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Under $5K Cadillac Game?

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When checking the Cadillac ads I like to decide if I were going to spend $5K today,

which Cadillac in the paper would I buy.

So, here is today's listing of available cars in Dallas under $5K cars; using only

this list, which one would you buy, and why? You don't have to spend the

whole imaginary $5K on the car, but you can only pick from the listed cars.

Pls don't call anyone on the list for more info, unless you actually are

interested in buying of course.

'86 Deville, 39k actual miles, 4 door, tan, leather, new tires, garaged, perfect! $4900. (214) 213-2704

'90 Deville garaged carriage top leather all power alarm 10disc CD runs great $2900 972-462-0902

'91 Cadillac Seville, loaded, exc cond, mechanically sound, super clean, new Michelin tires, Bose sound

$3000. 972-658-3040

'91 Sedan Deville, loaded, lady driven $2499. 972-726-7109

'92 Sedan Deville 36Kmi tan Excellent condition cloth seats $5000 OBO (972) 304-5975

'93 Sedan Deville, loaded, 2nd owner, all maintenance recs $2999.

'93 Cad Sed Deville, 119K, exc cond, burgundy $3600. 972-713-7999

'93 Seville STS 4dr auto 77k loaded Northstar eng x-clean $3950 469-767-0351

'94 SLS Cadillac, black w/tan interior, very clean, no problems, 117K mi, Northstar engine, $3900

469-644-3927 972-255-8432

'96 Deville Concourse, fully loaded, 89k, great cond, $4900. 469-222-1849

'97 DeVille 4 door, auto, lthr, x-clean, 103K mi, $4850. 469-867-0797

My answer: The 96 Concours would be fun, and has some life left. The 91 Seville

doesn't list miles, which often means high miles. The 93 Deville low miles but

pricey, as is the 86 (20 years old now; an antique?). I'd go with the 93 STS,

for that raw snorty early STS feel, low miles, and good price at $3950.


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Of the cars listed, I would go for the 96 Concourse.

I have often thought I'd like to have two Cadillacs, my Eldo and a Concourse. I could drive the one that best suits my mood on any given day. I much prefer the styling of the '97 thru '99 and I gotta have the console, analog dash, and Northstar engine. I want one with a real attitude, dark color, dark tinted windows, and good looking wheels. I realize this car isn't realistic for under $5K, though. Could we play this game again in a couple of years?


Happiness is owning a Cadillac with no codes.

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I'd go for the 93 Deville. The 2nd owner W/Maint. records. Sounds well taken care of.

And I would have 2 grand left to party with. :rolleyes:


I like your logic! :lol:

I also like the '93 Deville styling so that's the one I'd go with as well.

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
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I play the same game, Bruce.

Unfortunately, sometimes I get the "fever", and I have no use/budget for a fourth car.

Just yesterday, I saw this really clean, rare 96 gold STS with chrome rims and about 75k at

a Toronto area GM store. I bought my white 97 at the same dealer. I'm considering driving

down on Monday for a closer look, but I'd be sorely tempted.

The price on the window reads $5900, or about 5k US. Check out the many pics ... what a nice,

clean STS in a rare colour ... just waiting for a window tint and the right prep to reveal all the

chrome on those great rims.

What can touch the class and style of this ride for 5k?


The telltale signs to look for with pics of a 92-97 STS...

Condition of rims

Cracks and tears on drivers seat

Wheelwells lining up where they meet the bumpers (they get pushed in

with parking lot lovetaps and never line up well when pushed back out).

Fog lights askew.

Worn shifter handle.

Worn steering wheel.

Bad touchups on front and rear bumpers.

The above mentioned car checks out really nice on a gloomy day for


1989 FWD Fleetwood, Silver

1995 STS Crimson Pearl on Black leather

1997 STS Diamond White

1999 STS Crimson Pearl

2001 STS Silver

2003 STS, Crimson Pearl

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