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  1. Basically I'm looking at the display, "parking assist on /off". The check mark is stuck on 'off''. I'm not able to move it to on. Would disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes work?
  2. No codes or dtc displayed. Simply will not click over to on . Stays on off
  3. The parking assist on my 2008 DTS is stuck on 'off'. Can't get it to change back to 'on'? Thanks in advance for any ideas! Mike
  4. I went ahead and replaced the O2 sensor by the CAT with AC Delco part # 2133544. Turns out wires by the sensor were trashed. Oh well, I guess it can happen. There is a heat shield covering the wiring and connector, held in place by three rivets. Have to drill out the rivets for access, then replace with screws. SES light is off and stays off. Hope this info helps somebody else out there. Thanks, Mike
  5. Sorry I forgot to mention this is for the 2008 dts. All still applies?
  6. Dear Team, I have SES light on with these two codes. Is this a bad O2 sensor? Which one, the most rear? If so, anybody have the AC Delco part #. Thanks in advance, Happy New Year, Mike
  7. Interested in possibly purchasing a northstar powered Cadillac that has had the case half and head gasket repair. Tks. Mike
  8. Thanks Jim, that definitely looks like the hose, but I'm looking for the lower radiator hose clamps. Let me know what u find?
  9. Hi team, I'm looking for this part # 25725971? Anybody have an idea, looks like discontinued. I prefer the constant pressure spring clamps. The OD of the hose is 1.81". I can't even find an aftermarket to fit. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Mike
  10. Team, thanks for your help on this. I replaced the vent solenoid, and no check engine light for a week now. Quite a few ignition cycles. I used BWD part# CPV48 from O'reily. Hope this info helps someone again sometime. Best Wishes, Mike
  11. ok, thanks. Do you have any pictures or more specific locations, so I can find these things? Thanks!
  12. Hi Guys, haven't posted in a while. Hope everybody is doing well. My 2008 DTS just started throwing these codes. Any suggestions on where to start with a repair? Thanks! Mike
  13. Hi KHE, nope only the HID was burned out. But, since this is a 2.5 hr project, you bet I'm gonna replace every bulb I can at that time!
  14. Thanks Gentlemen. It was $79+1.00+0.50= $80.50 for bulbs and I think $12.00for rivet tool (not a bad investment, I never broke one single rivet) Dealer price for bulbs would have been $300+$20+$7 and about $150 labor. I appreciate this board, and glad I can contribute occasionally.
  15. Thanks for the responses. I went ahead and completed the job this morning. It went well. I used bulbs D1S, 5702AK and 2825. I disconnected the neg on the battery just to be safe. This is about a $470.00 job at the dealer (parts and labor). So, very nice to save the money! I bought a rivet puller to help with all the plastic rivets and also followed this video: http://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2009_Cadillac_DTS_Platinum_4.6L_V8/lights/headlight Thanks, Mike
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