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  1. Thanks. I have come across this problem, I have the Orange 12v constant wire, but it says that the 12v SWITCHED is a yellow wire. I am not seeing a yellow wire at all. I am seeing another Orange wire with a black stripe. But I'm still not getting the memory for my radio. Everytime i turn the car off and get back in it, I am having to reprogram the time and all the audio settings, and the sub settings. You can only imagine how frustrating that came be after a long day at work, at that point I just want to get in my car and jam out to my music and get home.
  2. Ok, here is my main issue. The factory wiring harness for the stereo was cut out. I have had my aftermarket stereo installed for a few months. I just cant figure out the, SWITCHED ACCESSORY POWER. I am taking it that without the factory wiring harness I will not be able to have memory??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. 1997 Cadillac Eldorado PCM: P1611C, P1652C IPC: B2711C, B1210C SDM: B1155C, B1159C, B1160C MMM: B2150 Theses are the codes that are showing up when I use the on-board diagnostic system, using the passenger temp control and the off button on the climate control unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Still having this same issue. The problem im having is, car won't start. Dash reads, "security system problem, car may not start". I had this same problem when i first bought the car from my dad. Solved the problem, found a ground wire under the beatification plate that had broke. Now having the problem again. Any help would ve greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. 1997 Eldorado onboard diagnostic trouble codes help. This is killing me. 

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    2. Dougie8174


      I have a ton of them man, and I'm not mechanically inclined at all. Here is a list of codes I am getting. 

      B1161, b1162, b1252, b125, b1220, b127, b1660, b1910, b1982, b1983, b2107, b2115, b2119, b2120, b2150, b2750. 

      C1210, c1216

      U1016, u1064, u1088, u1096, u1300, u1275, u2150. 

      Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

    3. Bruce Nunnally

      Bruce Nunnally

      Cross-ref here for 98 but similar: 


      Quite a few yes.  Is there a specific symptom that you also are finding?

      The B codes are body short circuits (windows, seats, memory settings); the C codes chassis (suspension, stabilitrak), the U codes are bus communication issues.  Good new is no P codes for engine issues. 

      Several of these seem to suggest the system is shorted to ground, which may mean water incursion, or frayed wiring, or poor ground -- such as lost ground strap(s)?


    4. Bruce Nunnally

      Bruce Nunnally

      I have recreated this thread as an actual topic to make it easier for others to participate:

      please reply there.