out how to add a pic, but figured out how to change my profile pic.
  9. I must be blind this morning, trying to figure out how to post a pic. Will post it as soon as I figure it out.
  10. I will take a pic tomorrow (if it's not raining) and let you see where the tension range is setting. The belt is ribbed, will ck all of your suggestions, thank you. Had to buy a new battery today, set out to buy a battery for the caddy and the boat, drove the minivan after buying the batteries went to get in the van and it was as dead as a door-nail. Not my day, lol had to buy a 3rd one ! Told hubby to put the boat battery in his jeep (didn't buy a marine one as it was just for a trolling motor), that way all 3 vehicles would have new batteries, lol!
  11. YAY!! Got the windows fixed!! Not really sure the issue, either dirty points or poor connection, doesn't matter, they work, lol. Next on the list: Changed the Serpintine belt, the tension range setting is just on the inside edge of the range. When placing squarely in range, it 'slips' back to the edge. The belt does start 'chirping' at about 35 mph, should I worry, or will the chirping stop after the belt stretches a bit? All help is greatly appreciated, I will not be able to check back until tomorrow, leaving town for the night, so if you respond, please don't think I'm ignoring. Thx
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