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  1. So far I am enjoying it greatly. I was on the hunt for a CTS V when I came across this one. While I was looking for a much newer car then this. It actually fit the bill quite well. I haven't done much to the car at this point and I probably won't do to much. I did have the window tinted. And the front headlights where suffering from some yellowing due to age. I buffed them with a headlight restore kit and they didn't turn out like I wanted. And replacement lens are very expensive and also hard to find in stock. So I ended up having them tinted as well. I like your scientific approach for
  2. Bruce, I have been reading your postings about the car and I just read the post where you were debating a CTS V vs the STS V, when you bought the car you posted the VIN. And I compared it to mine, it is in fact it is the same car. So your car has resurfaced. I have built a few cars here and there and traded them only to wonder what happened to them. Have you ever had similar thoughts about this STS V?
  3. It definitely appears to be your old car. The modifications you have listed line up with some of the things that are on the car. My carfaxs shows the car was in Houston and then took to Plano. And shows service history at Crest. Says it was sold/traded at around 79k where it then appears in IL. Then it was bought in 2016 and driven to 100k which is when I bought it. So it definitely seems like everything matchs up if you can confirm those mileage numbers. The car is great. Definitely can tell it's been taken care of well. And it presents well. I have no
  4. Hi all. I recently purchased a 2008 STS-V It has a some aftermarket stuff on it and from what I can tell it might be car that a member here owned. I am trying figure out all what it has for mods. So far I know it has a corsa exhaust, and spectre air intake. It appears to have an aftermarket intercooler behind the grill and it has a silver tank behind the grill. Which appears to be a intercooler fluid extra capacity tank. Not really sure what else. But I was googling that tank and thing and I found an similar install on this site. Anyway i am new to Cadillac performance a
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