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  1. 885 &/or 886 (straight or angled base) are 50 watt bulbs. Your car came with 899 or 893 type 35 watt bulbs. My guess is that the additional heat created by the higher wattage shortened the bulb life. I replaced my bulbs with the 50 watt type a couple of years ago and at that time drilled a small hole in the bottom rear of the lamp to vent the heat. I also adjusted the lamps to the correct beam height. Have not had a problem. If you dont have HID I would strongly suggest upgrading to the 50 watt bulbs. If you have HID dont bother as the additional light output wont be noticed much.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. What will they do next???
  3. Anyone else get a PM from a new member W/o posts headed "need help" or something similar with only a link for the message? I got one last night and deleted it. Just wondering???
  4. Here is a spot for food. "Fleetwood Diner" Lansing, MI.
  5. Have used these pads for over 90,000 miles. (not the same pads, same brand) Low dust & good stop.
  6. With mine, the stalling problem was cured by a new EGR valve. Good luck.....
  7. I have been using Performance Friction Carbon Metallic for two pad changes and find they wear well, stop good and dont dust near as much as OEM. Never tried Ceramic.
  8. Turn off the HVAC system off and see if you still get the chirp. I'm betting you dont. I get it whenever the AC compressor turns on. Not sure how to fix because it has not bothered me enough. Probably a good time to find out now.
  9. Probably just as well...Red or ruby goose just doesnt sound right.
  10. As stated before, I had changed coolant well in advance of the 5 yr. 100K interval (74K / -4 yr.) Head bolts pulled & gasket failed. I knew about BBobs(aka guru) claim that the failures were the fault of the customers and not the mfgs. and wanted to be sure that I didnt fall into that category. Design changes in the bolts & pitch ect. lead me to believe that the coolant failure excuse was a knee jerk, "not my fault" or best guess, by the engineers, with the info available at the time, reaction. A coolant change is important but I dont thing it is the root, or at least "only" cause of the head gaskst failure. The only other car I ever had head gaskets fail on was a 1962 Buick Skylark V-8 with, surprise-surprise, an aluminum engine block.
  11. Since you asked....20s look like crap on the STS. 20s look like poop on the Devilles. 20s look OK to good on the Escalade. IMO Chrome door pillars havent looked good since the 85 or so Cads. Tacky.
  12. Different housings for halogen & HID. When you turn the adjuster to make the beam go up it just acts like it is stripped.