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  1. Not sure what the pressures were but the mechanic said everything was working fine when he jumped the relay.
  2. Yes if you jump the relay it works. No codes and yes the ac display shows on ofc when you press the button. My son was trying to get a pencil out of the cup holders. And took all of that apart to get to his pencil could he have unplugged something maybe the a switch? Would ig still show it working on the display but not turn on the ac?
  3. Yes the noise stopped checked all fuses and relays. The ac mechanic jumped the compressor and checked the computer everything worked normal. He was 100% sure it was the high pressure switch but we have tried 3 different switches. Blend door is working fine. Yes checked codes there are no codes.
  4. The noise was coming from under the dash. I took it to a mechanic he found a wire that was melted. It was going to the high pressure ac sensor we replaced the pig tail and tried 3 different sensors 1 from Cadillac it’s still not working. All of the actuators are working there’s a good charge in the system. We jumped the relay and the compressor started ac got cold so we assumed it was the high pressure switch.
  5. Ac has always worked great but it has been making a weird noise from under dash on passenger side on and off for a few days almost like a grinding noise. Today it will only blow hot air I put a code reader on it no codes. Refrigerant should be good. I’m going to check to see if the compressor is coming on after this post. Any help would be appreciated.
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