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  1. I have some vinyl lettering on our store sign which is in the sun most of the day ( when it is sunny ) and they last about 3 years. Once they start to curl they don't stay on long. Window film might be different though.
  2. As @BodybyFisher stated, This will give you an indication of the condition before you drain the trans again
  3. Texas heat It's gonna curl like Shirley Temples hair You may have to send a test sample to WA state for the water test I like it, What is the scale? No reference
  4. Exactly --> or depending on cost + shipping..... You MIGHT be able to find an o-ring BUT, with the rack out like that it's not going to be worth the hassle, especially if it leaks someplace else after you get it back in the car. You can get some reman units pretty reasonable but your parts situation isn't normal either. If the rack has been operated with low fluid or dirty fluid it will fail soon anyway, my opinion is replace it now. Measure the old rack length and set the new one up as close to that same side to side length as you can. Be sure the rack is centered when you measure though. after the engine is back in the vehicle be sure to purge all the air out of the rack. To do this - have both front wheels off the ground, ENGINE OFF, fill the reservoir to the normal operating level, turn steering wheel slowly from lock to lock position 3 - 5 times watch the level in the reservoir and keep it "full", when bubbles stop, top off the reservoir again and start the engine. The fluid level in the reservoir will drop so top it off and repeat the lock to lock step above with the engine running.
  5. That IS the steering rack, A REAL PITA to change in the car but not on the floor like that picture shows. Get a rebuilt unit, NOT worth messing with the seals, even if they were available, which I doubt....
  6. It is not out of the question, it is happening... Does this overhauled transmission have any kind of warranty? Something to remember - just because the part is new doesn't always mean it is good. Since the transmission is STILL NOT shifting, it is pretty safe to say the problem is in the wiring to the transmission or the REBUILT transmission has a bad 1-2 shift solenoid and/or a defective TCC solenoid. MAYBE the "rebuilder" left it unplugged or bent one of the terminals, the list of defect possibilities is endless. Personally, I would suspect the wiring to the transmission is damaged from the information you have provided. Also, the wheel speed sensor wiring is or has been defective/damaged for some time. Was this a factory rebuilt transmission? Was it rebuilt by tranny Joe Schmo in his garage? Was the torque converter changed? Disable the traction control and see if there is any change in the symptoms at all. CHECK the multi-pin wiring connector to the transmission and CHECK ALL the terminals and the wiring. If everything looks good, pull the transmission pan and check the harness and all the connectors.
  7. Did the engine die first and then the light came on? It is normal for the oil light to come on with key on and engine not running. Check for spark first. Not uncommon for an ignition module to go bad.
  8. VIN

    Here is 87 vin decoder https://service.gm.com/dealerworld/vincards/pdf/vincard87.pdf It is 4.1L
  9. A mini disc radio
  10. Since it has been weeks since the window regulator install, I doubt if the two are related. You stated the alarm sounds when you are unlocking the door with the key, does your passenger door have a key slot? My '99 Deville didn't. I'm guessing you must be using the central unlocking. Since the system operates normally when locking and unlocking with the remote, I would suspect the door module and or the door lock actuator because the security system is not seeing the door unlock. Check this...( don't open the doors, observe the door locks and see if they respond correctly ) Your vehicle has a central door unlocking mode. When unlocking the driver’s door, you can unlock the other doors by holding the key in the turned position for a few seconds or by quickly turning the door key twice in the lock cylinder. Try this unlocking and locking the doors If this fails to unlock/lock the doors watch the security light and see what it is doing, is it flashing? A couple of FYI's, the red button is a panic button to sound the alarm if you or someone near you is feeling threatened. Using the unlock button on the remote cancels the alarm. Also, This cancels the alarm because you have told the module that the correct key is present. Remember, the theft-deterrent system won’t arm if you lock the doors with a key or use the manual door lock. It activates only if you use a power door lock with the door open or the remote keyless entry transmitter. The vehicle should be locked with the door key or the manual door lock after the doors are closed if you don’t want to arm the theft-deterrent system. Always unlock a door with a key or use the remote keyless entry transmitter. Pressing the unlock button on the remote keyless entry transmitter disables the theft-deterrent system. Unlocking a door any other way will activate the alarm when a door or the trunk is opened. Testing the Alarm 1. From inside the vehicle, roll down the window, then get out of the vehicle, keeping the door open. 2. From outside of the vehicle, with the door open, lock the vehicle using the power door lock or the remote keyless entry system and close the door. Wait 30 seconds until the SECURITY lamp goes off. 3. Reach in and unlock the door using the manual lock and open the door. The horn will sound and the hazard lights will flash. You can turn off the alarm by unlocking the driver’s door with your key, using the unlock button on the remote keyless entry transmitter or by starting the car with a valid key.
  11. Hahaha! An S-10 with an identity crisis. And it only makes left turns....
  12. I was surprised at that also. In the movies they simply use a plastic 1 liter bottle.
  13. Gonna be tough to get the Caddy back home now.....
  14. Yes, All vehicles, even in the same platform will vary but I prefer to see them operate somewhere between 13.6V and 14.6V I would be concerned with a reading of 12V or anything over 15V for an extended period of time.