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  1. Nice job. I realize you can never achieve factory quality as an amateur, but is it pretty close? How tough is it to keep airborne dust out of the paint when you don't have access to a booth? Regardless, looks great in the pics. I've always wanted to attempt this.
  2. Good choice, Mike. I can't see you putting up with Jake's antics, which unfortunately have become infamous. Everyone wants him to succeed so much, but he seems to be his own worst enemy. I have read, literally,, over a dozen stories just like "airmike's". Too bad, Jake has a great product, but unbelievably poor customer service skills.
  3. Nice find, Bruce. Love that ice blue Healy ... great "fly on the wall" video.
  4. Started driving my father's Cadillacs as a teenager. Purchased my own at 40 years of age with a 1989 FWD Fleetwood, bought in 2001. Quickly followed by a 1995 STS, 1997 STS, 1998 STS, 2001 STS, then a 2003 STS. Currently driving a Jag, but I have a real soft spot for the newer style CTS'. Just waiting for depreciation to come down to my relatively soft budget
  5. Not necessarily true Mike. I've heard of more than one person who has suffered from failed HG's and had done regular coolant changes at 2-3 year intervals. Agreed. I don't think anyone will accuse Mike (BBF) of neglected maintenance, and his HG failed on his DeVille. Some have luck with neglected Northstars, some have problems with well maintained cars. Hit or miss.
  6. Bruce, I notice that STS was silver. Have you expanded your search from red to including other colors? How did the STS V driving experience compare with the more powerful CTS v?
  7. If you do go for another test drive on this, or any 98-04 STS, I would only add that you cruise between 100km/hr to 115km/hr, and be aware of any shimmy or imbalance. I have spent thousands on 3 different STS' of this vintage, trying to reduce the shimmy. Initially, I had hoped a simple wheel balance would cure a shimmy. After changing rims, tires, Road Force Balancing procedures on my cars ....next time, I'll walk away and find an STS without the shimmy.
  8. If I was in need of a used Cadillac and I lived in Ontario, I would be looking for a 2004 STS. The entire 2004 STS model production (and that was not a large number of cars) was exported to provide a US domestic one year STS model absence prior to introducing the CTS sized STS. Jim, the 04 Canada only STS' were basically left over 2003 STS', were they not? Same car, so basically, no need to pay any premium for exclusivity? That's how I saw it when I went shopping for an 03 or 04 STS last year.
  9. My 03 STS also had a suspension issue, at about the same mileage. Its not always that the shocks have failed. With my car, the electronic connections had failed, and the shocks defaulted to "soft mode". Great highway ride, but the 2 ton STS wallowed on bumpy roads in this setting. I hated the ride (bottoming out at fast speeds) and sold the car, rather than enduring a very expensive repair. Live and learn ... as Jim posted, never buy any STS with the "Speed Limited" message, unless the seller restores the car to factory spec. Of course, they won't, not at $1k per strut x 4.
  10. Davenport Subaru usually carries clean inventory. http://www.autotrader.ca/a/CADILLAC/SEVILLE/ORILLIA/Ontario/5_9759299_ON20070910110455351/ I like this 2002 STS with factory Nav. Clean car. Jim, it's really tough to sell a used STS here in Ontario. My 2003 STS with 130k was worth $6k wholesale, and later retailed for about $8k. That car was extremely clean, with no flaws in the paint. I bet $7k buys the 02 STS pictured above.
  11. 2003 STS would come standard with Magnetic Ride Control ... best feature of the car. I can't imagine replacing Magnaride with Monroe's .... completely changes the nature of the beast, and not for the better! I'm guessing this is the link: http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-2003-Cadillac-STS-Sedan-W0QQAdIdZ260279921 Heck, if you can't be bothered to wash the car for the glamour shots, what type of neglect has this car endured?
  12. I hope BBF reads this travel log. It would surely remind Mike of crossing the US with his folks. Great article, I only wish it was longer.
  13. I’m sure that Bruce can verify this. Other sites have mentioned that Crest Cadillac in Plano Texas has now performed there first head gasket repair using Jakes’ stud kit. The car was a 2001 Deville, and the mechanic was Gus. I guess my question for Bruce is, was this simply a one off repair due to the customer’s insistence on studs, or, is Plano considering changing from the approved timesert procedure?
  14. Very nice! I think BBF is envious that he missed seeing this triple black beauty:) Looks similar to Warren's 1997 Eldorado. Love the chrome cookie cutters ... had them on my 95 STS. As I recall, lots of chrome to shammy dry!
  15. Welcome back. I remember when you posted pictures of your Riviera. Nice car ... not a Cadillac, but nice ride. How was the reliability on the 3.8L supercharged motor? I know my mom's Regal GS was pretty thirsty in town. Nice kick in the pants when the boost came on. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new car.
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