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  1. Cadillac Jim

    The ongoing Deville thread

    Real rubber is one of the few things that expands as it gets colder. I don't know if neoprene or whatever they use in the air bags has that unusual property or not.
  2. Cadillac Jim

    The ongoing Deville thread

    I've known a lot of airbags that had a short in the fuse box, but this is the first time I've heard of one on the steering wheel of a Cadillac.
  3. Cadillac Jim

    The ongoing Deville thread

    The clockspring is what I was referring to. Check the rest of the wires down the column and see if that's where the short is. If it's a function of temperature and doesn't act up when the wheel is turned, the short might be somewhere else. I would check the harness at the firewall feedthrough to the horn relay.
  4. Cadillac Jim

    The ongoing Deville thread

    If you've already replaced the wiring in the steering column when you replaced the airbags, you have done the worst of the jobs. If you left the wiring in the steering column, then look at it, some insulation may be worn through somewhere. There is a spiral ribbon cable between the rotating parts and the non-rotating parts that is the first place to look.
  5. Cadillac Jim

    The ongoing Deville thread

    The horns are important and may be items on your safety inspection for registering the car. There are only these items: Horn button and wiring down the steering column. Horn relays. Horns themselves sticking. Wiring and connectors. In other words, very doable. OBD codes may be able to help but you will need either a test light or a voltmenter/ohmmeter to find the problems. I would start with the relays, if only because that's the simplest fix. If the horns click when the horn button is pushed, it's the horns themselves, and if you use them a few times they may unstick.
  6. Cadillac Jim

    SRX radio and navi problem

    I would check the ground connections. Begin with the ardruino connections, make sure that they are all good connections. If you remove any of the splices, use new splices. Never re-use electrical parts for crimping or splicing. I believe that you can still run the OBD codes yourself in a 2006 model; I'm not sure about the SRX model. There may not be a problem with the voltage readings. There are several points that the car reads the voltage: at the alternator armature, where 15.5 Volts is normal when the battery is charging, which always happens right after you start the car, the system battery voltage which is at the maxifuse block under the hood which should be about 14 Volts when the engine is running, and at the battery, which should be a few tenths of a Volt higher than the system voltage. Note that the voltage reading will vary a bit depending on where you have the ground connected. When you are measuring with a voltmeter, the nearest large metal body part, like a dashboard support, is good. Another thing to check if the volatages are strange is the battery ground cable. There are three battery ground cable connections: one on the right rear of the engine, one on the inner fender wall near the battery, and a wiring harness connector. Those all need to be clean and tight. Both battery cable connections to the battery should be clean and tight, too. Sometimes corrosion builds up to the point that the connection is less than perfect on either or both the positive terminal to red cables, or negative terminal to black cables.
  7. The nominal rolling diameter of your 275/40ZR18 tires is 26.66 inches, which compares to the nominal rolling diameter of factory 225/60WR16 tires of 26.63 inches (actual published for factory Goodyears is 26.6 inches). The difference is negligible, meaning that diameter won't cause fitment issues and the standard gear rations for the 4T80E transmission (3.11, 3.4, 3.71) will work too. Any interference issues will come from width or large negative camber at highest suspension travel. Your new tires are about two inches wider than the stock tires. With the proper offset (the axis of the strut passing through the center of the patch on the front), that's about an inch less clearance inboard and outboard, which may be tight but certainly doable with possible minor mods of the fender liners. Nominal rolling diameter is width*(aspect/100)+(rim size), all converted to inches. (275*(40/100))/25.4+18=26.66.
  8. Cadillac Jim

