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  1. I didn't. But I never removed the oil filter adapter. And, after tightening the bolts, it isn't leaking any oil anymore.
  2. Mike, I replaced both oil cooler lines when I bought it because one of them leaked. When it started leaking quite a bit, I looked closely and could see oil bubbling from under the intake manifold under the distributor towards to front of the car. A little forward of the oil filter adapter. Tightening the three manifold bolts on that end stopped that leak. I think just oil splashing under the intake manifold was bubbling out. The problem doesn't appear to be valve seals nor rings. The car never smokes from the exhaust at all. Not on cold start nor ever while running. That's why I'm at such a loss. If there were bad valve seals or rings, not only would it smoke from the exhaust, it would affect power. This is my fourth 4.9 and it has more power than the previous three. It will roast the tires and pulls hard up to full throttle shifts. So, I just can't figure out where the oil is going! Oh, and I did use high mileage 10w30 when I changed it 300 miles ago.
  3. Hey guys, I bought a 92 DeVille a while back for $800 that I'm using as a daily driver. It was more of just a project as I also have a 1980 Seville Limo, 92 Allante, 98 DTS, and 09 STS-V. The DeVille has 151k miles now. After complete tune up, new injectors, and various minor repairs, it runs excellent and has probably better power than other 4.9's I've owned. No drivability issues at all. I'm pretty sure it has an intake gasket leak. MPG is lower than it should be. It was leaking oil which I tracked down to the intake manifold near the distributor. I tightened the intake bolts on that end and the leak stopped. I changed the oil at that time and have not seen any more leaks. That was only 300 miles ago and it has already lost one quart. My question is, can a bad intake gasket cause oil consumption? Is it leaking oil into the combustion chambers internally? None of my previous 4.9's ever burned any oil. With the power it has, I can't imagine the problem is valve guides or rings. I don't really want to put the time and effort into doing intake gaskets unless I think it will fix oil consumption. Anyone have any input?
  4. Luke

    1992 Allante head gasket

    Yes. That is what the upper intake looks like. I've heard it will fit the 4.9. Would be interesting to see what power the 4.9 would have with that intake. But I think we will repair the existing engine. Hopefully it just needs intake gaskets. But, I'm tempted to replace the head gaskets anyway to avoid problems down the line. Is this overkill? I just don't want to do the intake gaskets and then find the head gaskets are bad and have to take the intake off again.
  5. Sadly, I recently totaled my 2006 DTS. Since I already had my 2008 DTS performance, I used the insurance money to buy a 1992 Allante. It only has 40k miles but I was told it needs head gaskets. The only thing I can think is it sat for so long that the gaskets just rusted out. But, there is a possibility it only needs intake gaskets. According to "the guru" back in the day, the majority of head gasket failures on HT4100's and 4.5's were misdiagnosed intake gasket leaks. I am going to have my mechanic tear into it next week, most likely. I've read very little about 4.9's being direct swaps with the 4.5 which is tempting but would probably rather stick with the existing engine since the Allante 4.5 has aluminum heads and has just as much power as a 4.9. Can anyone offer any advice? Anything specific I need to watch out for? Is there a specific brand of head gaskets I should buy that would be the most reliable and last the longest? I want to make sure and do this right the first time so it will be a reliable car. It will most likely be driven quite a bit once it's running good.
  6. I emailed Gmpartsdirect and the part number for the export license bracket was very close to the US bracket. 25729325. It cost only $13.16 but $15.27 for UPS ground shipping. They said it comes with the screws to attach it to the bumper. I suppose I should invest in some wheel locks as wheels seem to be a hot commodity in Europe. I once saw a Range Rover on cinder blocks in a nice neighborhood in broad daylight in London after the wheels had been stolen. I won't likely drive to London but I'll maybe drive to England once in a while. And I definitely plan to drive it to Germany sometime and test it out on the autobahn! It won't get much for high speed workouts in Ireland. Anyway, after it has the more European look, I'll post some photos.
  7. Thanks for the replies. This will be an interesting project since they never actually exported STS-V's except a few to the Middle East. Bruce, I have actually found a source for the rear fog lamps for $300 for the pair. I'll be ordering them shortly. Jim, the license plate bracket you found is the standard US one. I am looking for the longer EU/UK license plate bracket. Funny thing is that Gmpartsdirect can seem to order any part if you have a part number but only has diagrams for US parts. I came up with a part number for the bracket for the Chinese market and punched it in and it came right up with a price, no problem. If only I could find a part number for the EU bracket, I could order one. Local Cadillac dealer was no help at all.
  8. As the title says, we will be moving to Ireland in the future. Although the steering wheel is on the wrong side, we plan to take our 2009 STS-V with us. I have sorted out tail lights already. I have been unable to find any parts numbers for other parts specific to STS's that were exported to UK/European markets. Does anyone know a part number for a front license plate bracket or where to find one? From what I can tell, UK cars had a piece between the exhaust outlets with the rear fog lights, where the rear grille is on the STS-V. I think I will put some lights behind the rear grille to act as rear fog lights. Anyone know of any other parts that will need to be changed in order to be approved for registration in Ireland? Regulations would be the same as the UK. The STS-V obviously will not be my daily driver as it isn't now. I plan to buy a 2009-2010 Cadillac BLS Turbo Diesel. I wish they would make the ATS in right hand drive! Any idea if Cadillac plans to do so?
  9. Luke

