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  1. Well I "finished" cleaning the windows. They look amazing! There is still a bit of residue here and there but I can keep after it as I wash the car. The glass looks like its out of a car ad photo, the way it reflects light. I did find Bon Ami scratches the paint, however, so try to keep it on the glass.
  2. I have no idea what the stuff is, it looks like water droplet residue. As I said, the car was originally registered in Hawaii. It's a Factory Certified Pre-Owned car out of lease. That's all I know. I'm thinking maybe they have very hard water over there, or it's salt water spray, possibly that got on it in transit to California. The right side windows are the worst but there's a little of it on all of them. The glass looks much better after a couple of applications of Bon Ami but it's going to take a while to get it all off.
  3. My Bon Ami came today (12 12oz. cans). So far, I've tried it on one window. As Ranger said, "That is one tough water stain." I think the deposits are almost as hard as the glass. Fortunately, the hardness of the Bon Ami seems to be in between the two. It cuts the deposits without scratching the glass. It is taking several applications, a lot of elbow grease, and attention to detail (especially around the edges and in the corners) to get it all off. The Bon Ami is working, however. I'm grateful, I was afraid the marks might be ecthed into the glass. I've been sprinkling the powder on a wet cloth. I apply it to the window and work it into a thin paste. I go over and over the area in a circular motion till my arm is worn out. While the paste is still wet, I wipe off as much of it as possible with a paper towel. I then remove the remaining residue and buff the glass with a soft, dry cloth. I'm working on the worst windows first. Hopefully, the others will go faster. The Bon Ami does leave the glass very smooth and shiney looking. I have one question: The package says, "For glass, mirrors, etc." but on the back, it says, "Do not use on windshields." Any idea why it would be good for window glass but not windshield glass? I am now the proud owner of 12 cans of Bon Ami. Two or three would probably be a lifetime supply for me. If anyone would like some, E-mail me at chris.darwin@roadrunner.com and we'll work out a deal. Thanks for all the good information.
  4. What I've learned/discovered so far: CLAY BAR - I poked around the internet last night and found several clay bar vendors that say their product can be used on glass and mirrors. One suggested you clean your windows with clay that is too dirty to use on paint. They went on to say when the clay is too dirty for glass, use it on your wheels. I tried it this morning. Interesting stuff. It definately cleans the glass, leaves it very smooth to the touch, and improves water sheeting. It seemed to make the water spots less noticeable but they are still there. LEMON JUICE/VINEGAR - I tried both lemon juice and vinegar and neither helped. Both left a residue on the glass that was hard to get off. BON AMI - Thank you, BBF, for the link to the real Bon Ami. I ordered a twelve-pack so I should have enough to last quite a while. When it comes, I'll try it and report back. While doing my internet research, I came across this stuff: http://www.detailedimage.com/Glass-Science-M5/Glass-Scrub-P52/10-oz-S1/ If the Bon Ami doesn't work, I'll try it. Sounds like it's designed to do exactly what I need.
  5. I found Bon Ami at the supermarket. It's a powder but it has a different package design from any shown on their web site. It's called Polishing Cleanser and the label says, "Do not use on windows or mirrors." I'm wondering if a clay bar would work (I've never used one so don't shoot me if it's a ludicrous idea). I'm reasoning that glass is harder than paint. If a clay bar shears off dirt particles without damaging the paint, it should shear off the water deposits without scratching the glass. Would it be worth trying on a small spot to see if it works?
  6. I had heard about Bon Ami on this site a couple of years ago but was reluctant to use it because of the confusion of cleaner vs. cleanser. The Bon Ami website, http://www.bonami.com/, lists four products: Powder Cleanser, Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner, Liquid Cleanser, and Dish Soap. None of them is a Powder Cleaner so I'm still not sure what I'm looking for. I appreciate the help. I don't want to get too anal about this but I don't want to ruin my windows either.
  7. Hello all. It's been a while since I've posted but I'm still here. I just bought a car that has some serious hard water deposits on the window glass. It looks like the residue from hard or salt water droplets that have landed on the glass and dried in the hot sun. I'm trying to find something that will clean it off. I've tried Lime Away (for shower stalls), razor blading, and automotive cleaner wax. They all help but they don't really do the job. A neighbor suggested using very fine steel wool and lots of water or Windex. I tried this on a small piece of glass and it seemed to work although it takes a lot of rubbing. I want to be sure I'm not damaging the glass before I do any more of it. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. The car came from Hawaii if that has anything to do with it.
  8. From what I've read, there has been talk of a convertible. The next introduction in this line will be the redesigned SRX crossover (it's already featured on cadillac.com) The coupe will come after that. A convertible version may or may not materialize later. I'm sure a lot depends on sales and the overall financial health of GM at the time. There is a lot of information about these cars on the internet. Try searching "cts coupe".
  9. I'm in total agreement! Here are photos of the front and rear. From what I've read, the concept design will be compromised slightly in the production version but the overall look will be very close.
  10. I am totally beguiled by the look of the forthcoming CTS Coupe. I've liked the look of the new CTS sedan since it was introduced. My only complaint has been that it's just too short for a 4-door sedan, especially in the rear seat area (I'm quite used to Devilles). The coupe format solves the problem completely. I expect the rear seat area of a coupe to be smaller and the longer door on the CTS coupe concept car (see photo) looks just right to me. To my eye, the shortened rear end and rakish top line of the coupe combined with the Sixteen-inspired front end styling of the CTS sedan makes a very fast and sexy looking car. I've compared CTS dimensions to the Eldorado and the Devilles I've owned and find it isn't really all that small. Overall length is quite short, of course, but wheelbase, overall width, and height are actually quite close to the bigger Cadillacs. Front seat head and leg room are within an inch or so, although hip room is quite a bit less. The coupe's trunk is quite a bit smaller, which I can live with. I haven't been following these smaller Cadillacs, so I know very little about them. I know the CTS coupe will be the same, mechanically, as the sedan. What is the drive train like? I know it's rear-wheel drive (isn't it?). What is the 3.6 direct injection V6 engine like? What is "direct injection"? Is the engine a quadruple overhead cam, 24 valve design similar to the Northstar or some other configuration? How does the car perform? I know the 3.6 develops more horsepower than the Northstar so, with the CTS's lower weight, it should run like a scared rabbit. I would be interested in how the new CTS's performance and how it handles. Also, I've heard nothing but praise for the fit and finish of the interior (I need to go sit in one and/or drive one). I was very disappointed when Cadillac discontinued the Eldorado but it looks like CTS coupe will be, in effect, "the new Eldorado", although in a somewhat smaller format. I would be very interested in new CTS sedan owners' impressions of the car. Thanks in advance.
  11. Poobah

