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I have met my goal with my Deville


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Today made me happy. I took my 96 Deville in for alignment to a very reputable shop and it came out perfect. It drives straight as an arrow.

But the big thing is I finally hit my goal to hit 200000 miles. Maybe It is just me but I am thrilled. To recap. I bought this car about 5 years ago for $800 with 180k.

I am meticulous with all of my vehicles so this one was no different. Overall it has been a wonderful car. If you consider the area I live in, How many owners this car has had, and how many miles it has, It is exceptional.

MY Deville starts every time, runs very strong, never left me stranded, eases my stress when I drive it, I can park it anywhere without worrying.

Out of all the cars I own and have owned this is by far my most favorite one. I cant stand to not drive it for more than a week, I love the look of the 96 better than anything,

The Check engine light just started coming on about 6 months ago with the transmission TCC code but it rarely comes on. I have only seen it maybe 4 or 5 times and it goes out on its own.

It has original engine, transmission, struts, exhaust. I have not had any overheating issues at all. The transmission shifts excellent.

I drove 75 miles today and am amazed that everything works as it should. AC is ice cold. The air ride works, There is nothing that doesnt work on this car.

I have replaced the air compressor, Fuel filler tube, front links, swaybar bushings, balljoints, tires, brakes, front hubs, rear knuckle bushings, rear insulator bushings, intake gaskets, thermostat, battery(when I bought the car), blower motor, 4 fuel filters, 6 oil changes, 1 transmission service, 2 coolant changes, motor mounts, transmission mounts. and a heatercore. That about sums it up.

This thread is for anyone who questions the longevity of a Cadillac. I hope to get alot more out of this car and will drive it til I cannot anymore.

Had to share my thoughts, Thanks for reading



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Congratulations; time to reset that goal.........................................'250', perhaps (and so on and so on).


'19 CT6, '04 Bravada........but still lusting for that '69 Z-28

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A couple of years ago someone put up a Deville for sale on eBay with 350,000 miles on it.

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I live in upstate NY and the filters rust out. I even tried a different brand this last time. And yes I follow the oil life monitor.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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