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  1. It was the magnet that held the rod for the shift module. It somehow wore itself into about 4 pieces so because gm made the rod bending up, without the magnet it of course fell right out. Don't know why it wasn't bent the other way then no magnet would have even been necessary but im not a gm engineer. Anyhow guys thanks for the help. All fixed.
  2. No recent work, if you're talking about diagnostic codes, there's no service engine soon light on. No codes come up on diagnostics.
  3. 1. Dashboard says it's in 3rd gear. 2. Column shifts fine. I do not have to apply the brakes to shift out of park. 3. The car will not start. 4. I thought maybe something was disconnected between the shifting cable and the transmission, however it is shifting fine because I cannot push it without shifting into neutral. 5. When the key is off the lights will flicker, I have to turn the key on and back off to stop 6. When I turn the key to the on position, there is a humm coming from the stereo speakers. I am at a loss any ideas?
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