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  1. stsjoe

    I'M BACK!

    Still love the car but a problem has reared its ugly head, the passive entrance? has quite on the drivers side doors not the passenger side and I only see one fuse and its good
  2. stsjoe

    I'M BACK!

    still trying to post pictures, remember BBF I'm about as tech savy as a baked potato V6 fwd base model moves out pretty quick, front brembos pull it back pretty quick, duals but exits under the bumper no chrome tips, got a pedal commander will install tomorrow,will let you know how it works out
  3. stsjoe

    I'M BACK!

    Just got a 2013 XTS V6 Black on Black Now how the heck do I change my handle Bruce? XTS JOE?
  4. what would be my pit falls on 2008 STS V8 RWD 61k?
  5. Thanks Bruce, I'll start looking in that direction. Hope you and yours are doing well. Will let you know how it goes
  6. I've been out of the family for a LONG time, last one was a 1996 STS I retired with 310000 miles. I haven't kept up with the new models and don't know what would be semi comparable to that car(that I loved) ATS? XTS? it's all mumbo jumbo would still like a V8 4dr but don't have the money for a V series so I guess its a six. Looking for used 2013-2016 range any suggestions are appreciated.Glad to see the board and a lot of the usual suspects are still here!
  7. Ok here goes Caddys 1985 Eldorado 1989 Seville 1995 Eldorado ETC 1996 STS Non Caddy but loved 1972 Datsun 510 2dr 1973 Pontiac 455 Formula 1978 Trans Am 1969 Scout 800A (everyone should drive one once) 1970 Monte Carlo 1972 Monte Carlo (Factory buckets console tach and gauges) and about 10 more cars that don't make the list best would be the 96 STS edging out the 73 Formula ( Formula was nice but the 96 STS beats them all)
  8. I had the same problem with a conventional battery, left it on a trickle charge for 24hrs to limp it to get tested went out and message was gone and never came back. Only thing I could figure was if the battery is low enough the system won't try to charge it to protect the alt. from burning up. hope it's that simple
  9. I have a silver 2011 Malibu, you have to take that much of the front end off to change a headlight bulb...oh joy! Should have kept the STS
  10. I'm running a gasoline 15000 watt plugged into the meter socket. It's in a plastic enclosure that keeps the noise down pretty well but plan on switching to a natural gas unit soon with auto start and stop, not cheap but no headache and comes in a basiclly sound proof box. Generac seems to have some good stuff
  11. Glad everyone is safe, render assistance when you can, see you around
  12. Saw the purple blob headed for Plano but didn't know if He was still there, haven't checked the board in a while, my bad, Hope things are still good with you.
  13. Long time, no see You may want to put a cut off valve between the tank and carb so you can run it dry without having to drain the tank. My experience has always been the carb gumming up, just a thought
  14. Hang in there Mike, I looked at a Blk on Blk 2001 Eldo last weekend........may be back!
  15. I always loved the line " There is no replacement for displacement"
  16. At 179K your rolling the dice, mine went 312k but lots of highway driving, your results may vary . As Bruce said check codes get maint. history. I'd offer 1200.00 but that's me. Good Luck, Joe
  17. Hard to start hot cold or both?
  18. Thanks for all the kind words, I appreciate it. Joe
  19. Well, cancer came back with a vengence this past weekend, lost him Monday afternoon around 3:00 had him put to sleep and yes I held him when they did it. Thanksgiving was a bite but I was thankfull he went as far as he did. Now I have to find out when to get the ashes, THAT will be another tear jerker STS Joe
  20. Steve, I had the same code and symptoms on my 96 STS, with my high mielage and the cost to replace the TCC I just drove it. Never had a driveability problem just a pain having the light on. Good Luck, Joe
  21. Hours and Hours? I'm movin to Texas I used conventional and went by the OLM (about 7500 maybe 8000) and never had any problems but it's all about peace of mind. Oh and welcome to the board!
  22. I believe you just go in through the glove box, a Buddy of mine did his 95 STS in the parking lot, took him about an hour and a half. pretty easy but I think you have to unplug the air bag so unhook the battery just to be safe
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