    Front End Wobble at 50 MPH

    You guys were right about the tires. Two or three of the old Bridgestones were coming apart (bulges around the tread face). I put on a set of Michelin MXV4 Primacies, road force balanced and filled with nitrogen. Wow! What a difference. It rides like a Cadillac again. I have an appointment for a 4-wheel alignment in the morning.
  12. My 2000 Deville has developed what feels like a slight front end wobble. It's most noticeable around 50 MPH. At higher speeds, the wobble seems less pronounced but there is a noise like the sound of driving over closely spaced pavement seams. This happens on all types of pavement. The car has also developed a slight but constant pull to the right. All four tires are inflated to 38 p.s.i. I haven't hit any curbs or done anything that I know of to disturb the steering geometry. I'm not sure where to start looking for the problem. Alignment? Tires? Wheel Bearings? Loose tie rod ends? Any ideas?
  13. Interesting and objective comparison. His only real complaint was the lack of the pillowy soft ride that the Town Car has. I noticed that he drove the Concourse model, which is the more sporty version of the Deville. I'd be interested to know how he would compare the ride of the standard Deville with that of the Town Car.
  14. Poobah

    Oil Life, Transmission Fluid life, What else?

    Head gasket life monitor?
  15. Poobah

    Check Coolant Level

    Odd coincidence, if the coolant level sensor went bad at the same time as the cross over plate gasket. Not impossible, though. I'll keep an eye on it for a few days and see what happens. I'll let you know either way. I appreciate your help.