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  1. The A & D notes are at the RT front. The C note is at LT front. The F note is by the battery IIRC they were the "train sound" 4 note 120db system, or maybe I'm remembering the older vintage "eighties" version.
  2. Makes ya wanna get a rope!
  3. The sending units are a little infamous and very expensive so most people track mileage also. The unit/module is easy to replace if your 99 has the access in the trunk, otherwise the tank has to come down, then they're not so easy. Sometimes, the baffle in the tank breaks loose and interferes with the float operation. If the baffle is loose, the fuel tank will need to be replaced. With the fuel module out of the tank grab the plastic baffle and if you can move it, the tank will need replacing. You can "test" to determine if the baffle is loose by hitting the bottom of the fuel tank in several different places with the heel of your hand. If you hear a rattle type noise the baffle is probably loose. Do this at about the 200 mile mark from a full tank otherwise there will be too much fuel in the tank. This test is only about 80% accurate so don't buy the tank until you verify it physically first.
  4. The frayed wire is the starter cable, you should tape it with electrical tape and put it back in the conduit, or replace it. The P0404 is most likely the stall. If the EGR valve is open or partially open when it is trying to idle it will run extremely rough and/or stall. But the ignition module and crank sensors can cause the symptoms also. Diagnosis should always start at the lowest numbered code. The spark plug wires look original and are due for replacement on mileage alone, if original, the spark plugs are also due for replacement. I would clear all the codes, replace the spark plug wires and spark plugs and see what codes return.
  5. First we need to find out if there are any codes. Hold the off & warmer buttons down on the climate control panel until the WOW display illuminates then the display will have ALL CODES? push the warmer (yes) write down all the codes and post them here. It may be easier to video the display with a cell phone because they go by pretty fast.
  6. Absolutely will not hurt to flush the transmission. If the debris is rag material and it is in the valve body, only way to remove the debris will be to take the valve body down and clean the valves
  7. Thanks @barczy01 ! Sorry @jcmorse563, That's why I wanted to wait.... Now we both know...
  8. Probably loose belts or worn belts. When it runs for a while they heat up and expand and the noise goes away. I would put new belts on and see how it sounds before blaming any components.
  9. It is a pretty easy job. Great time to clean the throttle body while you're in the "mood".
  10. The basic engine is the same. The ignition system is different so the valve covers would need to be swapped and the EGR and coolant crossover. Wait for @barczy01 to chime in, he does this stuff for a living.
  11. Those are both battery disconnect codes, disregard them.
  12. That is the PCM but you still need to get it out of the way. I was thinking the cover opened from passenger side to drivers side but it opens from front to back. Move the harness and you should be able to open the lid.