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  1. I am all set with Jake to come up 5/21. I think I pretty much confirmed it is the head gasket. I did combustion gas test and it failed with flying (yellow) colors. I am getting false boiling in surge tank and when I drive the car at higher revs it blows coolant out of the surge tank overflow tube at a quick rate. I lost 1 gallon in 125 miles driven easy and another gallon in 10 miles driven harder with some WOT. Sure hope the head isn't cracked. I will report back to all of you my experiences. See ya bright and early on the 21st Jake! -Andy
  2. Northstar Performance First Post and possible caddie owner to be. Thanks for having me on this DB! Has anyone had any experience with this shop? My in-laws have a '98 Deville with 58K owned since new that appears to have a blown head gasket. They want to fix it and give it to me and my wife for my wife to drive. The car is losing coolant with none on the ground or visible coming out of the engine. Other day on 45 mile trip coolant light came on and the info center said "stop engine immediately" or something like that (my wife was driving to meet me). She pulled over at next safe exit and we came to her and added 1 liter of water and one gallon of antifreeze. Drove car 5 more miles without incident and had it towed 45 miles home. My father-in-laws tech pressure tested the system and it leaked down within a minute. Plan to perform exhaust strip test on coolant soon but am preparing for the worst (head gasket or cracked head). Car stumbles a tad on startup then runs great. They are driving it now short trips locally in their small town. I would trailer or ship car to Northstar Performance if I could verify any good experiences with them. Any experiences with this company at the above link? Thanks! Andy Duluth, GA
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