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  1. Here is a before photo of mine. It looked very similar to yours before I got all the STS body panels and front and rear bumper covers and grill and fog lights and put them on mine. I even painted them all myself to match the car. Had to come up with all the little out of production clips to attach them all. Mine is a base Seville. Still has digital cluster and column shifter but STS body. Oh, and yes, the bright red is the factory original paint. Rare 92-93 only color. And for some reason, all 92 Sevilles had black rear view mirrors I painted them body color when I painted the panels and bumpers.
  2. Making some progress! I put new spark plugs in and managed to destroy two of the spark plug wires in the process. Had to order new wires. Interestingly enough, the 4.9 uses the exact same plug wires as a Bentley Turbo R! Next step is to do some careful bending on the fuel rail so it can clear the upper manifold. After that, it’ll be time to route the vacuum lines and do the wiring. Some of the harnesses will have to be extended to allow for the new sensor locations.
  3. Definitely takes me back looking at that page. I was on here even back in the netgetgoing days. If I recall, my 1984 DeVille limo and 93 STS were on your people’s cars page. I think I’ve owned something like 16 Cadillacs since the. Currently have the 92 Seville, 92 Allante, 08 DTS, 09 STS-V, and 1980 Seville limo.
  4. Hey Logan, wasn’t your 93 Seville the one you painted the steering column for a steering wheel update? I’ve updated my steering wheel. Luckily, no paint was required.
  5. I’ll keep posting updates. Bruce, back in the day with your 92 STS, you got some pretty good gains with the chip, didn’t you? I’ll likely get a chip for it once this is done. I’m not sure at the moment exactly how I am going to deal with the fuel rail. The Allante one has different hookups for the metal fuel lines. But with the Seville one, The fuel pressure regulator is in the way of the upper intake manifold. May have to figure out a way to bend it a bit without breaking it. I have to extend the wiring for the MAP sensor, ISC motor, maybe the IAT sensor but other than that, the wiring should pretty much reach. I have to put an Allante 124 amp early DS-144 alternator on. The Seville 140 amp DS-144 is too big for the space. I’m also not sure if I am going to keep the throttle body spacer that has coolant running through or not. But then again, if it helps the MPG I mean, I have the 09 STS-V for when I wanna get into trouble. LOL This won’t be a long extended project. I’d like to have it done in a week or two. The pushrods tend to rust in the icky sticky Dallas air if out of the engine too long. Plus, when I bought this car, I got the leaky Freon hose repaired and kept it with R-12. Don’t want to let it sit too long and dry the refrigerant seals out. Today, I torqued the intake manifold bolts to factory spec. 8 lb/ft then 12 lb/ft. Then I reinstalled the distributor. Took photos so I knew exactly what position to put it in.
  6. You got it. I’m putting the entire Allante intake manifold on my 92 Seville. Here is a before photo.
  7. This is my 92 Seville. Yes, it is a Seville and not an STS. I bought all STS body panels and bumpers from a salvage, painted them, and installed. It has been my daily driver for about a year and a half. I recently changed jobs and needed to drive 35 miles each way for 3 months of training. I was getting about 17 mpg so, I bought a 2017 Jaguar XF 20d. 42 mpg. BUT, that doesn’t mean I am getting rid of my Cadillacs. I have 5. The Seville has been very slowly losing coolant for a year or more. I’ve tested for head gasket leaks several times and nothing. Time for intake gaskets. Anyone who has been around long enough to remember “the guru”, may remember talk about some factory test cars with the 4.9 that had some interesting modifications. There were quite a few back then who wanted to try this but to my knowledge, it was never done. Photo of the project in comments.
  8. I replaced the ISC motor a few weeks ago. It moves very smoothly. I replaced the defective cruise control servo last night. It ran beautifully last night after changing it but chugged all the way to work today. Not sure I’ll have time tonight but tomorrow night, I’ll open the dash and start working with the computer. Hopefully that fixes it. If the computer isn’t the culprit, my last resort before deciding it’s some sort of wiring issue is the catalytic converter. I have a spare one on hand that fits this car. I’ve read quite a bit online where people have had similar issues with 4.9’s but rarely posted a solution. Occasional new distributor or computer is all I found. This is my 4th 4.9 but the first that didn’t run right. It ran right when I picked it up in Las Vegas and the whole trip back to Texas then slowly developed over the past few months.
  9. I actually had a discussion with “the guru” about this years ago. I had a 93 or 94 STS at the time and was considering putting an SLS engine in the car. He actually told me the computer would run the engine fine as the fueling curves were very similar. If you have any trouble with it, have Jake at Northstar Performance do a custom tune for you.
  10. Thanks for the reply. It has been cleaned maybe 4K miles ago. I forgot to mention that the EGR valve has been replaced too.
  11. Hey guys, I have a 92 Seville 4.9 with 107k miles. I bought it in September with 99k. It has gotten to where it will sometimes stall at idle or it will hunt for idle, like 600-1300+ rpm. Sometimes it revs all over the place. Then sometimes it’ll run perfectly smooth all day. It drives perfectly fine on the highway. Maintenance and repairs done since I’ve owned it: Spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil (then later replaced entire distributor), map sensor, throttle position sensor, idle speed control motor, coolant temp sensor, intake air temp sensor, cruise control servo, idler pulleys, belt, battery, radiator, heater core, fuel injectors, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, one trans cooler line, new receiver drier and charged AC with R12. Anyone have any Idea what causes the idle issues? The TPS and ISC motor were properly calibrated and idle learn procedure done. The only code is E062 which is a cruise control servo fault. I have a new warranty replacement I need to install. I have the factory service manual. Could the cruise control service cause these issues? Only other thing I can think is that the computer has gone bad. I actually have a new one but wanted to ask if anyone knows what could cause this before I put it in. Can anyone offer any ideas?
  12. I didn't. But I never removed the oil filter adapter. And, after tightening the bolts, it isn't leaking any oil anymore.
  13. Mike, I replaced both oil cooler lines when I bought it because one of them leaked. When it started leaking quite a bit, I looked closely and could see oil bubbling from under the intake manifold under the distributor towards to front of the car. A little forward of the oil filter adapter. Tightening the three manifold bolts on that end stopped that leak. I think just oil splashing under the intake manifold was bubbling out. The problem doesn't appear to be valve seals nor rings. The car never smokes from the exhaust at all. Not on cold start nor ever while running. That's why I'm at such a loss. If there were bad valve seals or rings, not only would it smoke from the exhaust, it would affect power. This is my fourth 4.9 and it has more power than the previous three. It will roast the tires and pulls hard up to full throttle shifts. So, I just can't figure out where the oil is going! Oh, and I did use high mileage 10w30 when I changed it 300 miles ago.
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