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  1. This Post Is a very good thing!!
  2. The 81 has a 500ci in it , that I put in it.Thats next
  3. Wow Bruce! That's good to know,even better because I have the DTS 300hp in my SLS.-155mph! That's good with me!-The V series is a whole other thing thing tho.I owned every series Seville,I think, exept for that 90s short body,and I've did paint bodywork 50s SEVILLES (57/8 Broughams also,I've seen some very limited 50sCaddys up close and personal like! And it was a thrill,I must admit!!.I do have a 81 4/6/8 Seville, that put up many years ago, But look to have a "V" one day,and I be good! .
  4. OCT! Ya know,that would be a good,good thing! I been hoping that when I seen the clear dashboard nice and clear! I'll take it down and see for sure! When the 9# vin 300hp went that's when It got me! I don't even stand on the gas hardly either! Did you know 2002 Seville is good for 140+. ( is there a governer?) I owned a quitea few Caddys over the years and I gotta tell ya,my friend,I eighther busted my knuckles on them, or put a paint/bodywork restoration (usually both!) I can sense that this club/post is a real good thing( even if I'm two two fingering it on the phone/computer-ha!) I'll get back with ya after the weekend about the grounds I'm gonna find underneath.( before I put it down!)I know there's a lot of stories about some builds to share coming up! Have a good one,my Brother!!! !!
  5. Then I'd have to fix the holes later after this bad boy is running right again!!!!.L and R ,my Brother!!
  6. I bet that heated seat indicator is a clue to something tho.I do need to find those undercar grounds tho,before I try a test drive,or leave the bat cable on overnight- It's up on the stands till Monday!-There's not even a "check engine" light on,at this time! Wish it was that simple! OCT! Cadillac Brother! Be talking to ya!
  7. I'd like to take it for a wash! And forget about! I Wish! Ad the" Box of Rocks", to that list! The Bull ain't Done!
  8. Codes I'm getting-U1301 class 2 comm curcuit short to battery C1016 Powertrain control module class 2 serial data link U1016 Loss of comm with powertrain control module U1000 class 2 data link malfunction U1295 stop lamp switch curcuit open.It SEEMSthst these are current codes,but I'm seeing nothing wrong as the car runs-except the hi+lo indicator be both on for drivers heated seat -no heat tho-Dashboard /accy /warnings ect seem to be gone?? In the shop running?
  9. I erased the prior codes( before the ground work),and seem to have gotten new ones that "showed lack of com issues. But there didn't seem to be any issues.Started, running (to operating temp),in the garage-not on the road tho.Ive taken this care on prior road tests on other issues on the assumption that the computer needed to reset itself after prolonged battery disconnection.Is this a fact. I'll have to retrieve the exact codes again-the OBD stated to me that I had erased the prior codes.
  10. OCT! Can of worms is right! I got the topside together,started it up,the dashboard and accys "seemed" to be working right-not acting up-I erased the codes on the OBD-the new codes came "back lack of com"! There doesn't seem to be a malfunction, tho-"the can of worms"! Don't I cave to drive the car to put the computer through the "cycle" and the to the OBD? Anyhow, I'll find the list with the latest codes! Back in the CHINA SHOP is right! I'm underneath looking for those two grounds/studs. Up on the stands and the "Barrel of Monkeys"is on! Later, my Brother!
  11. Hey OCT,I was just thinking ,about the Bull again!and the China Shop! I think we forgot the Barrel of Monkeys,that goes with it! Be back later my Brother!

    1. OldCadTech


      Oh My! Don't forget about the can of worms...

  12. Will be back in the China Shop later this morning!!
  13. The rear ground off the battery had gave me the same problem I two years ago and didn't look any better! As long as the main ground stud setup didn't break off, I'll be able to sleep tonight! These Chicago winters will never do a Caddy any good! Ever! Then I might just have to put it up on stands and check underneath and check out the ones underneath.' I got a feeling like I'm on the right track! Bull in the china shop,my Brother!
  14. Cleaning up some corroded splice packs and a main ground cable-Could that be the cause of my "lack of communication"problems? Should know tomorrow when I get it back together!Broke a 2 wire fasioner bolt off under the fuse box-tech screw won't do it either.Have to dig something up from the hardware store tomorrow-Can't rush these things,like the Bull in a very delicate china shop! Wrenching!