    2006 CTS aftermarket headlights

    Very impressive! I will have to try this on my 2006 DTS headlights. I've polished them numerous times but they do become hazy again quickly. Hopefully this stuff will really last a long time!
  10. Luke

    2006 DTS rough idle

    All I have been able to figure is that if I drill and tap the hole, I'd have to go up from M8 to M10. That may be too big. So, I found a slightly larger SAE bolt and put it in for now. It has held for about 300 miles and the car is running better than it has in probably 9 months. It has not dinged and no traction control or stabilitrak messages. I ordered an M8-1.25 heli-coil set to fix the holes. I am also replacing the catalytic converter, O2 sensors, and spark plugs. After all that, it should last me a while.
  11. Luke

    2006 DTS rough idle

    I don't believe it goes all the way through. Only place the metal chips would really go is in the EGR holes. I'll tape over them to be safe and I'll vacuum up afterwards. I'll stop by a parts store today and see what I can find for tools to tap and die. Looking forward to having this all fixed after months!
  12. Luke

    OEM Supercharger for tuning

    Hey Bruce, did you ever get around to trying out smaller supercharger pulleys? I am to a point I am starting to consider putting a smaller pulley on my 2009 STS-V. Just wondering what size would be safe yet still yield a good performance boost.
  13. Luke

    2006 DTS rough idle

    Quick question... would it work best to use a tap and die or tap it and use a heli-coil? The crossover is kind of soft aluminum and I wanna make sure its gonna hold permanently!
  14. Luke

    2006 DTS rough idle

    Thanks for the info, Logan. But, as it turns out, it's definitely a vacuum leak. On a hunch today, I decided to inspect the (new) EGR valve... the one Sewell Cadillac (<=horrible) charged me $500 to put a new gasket under. As it turns out, when they removed it, one of the bolt holes was stripped. They must have noticed this and put a slightly larger spare bolt in the hole. It may have grabbed a few of the remaining threads and then stripped them out. It was barely finger tight. Wouldn't one think they would have properly rethreaded the hole? If they had, I'd have been happy and they could have kept the $500 they had to refund to me. Anyway, I put a little larger bolt in just to test it. It ran like new!!! No rough idle, no jiggling engine!! I don't plan to drive it this way. I am going to buy the tools I need to rethread the hole and a fitting bolt that can be properly tightened. After I have it all fixed and can drive it some, I will report back as to the success of the repair.
  15. Luke

    2006 DTS rough idle

    Actually, from what I understand, it's not a software bug. It's programmed that way. Northstars 2000+ do this. At least the front wheel drive ones as far as I know. It's rather common on the 2000-2005 models when the intake plenum eventually develops a tear and causes a vacuum leak. It's not so common on 2006+ models since the plenum was redesigned. I guess I just got lucky. I'm going to replace the plastic tube that runs from that tube in the manifold to the valve cover for good measure. But the tube that's part of the intake manifold is molded in. It's plastic and tough to get to. Not sure how easy it would be to weld plastic. We'll see how long the spray foam insulation stuff will hold. I got a can today. I'll try it out tomorrow and report back how it worked.