    Power window control problem

    I think that this needs a new thread because it's another car and the diagnosis will be independent of the 2011 problem and solution. First, why doesn't the door open? Can you open it with the handles? Is is stuck, or is the mechanical mechanism stuck? It might make a difference if it's the right or left door. By "passenger" I think you mean the right door (my thinking is that both of them are passenger doors in the back seat, unless you drive your mother-in-law around). In the rear fuse block, there is a 10 Amp fuse marked RRDR MDL. You can try that first. If you are lucky, that just could be your only problem.
  9. Don't blame yourself. Apparently the RS00 was shipped to you in a mode that wouldn't work in your car, and the means of changing the mode to match what your instructions say dosen't seem to be available. The quote you gave for the email from Crimestoppers struck me as having inscrutable comments or possibly information not related to your questions or even the RS00. One thing you might consider is to email Crimestoppers again, with a very short question: "How do I get my RS00 into the mode of accepting three clicks on the GM factory remote 'Lock' button to start the car?" When they come back with something that you can't relate to, or can't figure out how to make things work, then, REPEAT THE QUESTION. As in "Yes, but, how do I get my RS00 into the mode of accepting three clicks on teh GM factory remote 'Lock' button to start the car?" If Crimestoppers has an open forum like Caddyinfo, find it and look for the answer there. If you don't find it, start your own topic there. Report back here and give a link to the thread.
  10. I believe that the instructions on changing the mode of the RS00 to 3 push is key. The instructions on entering the programming mode were for another Crimestoppers unit entirely and don't apply to the RS00; they apparently programmed the remote and the RS00 doesn't have a remote because it uses the car's remote. If the car starts with the key as always, the RS00 LED responds to inputs, then if the RS00 has its starter control wire hooked to the Escalade YEL, LT/GRN or PPL/WHT wire and puts power to that, the Escalade should crank. If the RS00 has its continue-to-run wire hooked to the Escalade PNK wire, and power to that is provided by the RS00 once the Start signal is recognized, the Escalade will continue to run once started. Checking the wiring by looking at the splices and connectors and checking the colors is good, but there is no substitute for a test light or voltmeter to make sure that the actual electrical connections are solid. Without the instructions to guide me on exactly how the RS00 is hooked to the Escalade, here is what I think might be a way to hook switched power wires from the RS00; you need to check (and correct if necessary) instructions from Crimestoppers for intstalling the RS00. The wires to the Fuse Block Left I/P connector C3 terminal A may be YEL to start, terminal C PNK to run; these wires run to the ignition switch. The wires on C1 are past the fuses and may be used; they are terminal A1 PNK and terminal D5 LT GRN. I have to wonder why the RS00 would be shipped in a mode that starts the car when you press Lock once on the remote. That clearly isn't a useful mode. Making it necessary for the installer to change the mode during installation is a huge barrier to DIY installation and doesn't seem to have a valid purpose except to discourage DIY installation. If so, getting through this last step is the key to being done with a successful installation
  11. Without going through the instructions in detail, I would ask if there is a pilot light or LED on the RS00, then getting it to light is the first step. If there is another that lights up or blinks when you press the Lock button on the remote, that is the second thing to look for. Or, a test light or voltmeter on the RS00 wire that connects to the GRY wire from the Escalade should blink when you press the Lock button on the remote. The last thing to check is the starter actuation. I don't have the RS00 instructions available, but looking at the starter schematic for your car, the most logical place to hook in an auxilary starter is either the LT GRN wire on C1 or PPL/WHT wire on C2 of the underhood fuse block. That wire has power from the car only when you turn the key to Start. If the car will start with the key, then putting power to that wire should start the car. There is one more connection, the RS00 must make for the engine to keep running without the key turned to RUN. I'm out of time tonight but I can find it on the schematics tomorrow. The critical wire is the one that lets the car start, the LT GRN or PPL/WHT wire.
  12. Interesting. They say the mode must be changed, but either don't tell you how or give you a way that won't work with the unit you're installing.
  13. The key phrase is "The RS00 does not allow for programming remotes". I was wondering why you wanted to do that but not having read all the instructions for the RS00, I didn't question that. I didn't know that you were trying to use the RS00 in a mode other than the "lock three times" way the instructions talk about. If you somehow got the RS00 into another mode, you need to get it back to operating as intended for your 2002 Escalade, apparently "option 17." The only wire that the RS00 needs to "see" is the solid gray wire to the dirver's door lock actuator. I don't know what the "lock wire in the truck cab" is, or why they mention it. Apparently another unit can program a factory GM remote that has a "start the car" button to operate it. But not the RS00. This is a good thing, because your existing remote probably doesn't have a "start the car" button. Even if it does, the RS00 is designed so that you don't need to use it. The solution to your problem is to use the RS00 in Option 17 mode and install it as per the instructions, using the "lock three times" signal from your existing remote to get the RS00 to start the 2002 Escalade.
  14. If the remotes work including the unlock and Valet functions, and pressing the Valet button 5 times in rapid succession doesn't work, then either the Crimestoppers unit is bad or the wiring is bad. If you have a volt/ohm meter or even just a test light, you can check some things pretty easily. Looking at the GM wiring, these things are pretty constant with year and model: Solid black always means ground. If you find a solid black wire that isn't grounded, you need to check the ground. Solid red always means "always hot" meaning it should have 12 Volts on it even when the key is off. Solid pink always means "hot in start and run." In your car, the solid gray wire is the driver's door unlock actuator signal. This signal operates the auto-start feature. Apparently (check the Crimestoppers instrucionts) the BRN wire coming out of the Body Junction Box (or, Relay Block-Body) (terminal H in connector C6) is the power for the interior parking lights, and is flashed when you press the Valet button. Look in the Crimestoppers manual and identify the Valet signal wire, and check it with a meter or test light to make sure that the Crimestoppers unit is getting the signal when you press the Valet button. This is probalby what the Crimestoppers people will tell you to do.
  15. Unless some of your Escalade wiring is not working because of the previous aftermarket installation, then your Crimestoppers unit isn't working. I would check the battery in the remote before I gave up. And, I would call Crimestoppers before I went to a tech. Amazon lists $150.00 for installation and whoever takes it on is likely to ask more, in part because botched installations are often more trouble than starting fresh even if the problem is a bad connection at a wiring splice; although your work doesn't sound like a botched instillation, that is the first thing that will cross the mind when you go in with customer-installed-not-working electronics. You can also look at the connectors. A common problem with new installations is a pin in a connector pushed into the connector so that the contacts don't quite touch.